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Adele Knight | 4 comments Hey!
I've just published my debut title TOUCH ME and would love to send anyone a free copy in exchange for an honest review, good or bad. Email me at or comment below if you are interested.

Here is the blurb for mine:

Avril has secretly wanted Luke for three long years, but he’s an egotisitcal player like her cheating ex. She’s determined to make him beg—but a seductive dance and a steamy cab ride push her to the brink of submission.
Luke know’s what Avril craves, and only he can give it to her. When he knocks on Avril’s Apartment door with an old boyfriend and promises to fulfill her most scandalous fantasies, Avril is impatient to start.
But the sight of two gorgeous men sends an uncomfortable feeling prickling up her spine. The fire boiling in her veins can’t be jealousy. She only wanted one thing from Luke, right...?
Avril wants to resist Luke’s charm, take what she wants, and walk away—but what if Luke doesn’t want to let her go?

message 2: by Adele (new)

Adele Knight | 4 comments The prequel to Touch Me is now available and I am seeking reviewers.
Please email me for a FREE copy of either Touch Me, Tease Me: Book One, or both ;)

Tease Me Book One (A Touch Me Prequel 1) by Adele Knight

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