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Living Conditions
Until 5 years ago most of the Grail population lived in sandships, which crisscrossed the wastes, never stopping in one place long enough for a concentrated attack to be directed at them. However, before Agnorak there was one static settlement, The Shipyard, a massive maze of munition factories, metal foundries, defensive artillery emplacements, and the sandship production and repair docks it gets it’s name from.

For those living in sandships quality of life depends on what type of vessel it is. A military ship, such as a Scythe class heavy flanking ship or even a Hope class leadship will have very basic quarters, but rarely have the overcrowding issues larger ships have.

Most of the ship borne populace lived in “Home” class ships, which were in many ways rolling apartment complexes. While they have much more living space compared to a military ship, they are also much more crowded. Bathrooms are communal, and meals are served cafeteria style. Unmarried adults who are not part of the military sleep in cramped bunk rooms, while families with receive somewhat larger quarters, but they are still small even compared to the homes of extremely poor people within Falcon’s Reach.

No one is claustrophobic, but many non military Grail are agoraphobic (the fear of open spaces). People living on Home class ships work in “mini factories” typically producing textiles and other items that don’t require heavy machinery.

Quality of life in the shipyard is highly dependent on jobs. Those who have jobs live in bunk houses or small apartments, and are generally much more spacious compared to a sandship. However, living in the shipyard has its own issues, the air quality is terrible, and industrial accidents are common. Food quality is also extremely poor, as it all has to be shipped in from outside.

Those who either refuse to work, or commit certain offenses, live in “The Warrens” a complex of shantytowns that fills up semi collapsed warehouses, wreaked sandship hulks, and waste disposal areas. They make the slums of Lynne look like a gated community in Hydris. Adults living in the warrens rarely have anyway out, since if they had useful skills they wouldn't have ended up there in the first place. Every few years the government sends a military task force in to take all children above the age of 10. These children are educated and eventually become useful members of Grail society. Due to their survival skills and natural independence “warren born” often end up in military special activities units.

Once Agnorak was retaken the government began trying to centralize the population. Most of the buildings in Agnorak were ruined, either from centuries of disrepair, or the massive artillery bombardment and following battles that marked the closing days of the second war. So all of the “Home ships" were brought to the edge of the city and shut down, acting as massive temporary housing blocks until the city could be rebuilt.
Work is slow, and only a few thousand people have begun living in the actual city.
The fact that the Grail lived in a constant state of war with the Wastes for centuries, militarism was, and remains a major part of the culture. While most nations might have ten percent of their population under arms during times of war, before the end of the second war the percentage of active military personnel in Grail-El neared forty percent.

Life in a hostile wasteland created a certain amount of xenophobia among the populace, and there are few that live outside of Grail-El, those that do are normally mercenaries, merchants, former criminals, or artists.

Art has never had much use to the Grail, other than music or writers. It doesn’t impress or interest them in the slightest. This does not include “Prefall” art recovered in ruins and Agnorak, since it gives them a look into their past.

Social darwinism is a major part of the way people interact. Those seen as being “useless” are avoided and ignored, and social status largely comes from how “useful” someone is. Sandship Overseers, engineers, scientists, and military officers are highly respected, while professional politicians, lawyers, and merchants are not.

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