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Michel Poulin | 90 comments Hello everybody!
This is to announce that my latest ebook, A MINOR GLITCH, is now available. It involves both time travel and alternate history and describes the misadventures of four young women from the year 2624 who involuntarily end up in the past, with no way to go back to their proper time. Unfortunately, a new Goodreads policy prevents me from making available on my book site a link to download a PDF copy of my ebook. As a self-published author who refuses to be boxed in by Amazon's heavy-handed conditions, I have decided to present still my book on Goodreads, while asking the readers interested in it to contact me, so that I can send them a copy via email. My book, like all my previous books, are offered for free, as I write purely as a hobby, with no intention to make money from them. Feel free to look up my book cover and introduction blurb and contact me if you wish to get a PDF copy by email.

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Vikarti (vikarti_anatra) | 6 comments Would like to read it, description looks interesting.

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Vikarti (vikarti_anatra) | 6 comments Btw, why not using Smashwords for distribution? Especially if it's free book.

Steen Christensen | 11 comments I'm interested too

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Kaj Samuelsson | 1 comments Seems very interesting, I will download it from free-ebooks.net as I saw it was available there and I can get it as epub.

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