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There are currently Four Houses that exist within Gevaudan Academy, each competing for the coveted House Cup. In order to win, students must gain points for their team every year through events. The House Games, which occur at the end of every semester, are the biggest events one may earn the most points from. The House with the most points by the end of the school year wins the cup.

With a competition, there are rivalries, the fiercest being between the Wastes and Falcon's Reach. But not only are there rivalries between Houses, but also between Halls too. Loyalty matters much to the students here, and betrayal can burn strong. Leaving your Hall or your House will mark you as a traitor, so many opt stay where they were assigned. Since students are usually sorted by their personality and background, making it easier for friendships, most don't have the desire to transfer anyway.

All House members reside in dorms on campus during the school year. The dorms surround the school, with the House of Falcon's Reach to the east, the Wastes to the west, and Rojya to the north. In the Falcon's Reach dorm area, the locations of Halls mimic the provinces' actual locations in the original universe: Fairhaven, north; Lynne, east; Lucan, west; Braile, south.

There are opportunities for jobs around campus, such as in the library, cafe, and so on. Students may even request to assist their teachers for a period, albeit without pay. There are many clubs that are open to join, some of which have no right to exist. Of course, this is the obligatory high school AU, so get as ridiculous as you want.

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Iron Curtain Hall - Genya Andreyevich (Den Mother, World History teacher)
• Anya Bodrov (junior resident, 3rd year)
• Klaus (senior resident, English teacher)
• Viktor Starkov (junior resident, 4th year)
• Ryan Petrushkov (senior resident, 4th year)
Citadel Hall - Tony Raymond | Taboraamon (Den Mother, Physical Education teacher)
• Dimitry (senior resident, 1st year)
• Jessica (senior resident, 1st year)
• Cima (junior resident 1st year)
Vision Hall - Mr. Shrew (Den Mother, Theatre Arts teacher)
• Olivia (junior resident, 1st year)
Creatura Hall - Unknown (Den Mother)
• Boraci (senior resident, 3rd year)
• Nowaki (senior resident, 3rd year)
• Sienna Leila (junior resident, 3rd year)
• Holly Diablos (junior resident, 4th year)
• Hannah Diablos (junior resident, 2nd year)
Fairhaven Hall - Ms. Luciole (Den Mother, Algebra teacher)
• Alice (senior resident, 4th year)
• Silas (senior resident, 3rd year)
• Danor (senior resident, 4th year)
Braile Hall - Anton Lutece (Den Mother, Sociology teacher)
• Danny (junior resident, 3rd year)
• Ryouki Sato (junior resident, 4th year)
Lynne Hall - Unknown (Den Mother)
• Asbel (junior resident, 2nd year)
• Erick (senior resident, 3rd year)
• Roderick Kirigiri (junior resident, 3rd year)
• Chase Frost (junior resident, 1st year)
• Micah (senior resident, 4th year)
Lucan Hall - Unknown (Den Mother)
• Poppy (junior resident, 3rd year)
Grecia Hall - Unknown (Den Mother)
• Tula Nikos (senior resident, 3rd year)

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