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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton walked solemnly down the center of the cavern, surrounded by rebels of all creeds. They sat together among their factions, whispering, anxious of what was to come. He could feel their eyes on him, their musty breaths mingling in the air, the heat of the candles keeping the room alight. Sweat beaded along the sides of his temples, the only weakness he could be allowed to show.

Two people stood waiting in the circle: Aveline Rochester of the National Revolutionary Front and the Fox of the Syndicate. Her face was ever stoic, and his ever light. Anton could never tell what ran on in their heads, but if they were to win this war, he had to trust that they intended the best for this kingdom.

Aveline narrowed her eyes. "Where's the Rabbit?"

The Fox waved his hand nonchalantly. "Busy with other affairs."

"More important than this one?" she challenged.

"I assure you, Colonel," the Fox began, his eyes glittering from the mask, "I'm more than capable than handing this on my own."

Anton was quick to step in. "One representative is enough," he said, his voice cool and succinct. "With all the planning we put into this, I'm sure that the Syndicate knows what they're doing."

Aveline scoffed but didn't press any further.

A blessing, Anton thought. His gaze slid to the crowd, hoping to find the United People's Army and Wood's Men. He had saw to their arrival a little while earlier. All they needed now were their representatives.

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The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments SVT-13 - Special Activities - Fairhaven.

Rankin crouched on the edge of the ruined watch tower, scanning the forest for any sign of the rebels who had entered them the day before. No smoke from fires, which either meant they were doing their best to remain unobserved, or had taken a different route. He doubted it was the later, if the rebel leadership had half a brain they would be heading to Hydris now to take advantage of the chaos the bomb would have created in the government. So they were taking precautions, which complicated things.
If the rebels attacked Hydris tired, cold, and weakened from days of travelling on limited rations, they would get slaughtered. So they would need more assistance.

“Jefferson. Get me my map case.” Rankin said.

The other man dropped it down next to Rankin, who pulled out a cloth map stared at it for several minutes. “They are going to have to come out those woods. We’ll be able to spot them. There’s no other road that leads towards Hydris. The other one coming out of those woods goes back into Lynne, and they have been trying to get out of there for some time now.”

“Good. We can wait.” Alexi grunted.

Jessica Stuart - Ambassador - Grail Embassy, Hydris, Fairhaven.

Jessica flipped through reports about the super combine bomb detonation. Fortunately the plume of radioactive dust had mostly been blown into the wastes by wind from the sea, it also had gone over some well populated areas. Teams would be deployed to assess the radiation levels and advise local medical personnel how to proceed.

In the short term it meant that the troops stationed in Lynne would have to take a circuitous route to get to Hydris, since a large number of railroad bridges had been completely washed out.

The shipment of weapons to the king was being loaded onto airships back in the shipyard, so they should be arriving in a few days, depending on the weather. So that would make the king happy.

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Sarah | 31 comments Evelyn Luciole - Secret Officer - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Evelyn shouldered her way through the crowd to the inner edge of the circle, surrounded by the gathered rebel factions. She caught sight of Lutece soon enough, and acknowledged him with a nod. Speaking directly had never been her strongest suit - speaking politely even less so - but there was no doubt that this meeting was absolutely essential for everyone involved.

So, while things were still quiet, she prepared herself for the challenge as best she could and stayed very near to the crowd behind her.

Asbel Sutherlin - Rebel Mercenary - Fairhaven-Braile Border

A light tap on Asbel's arm woke him, and he briefly wondered where exactly he had ended up before falling asleep.

The bitter smell of the room, disturbingly familiar, was enough to jog his memory - the infirmary. For the time being, his shoulder felt alright. Had they given him something?

Another tap on the arm. Asbel opened his eyes, already frowning at whatever had jarred him awake, to see Danor looking down on him. "Are you coherent?" she asked.

"As I'll ever be. Can I help you?"

Danor sighed, resting her chin in her hand. Her voice lowered to a conspiratorial whisper. "The rebels are having a meeting. After it's over, I'm going to have a talk with your leader - but what I have to say indirectly involves you, and it felt wrong not to speak with you first."

"Do I have to get up?"

"Only if you value your privacy."

"Ah. Good." Asbel shifted slightly where he lay, and motioned with one hand for Danor to continue. "I am all ears."

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton nodded back at Evelyn before clearing his throat. "Settle, everyone. Settle," he said over the crowd. "With the United People's Army and Wood's Men finally attendance, our meeting is about to begin."

"What about the Armed Forces of Lucan?" someone asked.

Aveline crossed her arms. "As of last night, the Armed Forces have conceded their territories to us." At Anton's questioning look, she merely shrugged and answered, "They refused to heed our warnings about their antics in the countryside. I'm sure all of us would agree that they could not be allowed to run further amok."

Anton closed his eyes for a brief moment. It certainly made matters more convenient, but he would have preferred the Armed Forces came over to their side through more pleasant means. Though the crowd may be nodding their heads, there was something else there as well: Wariness. Fear. He had to find a way to ease their nerves. Nothing could be allowed to ruin this.

Next to her, the Fox snickered.

Ignoring him, Anton announced, "And there you have it. Something extraordinary is about to happen. The long-awaited union between our factions is at hand. With this, the tides of the rebellion shall shift in our favor, and the king's rein will soon come to an end.

"No longer shall we hide in the shadows from each other," he said, his voice carrying higher with every word. "No longer shall we be divided by our differences. From henceforth, we fight as one against tyranny."

Anton smiled at the cheers that echoed off the walls of the cave. "All in favor?" he asked. Their fists were raised in their air, their eyes burning with renewed vigor. Anton retrieved a ceremonial dagger from a nearby table. "Then we make our bond with blood."

The more formal aspects of their agreement, including the supplies each faction would be given and the duties they would be in charge of, would be signed on paper. Yet for this occasion, a show had to be made.

Anton held the blade over his palm. The candles around the room seemed to dim as he stared into the faces of the crowd. "Before these witnesses, Acta Veritas swears its loyalty to the resistance."

Then the dagger came down.

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Cynical asshole extraordinaire - Fairhaven-Braille border.

Dimitry leaned against a pillar near the edge of the room watching the proceedings with a mixture of boredom and concern.

He had no doubt in his mind that these rebel leaders, who filled their heads with so many high minded ideals about honor and justice, would not approve of him working for them. Having war criminals on the payroll rarely made a faction look good. Of course, Evelyn wouldn't sell him out, not when he knew about her connection with the king. The unspoken threat that Tabaraamon would come down on everyone she loved with an unholy vengeance was also another factor.

The speech to the rebels was fine. He wasn't exactly familiar with leaders giving their troops a rousing speech before a battle. Because real soldiers knew words were meaningless. Words didn't stop bullets, they didn't improve aim. All they did was increase aggression, and through that, increase stupidity.

The end of Anton's speech almost brought him to laughter, oh of course they would fight against the king as one. But as soon as the king was gone? They would be at the throats' of their old "comrades" before the king's body was even cold. And in the end, the nation would collapse in on itself, like a hellhound pack once the alpha dies.

Then Anton pulled a knife out and started going on about making bounds in blood. Dimitry stared in disbelief. Bound in blood? Really? Had he stepped into the wrong room and encountered some cult of backwards savages? No, he was still here, surrounded by rebels who preached fighting against tyranny. This was all show, and he knew it, but still, was this really the image these people wanted? Maybe he didn't need to worry about his status here.

Matthew "Black Bart" Barton - Highwayman - Fairhaven-Braille border.

Whatever medicine the rebels had given him in the infirmary were either really good, or his head injury wasn't as bad as he thought it had been. Though his ribs still hurt a great deal, which was irritating to say the least, and his throat still hurt from when Popov tried to strangle him, so breathing was less than pleasant. Once he was back to normally he would do something about that psychopathic mercenary. He wasn't sure what it would be yet, since it had gone so well the last time, but he would figure something out.

Danor and Asbel started talking in low voices about the current going ons, as well as something private about Asbel. Matthew kept himself still and pricked up his ears. Matters of other people's privacy always interested him.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Blood welled from the cut Anton made in his hand. More oaths came afterward, more promises intended to bind them to their cause. It was archaic ritual, as old as the tunnels that surrounded them, but a part of him took a perverse pleasure in the act. He had taught about this exact subject in his classes, about the traditions of secret societies that no longer existed, but participating in it was a different experience entirely.

From the moment the words left his lips, there was a shift in the air. He liked to think they made their own sort of magic.

When it was all over, a bottle of antiseptic was thrown in his hand, and he dashed the contents over his wound. Whimsy thoughts aside, someone was going to end up with cellulitis.

"Now,” Aveline said, who looked completely finished with the whole thing, “onto our next order of business. Although the circumstances are unfortunate, the king and his army must be scrambling in response to the bombing and the broadcast that was sent yesterday evening. In their moment of confusion, it would be best to begin the march to Hydris."

The Fox had been in the middle of wrapping his hand up with a roll of gauze when he said, "The king isn't the only player on the board."

"He's right," Anton added, albeit reluctantly. "After what happened yesterday, we can't keep making excuses. Whether it’s the Black Hallows, a rogue member of the United People’s Army, or someone we haven’t even heard of, they must be stopped."

"We can deal with that once the king is defeated," Aveline replied. “The sooner we end this, the less casualties we'll have.”

"An unknown element is dangerous," Anton persisted. "We have no idea what they're planning, or what they intend to achieve with their mucking about."

"Then perhaps the United People's Army could enlighten us," Aveline said, turning to Evelyn. "You have encountered this unknown element more often than us, have you not? What do you think? Should we waste our time and resources in stamping out a mere inconvenience or should we strike at full force while the iron is hot?"

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Sarah | 31 comments Evelyn Luciole - Secret Officer - Fairhaven-Braile Border

As expected, Anton delivered quite the rousing speech to mark the official beginning of their meeting. He had originally struck her as the diplomatic sort - but not the sort to indulge in superstition. As a blade was passed around the room, followed by every eye in the room as if it might start glowing at any moment, Evelyn's stomach knotted slightly. This sort of thing was effective for the exact same reason that her persona was, she guessed, but it still felt a bit...unsanitary.

Keeping up an air of sobriety despite her feelings, she played along without complaint and waited patiently until the meeting began in earnest. The first topic addressed was no doubt the freshest in everyone's minds: the bombing of the dam. Specifically, the representatives disagreed on whether the attack on Hydris or these new, unknown players should be treated as the highest priority.

Rochester turned to Evelyn for her opinion, and she couldn't help but smile at the representative's choice of words. "I'd love nothing more than to end this quickly."

Her smile dissolved, and she breathed a short sigh. "Still. This 'unknown element' is a serious threat and I doubt we've seen the last of them. During the fighting, we'll be vulnerable - afterward, even more so. Another attack like the last one could ruin us."

Danor Arkaitz - Gunsmith - Fairhaven-Braile Border

"You may have guessed that this is about my research," Danor said. "Most of the substantial clues I've found regarding Shades have actually come from historical accounts of shade hosts like you. I've even found a few mentions of non-hosts who share your 'symptoms' - loss of color in the hair and eyes, and so on. I noticed, however, that those accounts have nothing to do with the Wastes and everything to do with man-made sorcery. Botched sorcery, specifically. Mistranslated spells, failed resurrections - none of it pleasant to read."

Asbel's eyebrows furrowed. "I'm not sure I follow."

"Shades aren't a 'species' in the traditional sense. They were crafted, probably by mankind, to perform a specific task." Danor paused, her eyes lowering briefly. "Do you want to know exactly what they did to you?"

"I'll have to decide after you tell me."

Danor sighed. "At first, I thought perhaps Shades had the ability to heal people, since the ones they choose as hosts are often noted as being ill or vulnerable shortly before disappearing. I've since discovered that Shades' real purpose is to reanimate the dead. They're essentially walking vaults, power - something. In taking a host, they impart a fraction of that stored power to turn a corpse back into a living human. Or something very much like one, at least."

"In other words..." He trailed off, struggling with his thoughts. "I'm not really Asbel Sutherlin."

Danor tensed her shoulders. "That's more of a philosophical question. All I can say is that the 'soul,' if you will, which occupied your body seven years ago is no longer there, and something else has taken its place. The artificial nature of that 'something else' is what caused your condition - like an allergy. That's why most hosts don't survive past a few months."

Asbel raised an eyebrow. "Then why bother?"

"The process is imperfect, that's all. Like I said, this sort of thing results from mishandled sorcery; Shades are the first of their kind, so of course there are a few kinks. Replicating a soul isn't easy."

"A few kinks," Asbel repeated. He turned onto his back, chuckling through his nose.

Danor shot Asbel a rueful look. "If I manage to perfect this somehow, it could prevent the Wastes from wiping out the human race."

Asbel's eyebrows raised as he stared up at the cieling. "How nice."

There was a short pause. Sensing that Asbel had no intention of listening any longer, Danor stood up. "If you have any questions, I'll be around." With that, she turned for the door.

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The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - should just keep his mouth shut sometimes - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Dimitry pushed forward through the rebels and loudly said.
"Rather arrogant to act as if the People's Army was the target. The dam was what? Twenty miles away? Probably more. Weapon like that requires massive resources to obtain, specialist training to operate. You don't waste that sort of thing trying to drown a few hundred rebels. We were just collateral damage."
He turned to Anton " You lot have spies. What major strategic targets were downstream?"

He glanced at the throng of rebels and turned to the leaders. "I would not suggest we continue this discussion in a public forum."

He didn't want to start a panic, or insult someone in front of the majority of the rebellion. That sort of thing would be bad for his health and continued employment. And he really felt the need to tell Aveline that if she thought someone with the ability and will to use a super combine bomb was a "mere inconvenience" she should see someone about mental illness.

((Ooc: I had to go nearly two years back to figure out what the bomb was supposed to destroy. It was meant to destroy a major airship base of the King's.

Also: Asbel reveal. Me: *incoherent monotone screaming out of suprise.*
Sorry for the super short post))

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

“And who are you?” Aveline demanded.

Anton rubbed the creases on his forehead. “Aveline…” When Dimitry mentioned their listening audience, Anton stopped and turned. They couldn’t allow their followers to see their leadership in conflict, at least not any more than usual. “Please remain on standby until further instruction,” he said. “You are all dismissed.”

With a murmur of dissatisfaction, the throng of rebels got up and left. Aveline glared at their little group all the while, simmering with indignation.

“We are here because of the king,” she exclaimed, once the room became quiet. “Not the rogue, the Black Hallows, or whoever it is Mr. Lutece has speculations on. The king is the one who started this.”

“That’s enough,” Anton said. “I don’t wish to undermine your judgement, Aveline, but I fear that your personal feelings for him may be clouding your objectivity.”

Aveline looked sharply at him, her eyes a turmolt of emotion, and Anton braced himself for the inevitable explosion. “Duly noted,” she said to his surprise, wiping her expression clean.

Anton opened his mouth, as if to apologize, but decided against it. Instead, he said, “Neither side should be exercising the power that was demonstrated in Snowview. Like Evelyn suggested, what happens if they do it again?” He slammed down his fist. “The king may be a big part of what drives us, but the rebellion goes beyond that. We are here to pick up where the government has failed—to fix the problems in our society." He swept out an arm. "To protect the people.”

After a moment, the Fox decided to rejoin the conversation with, “Now if I’m right, this encore we have going on should be just about finished.” He unfurled a roll of parchment out in front of him. It was an old map drawn before the Second War. “I found quite a few places of interest situated in the area of the fallout, but none have the unusual history of Statburg.” He nodded at Aveline. “Would you care to explain, Colonel? I’m sure you’re more familiar with the place than I am.”

Aveline hesitated. Perhaps it was the old training she had in her, or her distaste over how much the Fox and his spies seemed to know. Eventually, she relented.

“Statburg was supposed to be abandoned after the war, but the military has remade the village into a royal air force station,” she said. “The king keeps his airship hangars there.”

"If that is indeed their target, is the unknown element on our side?" Anton asked. "Why would they attack the base? What would they have to gain from this?" He looked around. "Or rather, who would have the most to gain?"

((It has been a long time, hasn't it?))

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Mercenary - Fairhaven-Braile Border

In response to Aveline’s question Dimitry sighed. “I’m Dimitry Popov. Former Grail special activities. Yada yada. Not important.”

The rebels filed out and there was a brief spat between Aveline and Anton. But surprisingly they handled it as adults. Officers who acted as professionals, a welcome change.

Anton speaking on their real reasons for rebellion was more heartening than his earlier speech to the rebels. At least he wasn’t some power hungry jackal that wanted to carve out a portion of Falcon’s Reach for himself. He wasn’t that worried about Anton backstabbing him.

Aveline was former military, and from what he knew, the military of Falcon’s Reach was simply that, the military, and had none of the covert units, and the dirty dealings that plagued the Grail military, so she might try something, but it was unlikely to be subtle.

The Fox worried him, anyone who kept their face covered as much as possible had something to hide, or had a deep distrust of others. It was one of the reasons Dimitry did just that. He would have to keep tabs on the Fox.

“It wasn’t the Black Hallows. I think the Wood’s Men overstated the threat caused by them. They are little threat to any organization that has adequate security, they rely on stealth, use bows. Without surprise the king’s militia are more dangerous. At least they use weapons from this century.” He interjected after Anton spoke with Aveline.

As the map rolled out he watched closely. Then Aveline explained the importance of Statburg.
“I think it is the only target of value in that area. Not including, of course, the disruption of all transportation that would have to pass through that area, which looking at this map, is a great deal.” Snowview was something of a crossroads, with several major roads and railroads passing through it.

He pulled the piece of charcoal he had used to mark the way out of tunnels, from his pocket. “May I?”
Before he got a response he drew a circle centered on the dam, about a mile in diameter. “Nothing alive in here. Unless you were underground, you’re nothing more than ash.”

Another, larger circle. Two mile diameter. “Everything is flattened, probably fires, but not as bad. Still a lot of dead people, from collapsing buildings and just the shockwave. Another mile out, and well built buildings will probably be standing, weaker construction, probably collapsed. Maybe fifty percent survival rate.”

“As for who? Well, Not my nation. If we wanted that airship base destroyed, we would have carpet bombed it with airships eight miles up. A lot cheaper and without as much needless collateral damage. But who gains? Well, the rebels. The king’s airships are probably the single biggest advantage he has over you. It also cuts off Fairhaven from a lot of reinforcements in Braille and Lynne.”

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton nodded along to Dimitry’s assessment. “True, we would certainly benefit, but why has no one claimed responsibility? Well, except for the United People’s Army…” He began to pace, his eyes lost in thought. “Something doesn’t add up.”

While marching back to his place, he said, “I want someone to get us a transcript of the broadcast immediately.” He pointed at the Fox. “Search the newspapers for any mysterious events that have been happening in the last month. Has anyone witnessed anything strange? Have any more bases, or even government facilities in general, been attacked?”

He shifted his attention to Aveline and Dimitry. “In the meantime, where can one get the materials for a super combine bomb? If we can figure out what kind of person has access to them, and who could have been clever enough to design the schematics of it, we might finally have a lead.”

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Mercenary - Fairhaven-Braille Border

Dimitry rubbed his head. "The issue is that every step in the process of producing a super combine weapon is... Well impossible outside of Grail-El. I don’t know the science behind it, but a super combine bomb uses the same materials used to power sandships. That’s where the whole idea for the bomb came from, catastrophic reactor failures, do the same thing but on a much greater scale.”

“As of five years ago no one outside Grail-El even knew alaranium existed. Sorry, alaranium is the metal that acts as fuel. Again, I don’t know how it works, beyond my paygrade. But I can’t imagine that any where outside of Grail-El has enough alaranium to experiment with, much less actually do anything.”

“You could get the materials to construct one, or a ready to use weapon from the black market for that. But we are talking about the equivalent of several hundred million Royal marks. And that was before your rebellion destroyed the value of that currency. You could buy a military airship for that money, and have enough leftover to buy yourself a mansion in Hydris.

"To say nothing of the training required to actually use one. They have to be assembled onsite, and if you mess up… I’d rather not get into that. But it is training that is incredibly rare. Less than one percent of the Grail military receives training in using those things. Probably less than half a percent even. So anyone with that level of training could basicly ask for whatever they ”

Dimitry paused and closed his eyes for a second before letting loose a long string of curses in his mother tongue. Once he calmed down slightly he said “But the cost doesn’t matter if you’re the seller. Still doesn’t explain who did it. Well.... I have a general idea who actually set the thing, but not who told them to do it.”

No one cared about the assassin, they cared about who payed for the killing. Same concept, but with a lot more death involved.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

"So you're saying that our culprit may be from the Grail-El," Anton said. "A group, perhaps, with an immense amount of money and specialized training. It has to be, for an operation like this." He sighed, his fears from earlier practically reaffirmed.

"Didn't Barton mention seeing mercenaries in the woods before we found him?" he recalled. "Riding motorcycles, with sidecars full of cargo? Should we organize a party to go look for them? See if they left anything behind?"

He wished they could try collecting debris from the site of the bombing, which would be too dangerous, or request Grail-El for their records, which would be impossible. "Anyway, please continue, Dimitry. Who do you think set the bomb?"

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Spilling the Beans - Fairhaven-Braille border.

Dimitry glared at the map for several seconds. "Yes. Some group, not following the will of the government, hell, for all I know it is some faction in the council that is annoyed they didn't get their way. Or some admiral acting on his own without orders. Maybe some plot to turn Falcon's Reach into a vassal state."

"If Barton actually saw that... Well, that would probably be whoever set off the bomb. No problem carrying the parts for the bomb in those. I would not suggest sending a search party. At least, if you want them to come back alive.

He sighed. "Look, probably should come clean on this now. I'm almost certain that I know the mercenaries Barton saw. It's a long story, but they threatened Barton into looking for me. They're my old unit. They fit the bill, two of them have the training, they aren't really part of the military anymore, and well... Creating collateral damage was never really an issue for them. Who they are taking orders from, they probably don't even know, it's how the Grail underworld works. Multiple layers of cut outs."

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Sarah | 31 comments Evelyn Luciole - Secret Officer - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Evelyn couldn't help breathing a sigh of relief as the crowd grudgingly left the room - even though listening to an explanation from Dimitry aggravated her ego to no end. Making a point not to visibly clench her jaw, she kept her focus on the topic itself and stayed silent.

As it turned out, Dimitry had spoken up for good reason; just like that, the identity of the bombers was revealed. Evelyn cocked an eyebrow, rolling the information around for a moment.

"Regardless of what they were aiming for, they took out a fair number of our people. The bomb they set off - is it safe to say they wouldn't be able to repeat a stunt like that, at least in the near future? Or is it possible, knowing who they are, that what happened in Snowview might happen again?"

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton frowned. "If we can't go looking for them, then what can we do? You're not suggesting we leave them be now, are you?" When Evelyn brought back the idea of a repeat stunt, he felt even more uncomfortable.

"Surely, we have somewhat of an upper hand," Anton said, "since we have someone who's familiar with them, and they don't know that we have them figured out." Technically, there were still plenty of mysteries surrounding the Grail-El mercenaries, but at least they were aware of what they were up against.

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Spilling the Beans - Fairhaven-Braille border.

Dimitry squinted for a second at Evelyn. “Well… Yes and no. The people who set off the first one can’t, at least not for several weeks, or they’ll end up taking lethal levels of radiation. And well… There isn’t a payout on this earth that would convince those three to risk that death.”

He paused and sighed. “Of course, it is theoretically possible that whoever they are working for have another weapon, and another team trained in the use of it. But well, if they had those sorts of resources they could probably hire an actual army of mercenaries and invade. Then comes the issue of targets. The dam was a perfect target. Remote, probaby lightly guarded, and importantly, static. I don’t know of anything else that meets those requirements and is valuable enough to warrant the use of such a weapon.”

He turned to Anton and his voice hardened. “These are men I have shed blood for, ones who did the same for me. And unlike your little ceremony, it actually means something. So, consider your actions directed towards them carefully.” As he spoke he approached Anton, until there was only a few inches separating them, Anton was several inches taller, but Dimitry wasn’t an academic.

It probably wasn't the best idea, considering he wasn't armed, but he had information they needed, so they couldn't just kill him.

After a several seconds, enough to get his point across, he returned to the map. "The problem is, with their motorcycles they can outrun anything they can't outfight. If you have a radio I might be able to get in contact with them. Try to set up a meeting. But if they think it is a trap... I hope you enjoy white phosphorus raining from the sky."

((Ooc: See, Dimitry doesn’t just care about himself and Tula.

Also, I’m going to try to get the first chapter of a story about Dimitry, and the events that lead up to him going to Falcon’s Reach, after Thanksgiving break.))

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton met Dimitry’s gaze. “You care for them.” It wasn’t accusatory, or disdainful. Merely… intrigued. When Dimitry finally stepped away, the spell was broken.

“Don’t mistake my intentions, Dimitry,” Anton said to his back. “I would like to resolve this matter with as little confrontation as possible. Acta Veritas will provide you with everything you need. Or, shall we say,” he looked to the other representatives with a smile, “the resistance will.”

He straightened his shirt. “Now that we have decided on a course of action, do we all agree that this meeting is to be adjourned?”

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Evelyn Luciole - Secret Officer - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Evelyn frowned at Dimitry's answer, unsure of exactly how she should take it. If nothing else, she guessed, it did sound as if they had seen the worst of these people's tricks - for the time being.

Anton's observation nearly earned a raised eyebrow, but she was careful to maintain a neutral expression for fear of antagonizing Dimitry.

When Anton's attention glanced over the other representatives, she offered an affirmative nod, and smiled at his suggestion that they end their meeting there. "Sounds fine to me."

Asbel Sutherlin - Processing - Fairhaven-Braile Border

The sound of Danor's footsteps held Asbel's focus until they faded from earshot and he was left alone with his thoughts - more or less. The room wasn't empty, though a solid third of its occupants were either unconscious or sedated.

He didn't want privacy so much as just something to do, but as drowsy as he still was, he probably wouldn't be good for much. Either way, he needed a walk. He needed noise. His brain was starting to itch.

Slowly, though not quite slowly enough to keep his vision from spotting and his ears from ringing, he sat up and headed for the door.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton clapped his hands together. “Excellent. We’ll continue to analyze the data that we have. Hopefully, once the Syndicate has concluded their search, we’ll discover something new. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get a cup of coffee. It’s past twelve and already, it has been a long day.”

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Mercenary - Fairhaven-Braille border.

Dimitry muttered. “Intelligent of you.” Under his breath before he turned and looked at the map more closely. Mostly focusing on the area’s outside of the forest the rebel base was hidden. He didn’t like forests, most Grail military personnel didn’t either. Limited sightlines removed their primary advantage, their firearms. He was looking for probable places for them to set up camp, Mostly so he could get the radio pointed in the right direction.

“Fine by me. I’m going to get something to eat, then start trying to get them on the radio.” He watched Anton leave, gave the other man maybe thirty seconds, before following him. He didn’t want to be around the others alone.

He noticed Chase and his annoying kid brother hadn’t left with the rest of the rebels. Lovely. He intentionally shouldered past Jae-Hyun, despite there being plenty of room for him to go around then headed for the kitchens.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - The Rebel Tunnels: Mess Hall, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton drummed his fingers against the counter as he waited for the canteen to fulfill his order, his eyes intent on the copper pot boiling his coffee grounds. When the person manning the station pulled the pot off the fire, Anton felt a shuffle of movement next to him and saw a flash of red hair. “Would you like a cup, Aveline?”

She crossed her arms. “Have you slept at all, Mr. Lutece?”

“Not a wink,” he replied, while reaching for his drink. “You know, it’s a good thing you followed me out here. There’s something that I wanted to talk to you about.” He waited for her cup to be filled before gesturing her to walk with him. “Frankly, I did not appreciate you and the Fox instigating a hold-up of my faction. We’re both adults, and I hate to be scolding you, but your actions could have threatened the unity we’ve struggled to obtain.”

“Maybe,” she muttered, “but I only believed that I was taking the necessary precautions at the time. The situation has changed, and your guests were certainly unique. Besides, there is only one whom I would trust without question.”

“The queen?” Anton offered, to which Aveline nearly choked on her drink. “There’s no need to deny it. It was obvious then, and it’s obvious now.”

Aveline arched her brow. “Yet you do not question my loyalty to the rebels?”

“You think she’s a prisoner,” he said. “You wish to free her, and in order to do so, you plan on dethroning the king, who has not made himself better in your eyes by stripping you off your rank.”

“Such astute observation, Mr. Lutece,” she said coolly. “And here I thought the Fox would be the one to hold that information over my head.”

Anton shook his head. “I don’t intend to. I only wanted to confirm if it was true.” He chuckled. “Blame the scientist in me.”

Her shoulders slumped ever so slightly, as if she was relieved by the fact. “Speaking of scientists, I heard you brought back an interesting one as a result of your unexpected rescue mission.”

“Two, actually.”


Anton focused his eyes ahead of him, just in time to see Danor walking through the tunnels. “A possibility, more like. Just call it a feeling.”

Silas Reid - Botanist & Apothecary - The Rebel Tunnels: Infirmary, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Silas continued to rest on his blanket, stewing in his own impatience. Give him a day or two to recuperate and he might be back on his own feet, though he wouldn't delude himself into thinking he was cured. Unfortunately, waiting meant he only had his damn thoughts to entertain him by, all of which led back to the arrangement he'd made with Anton.

He wasn't sure why he agreed, but from the moment he saw the man with the fox mask, he knew Ada was involved with him. If there was one thing he wanted to get out of this arrangement, beside his funding, it was that he would have the chance to see his sister again, whether it be to talk to her or throttle her some more.

Perhaps all these near-deaths have made him want to make peace with the tatters of his family. Perhaps he was just sick of being a coward, running away from all the unpleasant reminders of the past. Perhaps the illness was finally making him stark-raving mad, while the the stress of the last few days killed whatever remaining sense he had left.

No matter what, he was going to see her.

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Sarah | 31 comments Evelyn Luciole - Secret Officer - The Rebel Tunnels: Barracks, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Evelyn left the room shortly after Anton, eventually coming to rest in a hall just outside the barracks. She sat down with her back against the wall of the tunnel, eyes low to the ground. She considered going to see Asbel, but guessed he was probably sleeping. She hoped so, anyway.

What a mess.

It wasn't five minutes before she felt eyes on her - a familiar, tentative stare. Danor stood a few feet in front of her, obviously debating whether to approach. "Can I help you, Miss Arkaitz?"

Danor frowned. "That depends. If you're already thinking about something else, I'll wait. I'd like your full attention."

Evelyn smirked. "Our talks are always interesting. Of course you have my attention." She folded her hands neatly in her lap. "Is this about our deal?"

Danor sat down against the wall next to Evelyn, a bit farther away than personal space dictated. "Yes. So far, you've held up your end - as far as I know. I believe you intend to follow through, so I'm here to fulfill my end. I'll tell you everything."

"No more secrets, then? No more hints?"

Evelyn noticed a slight shake to Danor's hands as she fitted her fingers together and stretched them, palms out. "No more hints."

The lightness in Evelyn's expression vanished. "Perhaps we should move this conversation somewhere a bit more private."

Danor laughed - a genuine, nervous laugh which struck Evelyn as out of place given their surroundings. Evelyn couldn't help but wonder, for a moment, how young Danor must be. "I'm not about to tell you anything dangerous. If the king himself were standing in this room, he wouldn't be able to do anything useful with what I'm about to say."

"Because he's an idiot."

"Don't be childish. You understand what I mean."

Evelyn bit back a smile. "Well. If that's the case, you should hold off until I can get the rest of the representatives in a room. You can tell all of us at once, privately."

Danor winced. "Fine." She rose to her feet, looking more uneasy than ever. "This may surprise you, but I don't enjoy keeping secrets. Please be prompt." With that, she exited the way she'd entered.

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments SVT-13 - Renagade special activities - Old watch tower, Fairhaven.

Alexi sat against the wall screwing in the fuse of a mortar shell. Green body with a blue stripe completely circling the body, a chlorine gas round. Once it was in tight he set it down and picked up the next. Red with a white stripe, white phosphorus airburst.
He made a lopsided grin, the scar tissue keeping him from fully performing the expression. He had about ten shells done, might as well make it twenty, just in case things got out of control.

Jefferson watched in silence, his sharpening stone rasping against the edge of his sword.

“Got a small number of unidentified personnel moving towards us. Armed with bows.” Rankin called out from his lookout.

“Hostile?” Alexi rasped.

“No way to tell.” Rankin replied.

“Give them hell.” Alexi growled.

Rankin hopped down from his perch, lifted his machinegun, folded down the bipod, braced it against the wall and started firing. Both Alexi and Jefferson covered their ears as the big automatic weapon thundered away.

Angelo - Black Hallows officer - Receiving Hell.

This was Angelo's first time leading a squad, and of course as the newest officer he was given a low risk assignment: Search for a good place to make camp. The ruined watchtower seemed like a good place to go to get a look at the area, and it didn't look like anyone was in there.
Suddenly there was a brief flurry of movements and he held up his hand, everyone stopping their advance. Then it started.
For the fraction of a second it looked like someone was pointing a bright light at them, then the bullets started whipping past.
The man on his right was the first one he saw hit, the bullet hitting him in chest, which spun him half way around, a second bullet hit the same man in the thigh, snapping the femur in half.

The gun sounded like an enormous sewing machine, the sound mixing in with the snapping sound as bullets went by and the screams of the wounded.

Someone shot an arrow at the tower, he turned around so he could congratulate the archer on their bravery if they both survived, only to see six bullets stitch across their torso, from their shoulder to their hip. He kept crawling, desperately sucking in air as terror gripped him.

The first bullet him in the shoulder. A horrible burning pain that completely voided every other sensation. After what felt like a hour but could have only been a few seconds another one hit him, this one in the back, it felt like it had completely passed through his body.

He stopped moving. The gunfire continued for maybe another thirty seconds before it died down.
Angelo lay there, trying to breath for an eternity then someone rolled him over. He could barely see the person’s face, his vision fading in and out of focus every time his heart beat, pumping more blood to his brain, but they clearly had something on their face, something covering the lower half. Not a beard, not a mask or any kind of clothing.

The figure raised an arm, and pointed something at Angelo’s head. He felt panic again, and his vision snapped into focus to see the handgun leveled on his forehead, and the man’s eyes. There was something horrible in those eyes. They had almost no life in them. As if this was the hundredth time he had done this. His mind did was not quick enough to see the pistol flash once.

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Ari Bari | 12 comments Boraci - The Rebel Tunnels: Wandering, recently at the Mess Hall, Fairhaven-Braile Border

He leaned against the wall, slightly over-ripe apple in hand. The food here wasn't delectable or anything, but it'd do to put some needed calories into his system. The small chunk of cheddar cheese in his other hand went very well with the fruit. Before grabbing the food, he had been eavesdropping on the leaders' meeting. Intriguing stuff, really. Possible Grail saboteurs? And Dimitry's former team? Boraci wondered if all Grail citizens had nasty temperaments, or if it was just their military.

Walking toward the barracks, he spotted Asbel walking in the opposite direction, looking a little tipsy, though not the enjoyable kind. It was a bit concerning to be honest.

With a furrowed brow, he lifted his apple in greeting. "How are you feeling, Asbel? You look a little shell-shocked."

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Asbel Sutherlin - Rebel Mercenary - The Rebel Tunnels: Not Entirely Sure, Fairhaven-Braile Border

A familiar voice jarred Asbel from his thoughts, and he stopped to look up at its source. Leaning against a wall some distance away, he saw Boraci, and caught himself staring dumbly at him for a second or two. Once he'd managed to regain his focus, he smiled a little and said through a chuckle, "Do I?" Thinking on it, he guessed he probably did.

With a long sigh, he leaned against the wall next to Boraci. "I'm feeling better." It was the truth, though Asbel only realized that after he'd already said it. "Just a little different," he added.

Sounding more like himself, he looked to Boraci with a solemn nod. "Thank you for dropping in when you did, back there in the forest. Things were looking pretty bleak." He squinted, quirking his jaw to one side. "How are you feeling?"

Evelyn Luciole - Secret Officer - The Rebel Tunnels: Searching, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Evelyn spent a short while in the spot where she'd conversed with Danor, thinking. With things finally falling into place, the end of her work was drawing closer. She'd made a damn mess of it - but it seemed likely enough that things would turn out more or less the way she'd planned.

Gripping tightly onto that thought, she rose to her feet and went searching for Anton.

Alice Beckett-Oswald - Knight - Rebel Tunnels: Passageway Near the Infirmary, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Once the meeting was dismissed, Alice found an out-of-the-way place to stand and took a few moments to think - to plan. Leaving was no longer an option - if it ever had been - so she supposed there wasn't really all that much to think on, but it felt as if there was a lot which she hadn't yet processed. Everything was about to change, for better or worse. She wasn't ready, but she hoped it would turn out to be something good. All she could do in the meantime was prepare and hope.

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Ari Bari | 12 comments Boraci - The Rebel Tunnels - Fairhaven-Braile Border

Something was definitely off. He had been slightly joking about Asbel's status, but given his delayed response, well, it confirmed that something was askew. More than usual, given the bizarre situation the whole group was in.

"What can I say? I'm a regular knight in shining armor." Nothing like the real knights of the party, upon thinking about Alice. He shifted a bit on the wall. There really wasn't that comfortable of a position to be had, huh? "I'm... hungry, more than anything. A bit wary of these other rebel factions. Humans always have to have something to disagree about, it seems."

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - The Rebel Tunnels: Command Center, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Sometime later, Anton decided to approach the Fox about his findings. There was only so much that could be gathered in one day, but they were on a tight schedule, and he trusted the Syndicate's spies to be efficient. "What do you have for us?"

"Well, there have been reports of some suspicious characters attacking the king's checkpoints," the Fox answered smoothly. "Besides us, of course. The royal patrol has also had an interesting confrontation or two. An officer has gone missing and is believed to have been kidnapped." He shrugged a shoulder. "It’s all very random, if you ask me."

He pulled out a manila envelope from his jacket and slapped it on the table. "However, I think I may have found a motive for the hirer. My spies have traced a few of the dealings that have been happening within the king’s circle. Rojya and Grail-El may not be his only suppliers."

Anton thumbed through the contents of the envelope, his eyes slowly dawning in realization. "The king's turned to the Black Market," he said. "Wait, are you saying that the hirer may be using the rebellion to their advantage? Destroying the king’s supplies and giving it right back to him... for a price?”

"Bingo, we have a winner."

Anton shook his head. "What a mess this is." He turned away, pausing to give himself a moment to think. "Thank you. I'll be sure to tell the others." Then he pocketed the envelope and sought out for Dimitry, intending to check up on his progress.

Silas Reid - Botanist & Apothecary - The Rebel Tunnels: Infirmary, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Silas squinted at the doorway, his eyes still blurry from sleep. He thought he had just felt a calloused hand close around his. It was a strange feeling. He couldn't remember the last time anyone willingly tried to...

He reared up. "Ada?"

Did she come to visit him again? She had to have known he was here, considering the ruckus they caused earlier. He ripped the mask from around his head, slid the catheter from his wrist, and shakily climbed up to his feet. Perhaps he could still catch up to her.

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The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Mercenary - The Rebel Tunnels: Radio room, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Dimitry crouched next to the rebels large long range radio with a screwdriver and pair of pliers, doing his best to ignore the radio operator lurking behind him making worried noises. Dimitry growled as he used the screwdriver to push a large bundle of wires out of the way. “This looks like something a technical cadet would make for an assignment.” He snarled.

The radio was made from both Rojyan, Grail, and Falcon’s Reach parts. Probably didn’t help his ability to read the script of Falcon’s Reach was still extremely limited, so he couldn’t make heads or tails of the labels.

“The main issue is you have a Rojyan dial and a Grail transceiver.” He growled.

“And?” The radio operator asked.

“It means I can’t get it to turn to a high enough frequency, since the dial doesn’t adjust it far enough. So… I’ve got to do it manually on the transceiver. Which would be fine… If there wasn’t so much wire in the way!” He snapped.

He moved to a different side of the radio and pulled off another panel. “What the hell is that!” Dimitry shouted. There was a neatly coiled bundle of wire hung inside the radio housing.

The technician glanced over and stammered. “Oh… that… we didn't have any resistors. So well we just added a bunch of wire until the voltage was long enough it didn't toast the receiver.”

Dimitry looked from the radio to the technician then back to the radio. “Damn it! I don't have time for this!”
The easiest thing would be simply gutting the radio and using transmitter and antenna to boost the signal on his mask mounted short range radio.

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Asbel Sutherlin - Cryptic Grandpa - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Asbel looked to Boraci and smirked in reaction to the remark, genuinely amused by his choice of words. "They do, don't they? For now, though, at least we've managed to stay on these people's good side."

Over the next few hours, Asbel's head cleared somewhat - enough to notice Lutece walking past him, obviously focused on something. Welcoming the distraction, he decided to try his hand at stealth, and followed the man at a discreet distance.

Erick Bailee - King's Bodyguard - Rebel Tunnels: Near Exit, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Erick leaned against a doorway, facing the hidden entrance through which their group had initially been led into the tunnels. He took care not to stare at it for fear of drawing the guards' notice, but he remained in that spot for the better part of an hour.

If he left now, he could probably still pass himself and his friends off as blameless in the eyes of the crown - without even lying all that much. It was true that they had been abducted to begin with, lied to, and chased around. If they had an out, Erick thought, at least some of them would take it. Before long, that chance was going to disappear.

If he got away now, maybe he could still cut his losses.

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Fableknot | 82 comments (I. WILL. FINISH. THIS.))

Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - The Rebel Tunnels: Radio Room, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton stepped inside the room with a raised brow. He had heard someone yelling from down the tunnel, and for a moment, he thought there might have been an in-fight between the factions.

Silvery gadgets and tangled wires were scattered all around the room. In the middle of it all was Dimitry and some very hapless-looking personnel.

"I see you’re having some trouble," he said. "Are you missing something, perhaps? Would you like to travel outside for supplies?"

Silas Reid - Botanist & Apothecary - The Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Silas shoved his way through the tunnels, stumbling and tripping over every obstacle in his path. A number of curses and admonishments were being flung in his general direction, although a few tried to ask if he was alright. Whatever they did, he shrugged them off. He couldn't let his sister disappear. Not this time.

He reached for her through the cluster of people, his hand grasping fruitlessly at air, until he got a hold of something, at last. "Ada," he said, breathless. "Do you know how hard it was for me to..." He dropped his hand, his cheeks burning with a deep shade of red, when he discovered he wasn't speaking to her at all.

It was Alice.

He averted his eyes. "Sorry," he muttered, while inwardly smacking himself for letting Ada get away.

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Sarah | 31 comments Alice Beckett-Oswald - Knight - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Alice wheeled around when she felt a hand grasp her arm, her other hand closing around the hilt of her sword, when the sight of Silas shocked her into a moment of stunned silence.

"Ada," he said, breathless. "Do you know how hard it was for me to..." He dropped his hand, and Alice saw his cheeks flush red as he realized his mistake.

Silas did not look good. In fact, it crossed her mind that he didn't look as if he should be standing up at all, much less sprinting through the tunnels. Before Alice could form a sentence, Silas muttered an apology, and Alice shook her head.

"That's alright." She wondered about Ada, the name he'd mentioned, but didn't ask. Her mind was elsewhere by the time she opened her mouth again. "Has something happened, Silas?" Despite already fearing she may have overstepped, she quickly added, "If you're looking for someone, perhaps I can help you find them."

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas Reid - Botanist & Apothecary - The Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

"It's fine," Silas said, while inching further and further away from her. He was swaying slightly on his feet, the color on his face remaining for an entirely different reason. It was stupid of him to run out of the infirmary like that.

He leaned against the side of the tunnel. "I think... I just need... to sit down." He held a hand to his chest, trying to steady his bounding pulse. "I can't go back yet," he said, more to himself. Shadowy outlines danced at the edges of his vision. The initial rush of adrenaline was already slipping from his fingertips. If he was adamant about pursuing her now, he was certainly going to collapse.

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Sarah | 31 comments Alice Beckett-Oswald - Knight - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Alice saw Silas begin to lose his footing as he backed away from her and then leaned against the tunnel wall, obviously struggling to stand. She started forward in an attempt to close the gap, worried he might collapse. Hearing him mention sitting down, she nodded in agreement. "That sounds wise."

"If you don't trust your legs, I can help you get back to the infirmary - or I could run there and be back with help in just a second." Going by past experiences, there was a good chance he would refuse her help altogether, but it was worth a try.

She felt somewhat torn between the urgent need for answers and the constant effort to maintain a calm demeanor - but she was accustomed to that. So, without betraying much more than a slight frown, she pushed her worrying and wondering to the back of her mind.

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Mercenary - Rebel Tunnels: Radio room, Farihaven-Braile Border.

Dimitry spun around in surprise, changing his grip on the screwdriver so he held it like a knife. It was entirely at out of habit, and once he saw who it was he changed his grip again so it wouldn’t look like he was about to stab someone.

“No. I don’t need to go out. The supplies I need are all here. Only problem is this looks like it was made by a bunch of drunkards.” Dimitry stopped talking for several seconds so he could calm himself down.

“The components here are good enough, I just need to hardwire the transmitter to a higher frequency. Which it supports, but your control system doesn’t. That shouldn’t be a problem. But none of the wires are marked, so it is hard to trace. Once I get the frequency right I’ve got to wire it into my helmet, since it will help me get some idea of their location. Well, It’ll give me a compass bearing of wherever their transmitter is located.” Dimitry explained.

“Of course, that would give them a compass bearing on us as well. And, if they aren’t alone… Well they might be able to triangulate a position, if they have a second team.” He sighed and leaned up against the wall.

The problem was he had learned a great many things from the other members of SVT-13, which meant they knew how he would act. Of course, he had a general idea of how they would act as well, but Alexi was far too unpredictable to plan for.

“So, I need your permission to begin aggressively modifying your radio set. I can’t really guarantee that it will be fully functional once I’m done.” He said to Anton, pointedly ignoring the technician.

Kristen Menoth - noble - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Kristen sat against the wall in a hallway writing in a notebook she had gotten from somebody. Didn’t remember who it was. That wasn’t important right now. What was important was getting down what had happened in the past week or so. Once the rebellion ended there would be hundreds of books written about it, all from different perspectives, probably a good percentage of them with some gimmick to make them sell.

She would hopefully be the only trained scholar who had recorded their time among one of the bands of rebels. It would put her on the map once this was all said and done. But she had to keep notes so it would be harder for people to question the validity of her account.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - The Rebel Tunnels: Radio Room, Fairhaven-Braile Border

His eyes lingered on the radio set in question before he said, "I did tell you we would provide everything you need. I wouldn't exactly be a man of my word if those efforts are half-assed now." He nodded. "Do whatever it takes, Dimitry. I don't expect to be disappointed."

He was about to walk back through the threshold but paused. "If it helps, we recently learned the hirer might be using the rebellion in Falcon's Reach to line their own pockets. We believe the king has been receiving help from the same person who's recruited your friends to do his bidding."

He still needed to spread the news to Aveline and Evelyn.

Silas Reid - Botanist & Apothecary - The Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Silas shook his head. "Give... me a moment," he said, shutting his eyes. He had to stay calm. "I think... I need... someone to stay."

It was embarrassing to say those words to a person who was practically a stranger, but nothing frightened him more at the moment than to be left alone. He imagined his legs giving out from under him, his face falling flat on the floor. Dozens of people—rebels stepping over him.

For so long, he's pushed people away. Much of his time was spent by himself in his apartment. He always thought that was how he would die, without anyone knowing or caring. It didn't bother him as much until the rebellion started, when there was a very real possibility he wouldn't be allowed his own home to die in. For once, he wanted a familiar face. He wouldn't even hesitate to ask if the Swamp Bat or the Kyuketsuki were here instead.

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Sarah | 31 comments Alice Beckett-Oswald - Knight - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Alice nodded slowly in response to Silas's answer, surprised but admittedly somewhat relieved to hear that he didn't intend to deal with the situation on his own. "Then I'll stay," she answered. With the sense of urgency slightly diminished for the moment, she stood still.

Asbel Sutherlin - Mercenary - Rebel Tunnels: Outside the Radio Room, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Asbel eavesdropped to the best of his ability from just outside the doorway, though most of Dimitry's end of the conversation flew miles over his head. He had expected a bit more intrigue, following such an important person around - though that last bit was news, certainly. He was grateful for anything that caught his interest in this place.

Sensing that Anton's voice had gotten much closer to the door, Asbel turned on one heel and started away from the radio room, suddenly feeling very much like a capable spy.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas Reid - Botanist & Apothecary - The Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Silas swallowed. "Thank you," he said, a rasp in his throat. His eyes were still closed, his attention focused on the air coming in and out of his lungs. He didn't know how long he stood there. When all the internal sounds of his body slowed into rhythm, he asked, "Why are you here?"

In the next moment, he corrected, "I don't mean... why you chose to stay, or why you're knee-deep in the rebel-occupied tunnels. I'm honestly confused why a hero... or anyone from the king's army would join the ranks of the rebellion."

Perhaps he needed a distraction from the pain. Or Ada. The crowd around them looked to be thinning, as if the others had somehow gotten wise to the commotion.

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Sarah | 31 comments Alice Beckett-Oswald - Knight - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Silas' sudden question struck a nerve in Alice. As he clarified what he'd meant by it, her gaze wandered over their surroundings, eventually settling on him again. "Well..." She sighed, realizing she had practically been holding her breath.

"After the Second War, I lost faith in the King - which was alright for a while. But then, as people grew more restless, he started using the knights as weapons - not against danger but against dissent. So, I lost faith in my allies and in my life's work."

Alice's brow furrowed. "I'm rambling. It's just... Despite everything, I still have faith in this kingdom - faith that it can change. It has to change. Once I found myself here, I realized that. These people are my only chance to make things right." Hearing herself say those last words, she breathed a very different sort of sigh and cast a doubtful look over at the passing crowd. "As luck would have it," she muttered.

Alice's attention returned to Silas. "And you... Do you still want to leave?"

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry Popov - Mercenary - The Rebel Tunnels: Radio room, Fairhave-Braile Border.

Dimitry smiled thinly. “I'll get in contact. Can't really guarantee what happens after that. But I'll get in contact.” He crouched down by the radio as he spoke and picked up a pair of pliers.

Then Anton dropped the bombshell about what his old unit had been up to. Dimitry stiffened and slowly turned to face Anton.

“This is bad. You know what this means right? The longer this war goes, the more they gain. Both sides get more and more desperate, willing to shell out more and more money for weapons. So they are going to do everything they can to keep this going.”

Dimitry squinted for a second. “They might actually assist us. For a time at least, make the situation more desperate for the king. I'll get them on the radio as soon as I can. Once I've got it set up, I'll find you and the others before I try and contact them.”
He didn’t add that once the king was nice and weak whoever was pulling the strings would give the order, and the rebellion would be kneecapped. Anton was a smart enough fellow, he could figure it out.

Dimitry went back to the radio and began poking around.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas Reid - Botanist & Apothecary - The Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Silas was contemplative as Alice spoke. He supposed he did understand the injustice the people faced, but it was always easier to keep his head down and turn a blind eye, especially if he wasn’t particularly affected. How could he think about helping others, when he couldn’t even help himself?

He looked away. Anton could fashion his offer any way he liked, but he couldn’t have expected for Silas to reject him. All the cards he wanted were in Anton’s hand. His hopes were now riding on the rebellion, whether he liked it or not.

"No," Silas answered. Instead of explaining, he cocked his head towards the infirmary. "I think I can try to make the trip now. Can I borrow your arm, Alice?" He blinked, realizing he called her by her given name. It was happening a lot more often with these people, and he didn’t want to dwell on what it meant.

Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - The Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton pulled himself out of the room, while continuing to piece together his thoughts. As soon as he was finished with the remaining representatives, there were orders to be sent out.

They had to tread carefully. A unified group had its advantages and its disadvantages. They would have to gradually send people away. Although there were other hideouts in the kingdom, their meeting brought an even bigger increase to the population of the tunnels.

Suddenly, he noticed two figures walking ahead of him with their backs turned. "Asbel, Boraci," he yelled, running up to them. "Have you seen Evelyn around?"

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Sarah | 31 comments Alice Beckett-Oswald - Knight - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Silas' short reply raised more questions than it answered, but Alice supposed he was probably just tired. If he really did stay, though, her answers might present themselves at another time.

When asked if she would lend her arm, Alice obliged and started slowly toward the infirmary. "When all of this is over," she added, "I, for one, am never leaving my house again. I think we've both gotten into enough trouble for several lifetimes."

Asbel Sutherlin - Mercenary - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Asbel froze in his tracks, shooting an alarmed sidelong look in Boraci's direction before turning to face Anton. "Evelyn?" He scratched his head, gears turning. He was feeling rather bitter, come to think of it, that she hadn't said a word to him since they had arrived at the tunnels. Though, maybe she had visited him while he was sleeping in the infirmary.

Realizing he had lost his grip on Anton's question, he blurted, "Not that I've noticed, I'm afraid." He looked to Boraci questioningly, awaiting his answer.

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments SVT-13 - Renegade Special activities. Somewhere nearby, Fairhaven.

“Who do you think this lot was?” Rankin asked as he stood over the body of an archer dressed in black.

“No clue.” Alexi grunted as he rifled through the pockets of one of the fallen, looking for identification.

“Nothing useful in here. Some cigs though.” Jefferson interjected, having finished searching a discarded packback.

“What brand?” Rankin asked.

“King Albert’s” Jefferson replied.

“Give’m here.” Rankin said and stuck his hand out. Jefferson shrugged and lobbed the pack of cigarettes to his squad mate.
Rankin pulled one out, briefly examined it, lit it, and stuck it between his lips and went back to searching bodies.

“Weird. I can't find any money on them. Doesn't make sense. Never know when you need to bribe someone.” Jefferson said after he was finished checking.

“Why’d you off the one that was still alive? Could have gotten him to talk.” Rankin growled.

“Too far gone. No point.” Alexi replied.

“Then why did you waste a bullet?” Rankin grumbled.

“Didn't want to go to the trouble and get my knife.” Alexi said simply.

Mathew "Black Bart" Barton - Highwayman - Rebel tunnels: Infirmary, Fairhaven-Braile border.

He stared at the ceiling of the infirmary. This wasn't like him. He should be out there, these were his people. Rogues, renegades, he would fit right in.

He shifted slightly in his cot. But no, he was useless. Everyone else brought something to the table. Even that sniveling wreak Silas had medical skills of some kind.
All he had was a silver tongue and a expensive costume or disguise, depending on the situation. But now all he had was a silver tongue and a ripped up suit. And without his attire, his entire charade collapsed.

This was supposed to have been a good time for him. All the chaos he could have been able to wander the highways without worrying about the guard trying to stop him from holding up everything on two or more wheels.

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Ari Bari | 12 comments Boraci - Eavesdropper - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

He had watched, a bit bemusedly, as Asbel peeped on Anton and Dimitry. Of course, Boraci only needed to focus and could have heard the conversation through the door from where he stood, but that would have been rude. Asbel had made a clean break and they were walking down the hall when the Acta Veritas leader inquired about Evelyn.

"I thought I last saw her by the mess hall, but -" here, he held up a finger in pause, trying to focus in on the woman's voice tones. Ah, there she was - barely bumped into a passerby. "She appears to be just around the corner!"

((I hope that's okay, Sarah. Evelyn was last looking for Anton, right?))

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Sarah | 31 comments ((Absolutely, Ari! Yes, she was looking for him.))

Asbel Sutherlin - Mercenary - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Asbel's eyebrows shot upward as Boraci raised a finger toward a wall to their right, and he turned just in time to see a mildly irritated Evelyn rounding the corner, striding toward them - and then pausing for a moment when she spotted Anton. With some effort, she wiped the scowl from her face. "Ah," she said. "There you are."

She caught Asbel's eyes as she approached, and her attention lingered on him for a second or two. No guilt, as far as he could tell - so she had visited him.

She looked to Boraci and Asbel with a respectful nod each and said, "Glad to see the both of you are alright." With that, she returned her attention to Anton. "Do you have a few minutes to discuss something?"

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Fableknot | 82 comments ((I laughed when I read "sniveling wreak." This quote immediately came to mind.))

Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - The Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Anton brightened as soon as he saw Evelyn. "Why, yes," he replied. "I actually wanted to speak with you." He eagerly motioned for her to accompany him towards the command center. "While we're waiting for Dimitry to contact the mercenaries, I have a couple plans that need your input."

He summarized everything that happened so far with the Fox and Dimitry, most especially their speculations on the hirer. "Right now, we have to keep the king occupied, while keeping our forces safe," he said. "I think we could accomplish both by scattering the resistence in strategic locations around Fairhaven, little-by-little." He put his hands up in an appeasing manner. "They won't be divided too thinly, of course. We don't want to make ourselves easy targets."

Just as he entered the command center, he gestured at all the people buzzing about the room. "As much as I enjoy having us together, we will eventually catch the eye of law. Although not everyone from every faction has assembled inside the tunnels, the flame of the rebellion may be extinguished in one fell swoop."

He raised a finger. "Not only will scattering the resistance protect the chain of command, but we'll be able to cause some much-needed distractions. If we can coordinate them to stir up trouble at the same time, the king might send his forces out in a panic. Hydris will be less-guarded, and if no better opportunity arises, we can send the most suitable to storm the castle."

"My issue is with the specifics." Anton came to an abrupt halt at the sight of Aveline, who apparently had been listening nearby. "How are we going to get the signal to everyone?" she continued. "Who will be suitable to lead the raid on Hydris? How will we calm any potential dissent if its successful? What will we do if the mercenaries don't agree to sit idly by?"

"That's why it's in development," Anton said. He furrowed his brow, realizing he had gotten too engrossed in his head. "I'm sorry," he said to Evelyn. "Is there something wrong? What is it that you wanted to talk about?"

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Sarah | 31 comments Evelyn Luciole - Secret Officer - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Evelyn followed alongside Anton, listening as he outlined their plans and concerns on the way to the control room. He suggested that they spread their people throughout Fairhaven in an attempt to draw the King's forces away from Hydris, which then prompted Rochester to chime in with a list of possible complications.

Anton then asked what Evelyn had planned to tell him, and she caught herself looking a bit distracted. She had a lot of information to process. "It's good news, actually. One of the people I brought here is a Wastes researcher, and she believes her work would be useful to us. She recently told me that she's now prepared to explain it to us in full, and I think it may worth looking into."

She turned to Aveline. "As far as calming dissent, we do have most of the heroes of the Wastes on our side, and some of them are more charismatic than you or I. As recognizable figures, they may be useful. Personally, I like this plan. At the very least, given recent events, I think it would indeed be enough to send the king into a full-blown panic."

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Fableknot | 82 comments Anton Lutece - Rebel Leader of Acta Veritas - The Rebel Tunnels: Command Center, Fairhaven-Braile Border

“Excellent,” he said. “She can come to us whenever she’s ready.” He was always eager for something new to learn, and they weren’t exactly in the position to reject any assistance.

As Evelyn spoke more about the dissent, Anton sat down on a rock, looking a tad dispirited. “We’ve tried to tide things over with our relief efforts, but there are some who believe that none of the violence would have happened if it weren’t for the resistance. On the other hand, there are still plenty who look up to the heroes of the last war. Hopefully, it will be enough.”

He waved a hand. “At any rate, tell me about your people. You’ve brought a couple interesting faces to the table. The only way we can make the most of our resources is to know more about them.”

Micah Cantel - Rebel Leader of the Syndicate - The Rebel Tunnels: Near Exit, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Micah stalked through the tunnels, a lighter in his hand and a cigarette in the other. The last twenty-four hours had been grueling. As soon as he was better informed about the mercenaries by Dimitry, he went to withdraw Elliot from his search. His spies were a talented bunch, who risked all through thick and thin, but he knew when to put them on the bench.

He drew in a breath, finding comfort in the warm blanket of smoke curling in his chest. He trusted Ada to bring the rebels what they needed, which is why he summoned her here. He wondered if she gave in to seeing her brother. Although she was quiet about her personal life, it was clear they weren’t on good terms.

When Silas was brought to the cavern by Anton, Micah easily recognized the resemblance. Perhaps he told Ada about him because of the conflict it would bring. Or it could be because he had a soft spot for family. One chance to make things right before shit hit the fan.

While pocketing the lighter, he noticed a man standing near an entrance. He wasn’t one of the guards who kept to these parts, although Micah knew he was a guard to a certain someone.

Erick Bailee.

He watched him for a couple moments. Then he pulled away his cigarette, tapped on it, and said, “You’re thinking about leaving, aren’t you?”

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Sarah | 31 comments Evelyn Luciole - Secret Officer - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

Evelyn considered Anton's request for a moment or two. "Hmm. Well, it seems you're already fairly familiar with Mister Popov's skill-set, but he also has incorporeal 'ally' of sorts who's very stealthy and extremely capable in combat. He's been scarce lately, though.

Boraci can fly - at night - and his senses are incredibly sharp. Alice, Bailee, the Sato's, Celaena, and Leif excel at close combat, but the latter is quite badly injured. Sutherlin, Barton, and Danor are good with guns, though Popov is the most experienced by far. Silas appears to have some medical know-how, but he hasn't said much about it to me."

She thought on it for a moment longer, until she was satisfied with her summary, then shrugged. "That's about all I know." She glanced between Anton and Aveline. "Do either of you have anything else up your sleeves, by chance?"

After this, Evelyn supposed she would go and track Danor down. She hoped the woman's mind hadn't changed.

Erick Bailee - King's Bodyguard - Rebel Tunnels, Fairhaven-Braile Border

“You’re thinking about leaving, aren’t you?”

Even as Erick turned to face the stranger, he mentally rehearsed a number of half-baked excuses. Though... Was he a stranger? Looking at him, he seemed vaguely familiar, but Erick couldn't quite place his voice or his face. Regardless, he got the distinct impression that even a fully-baked excuse probably wasn't going to cut it, so he decided not to bother.

"Yeah. I'm thinking about it." He raised an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?" Erick suspected he was in for a lecture or a threat, and he wasn't in the mood for either.

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