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Whistler's Bones: A Novel of the Australian Frontier
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Book & Author Page Issues > Misplaced request. Should we restore revisions?

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message 1: by [deleted user] (last edited Oct 21, 2017 04:22PM) (new)

In the "please delete this book" thread

Author said this:

We said this:

But who knows if he ever saw the response. Does anyone think we should restore for now and want to do it?


message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 22724 comments Please flag the changes for Support.
Although I didn't mention, I believe I've also flagged these changes.

message 3: by lethe (new)

lethe | 15449 comments I think I flagged them too.

message 4: by ☕ Lachgas ♿ (last edited Oct 22, 2017 05:36PM) (new)

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 9107 comments haven't read the authors initial post yet, only arendas answer to it.

And I reverted the name changes and -for me personally the more important one the removal of the ASIN.
As I don't know if the ASIN still exists I just wanted to prevent it from being reimported and creating a second edition - will only make the sorting out more complicated then. (which is why I usually revert ASIN and ISBN removals more sooner than later)

Did the name reversion for combining with the new named edition.
and if staff decides to delete the older ones because never published or whatever they can now easily merge them.

wondering if I'll find out the isbn for the older name pb - the entered one looks truncated so revert it wouldn't help that much forget that - thought the other isbn is an ebook...

message 5: by rivka, Former Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45524 comments Mod
General note: Multiple flags on the same edits do not get them looked at any faster. They just make going through the queue of flagged edits take longer.

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