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Before Selene, the once immortal sorceress of the Wastes, was felled by the newest generation of heroes, she had secretly made one last attempt to stop them. In the kingdom of Falcon's Reach, history has been rewritten, and the Second War of the Wastes is about to start anew.

King Walkelin is no more, having been assassinated along with many other nobles in an infamous massacre five years prior. Instead, the queen resides over the throne and to the surprise of many, has proven herself to be a decent, benevolent ruler to the people, although there is much room for improvement. Corruption still runs rampant, and the threat of the Wastes has grown tenfold.

As the northern border of Fairhaven threatens to be overtaken, with the most recent incident forcing the area to shut down its local railroad system, the queen has called for a special team to investigate. Those that have been recruited may not all be soldiers or researchers. Some may even be criminals. They have been chosen for their skill, not their past. For the mission must succeed, at all costs.

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Due to the nature of this particular plot, deviations from the events of the original roleplay are welcomed and encouraged. In fact, something from your character's history must be changed before you can join in.

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Fableknot: With her parents among those killed in the massacre and her younger sister Philippa to watch over, Poppy had received her inheritance early on and chose to remain in Fairhaven. As of this moment, she is focused entirely on her duties as a noble, managing the estate and other affairs from her residence in Hydris. She was never invited to join the group, and if she were, the idea of traversing off into the Wastes would simply be laughable, if not impossible.

Meanwhile, after Danny failed to find a school in Braile that would accept him, he returned to Lucan and resigned himself to helping out his family on the farm. However, whenever someone in town would find themselves ill, they would turn to him and eventually, he sort of grew a name for himself, leading to his recruitment.

Silas never had much of an issue with any of his myriad of conditions save for a short period of his childhood, and now works with his parents as a royal scientist. The queen, in desperate times, placed their research under her jurisdiction in a project known as the Phoenix. He's a tad more receptive to others, but no less rude. His health still isn't as tenacious as an average person's either. Although he is still a botanist and familiar with herbs, he is less knowledgable with treating the human condition since he doesn't constantly have to maintain himself and prepare in the event of an emergency, compared to his counterpart.

As for those in Vision, the circus itself has ceased to exist in this world. Or perhaps a better way to put it would be that it never existed in the first place, and it appears someone else has taken up the identity of the eccentric sorcerer Mister Shrew. Since Olivia was never given up by her real family, she lives a normal but happy life in Lynne, where the threat of the Wastes seems far-off and unreachable.

Antony: The Cravaners successfully recaptured the city of Poltova from the wastes nearly a decade ago, and have been fighting to hold onto their new city since the first settlers set up their homes within the ruins, their fleets no longer criss-cross the wastes, instead they stay close to home, working to break the constant waves of waste creatures.

A corruption probe into Jessica's father uncovered a lot of unpleasant secrets, and created a number of very powerful enemies. After an assassination squad attacked Dimitry and Jessica during their wesdding the pair decided to run away to Falcon's Reach. Dimitry trained his wife in combat, and the pair began working as mercenaries, since there was no other option.

Since Dimitry never dabbled in dark magic Tabaraamon never found the mercenary, and now wanders the wastes, lonely, aimless, occasionally killing the odd waste creature simply to prevent him from going insane.

Without sandships criss-crossing the wastes Xavier and his family were never captured by the Grail. Instead they returned home once their medical supplies ran out. Instead of continuing his promising career as a doctor he began studying ways that the wastes could be converted back into arrable land. He has taken part in multiple studies of the wastes, and was quickly recruited due to his expertise.

Sarah: After the massacre in Fairhaven, Alice (having recently been knighted) was left disillusioned and ridden with guilt. Without warning, she left for the northern border and has spent the past five years combating the Wastes' influence there, sacrificing both title and career in hopes of honing her skills and easing her conscience. She's since gained valuable experience and a weighty reputation, which led to her recruitment.

With Alice gone soul-searching and no king to guard, Erick struggled to make ends meet in Fairhaven. Alone, penniless, and at the end of his rope, he eventually managed to earn an apprenticeship as a locomotive mechanic and has since taken up the trade. Although he lives in constant fear of his family's enemies, he is otherwise content with his life, and has grown shrewd - almost reclusive - in order to prevent his past from coming to take it from him.

Nowaki failed to escape Selene and, after years of resisting her will, eventually resigned himself to serving in her army; as a result, Asbel never became a Shade Host. Instead, he thrived as a scholar, and has recently become a schoolteacher in Lucan. He harbors a fascination with the Wastes (particularly its implications regarding ghosts and the afterlife) and has made several trips northward to study it, which led to his recruitment.

Harley: Ryouki Sato, after persistent and perhaps out of conduct attempts, managed to snag a spot in the King's military. But after the King's assassination, he found himself struggling once more and snared into the seductive web of crimelord Bastien Fen. As the Kyuketsuki's faithful lover and assistant, he helps Bastien weave his corrupt influence into the nobility of Fairhaven under the guise of a sensual woman and performer, Tsubaki.

Roderick Kirigiri did not contract the famed madness of his family line, and in fact is one of Braille's top psychological researchers. His sister, on the other hand, suffers from bouts of desperate panic and irritation that plague the women of his family. Determined to find the root of his family's plight, he turns to studies of The Wastes for answers. Yet, until late, has been hesitant to venture past the borders of his office. With his faithful assistant, Taiyo Sato, taking over in his stead, Roderick ventures towards the Wastes borders to seek answers.

The Sato Family's weaponry establishment is almost more busy than ever. But, after a welding accident while manufacturing the first of their firearms, the head of the family Hikaru Sato finds himself out of commission and with a missing hand. Their second oldest, Usami, takes matters into his own hands, and does everything possible to learn the art of making prosthetics. However, as the eldest of the children present since Taiyo went to continue her studies, he hesitates between choosing to stay at the shop to run their manufacturing or embarking on a trip towards Rojya in order to study under the famed metalsmith and doctor, Mikhail Van Dietrich. His sister, Tsukiko, who opted to stay for her sister's sake, works hard in the meanwhile to build her skill with smithing and metalwork so her brother can pursue his own aspirations.

In Rojya, corruption has not quite settled yet. The Czar, Nikolai Andreyevich, rules with a firm hold over the Parliament. However, the people seem unhappy with his ways, and the threat of assassination is at large. Czar Andreyevich remains extremely protective of his family, and in response to the Wastes seeping into Rojya as well, he establishes the Iron Curtain around her borders. As such, his daughters Genya and Alina Andreyevich remain uneasy. Genya's guards, Viktor and Ryan, are more vigilant than ever with the rising threats towards the Andreyevich family.

Anya Bodrov managed to live to about age 30, and was Rojya's prima ballerina for several years prior. At 25, she was recruited for Rojya's reconnaissance military unit as a spy for her gymnastic ability. She was their bravest soldier.

The name of Tula Nikos continues to strike fear and awe throughout the Anglican Isles. Together with her sisters and her lover/prisoner, Enrico Accosi, Tula's assaults on the elite of the Isles only takes out Grecia's former corrupt leaders, and replaces it with the unstable and sin-driven leader of Grecia's worst gang.

Ari: Boraci's father was never found by the inquisitorial squad in the swamps of the Wastes. His family complete, Boraci moved up in the hierarchy and is now the alpha of the his colony. While he doesn't particularly belong to either world, he is well-versed in the politics and affairs of Falcon's Reach (due to his father) and the emotions of the Wastes. He just has a bad habit of wandering off.

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