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Admin | 23 comments s t o r y

The phenomenon known as "The Wastes" has always existed in the galaxy of Gevaudan, just beyond the planets of Falcon's Reach and Rojya. Although the planets have been surrounded by this dangerous and inescapable force for nearly a century, these two celestial bodies have grown to be content in isolation.

However, something has been stirring within the Wastes' borders. Unless something is done, it will only grow and consume the planets as it had tried to do before. Desperate to find a solution, Falcon's Reach has assembled a crew to survey the damage that has been inflicted. Unbeknownst them, Rojya and the long lost Caravaner Space Station Colony have sent their own crews, as well.

In a twist of fate, the ships meet and, after being ambushed by the creatures of the Wastes, they were forced to combine their crews into one. Together, they search for a way to stop the Wastes and find a path to the impenetrable Citadel planet, where their answers may lie.

Loosely based off the movie Titan A.E. and the Star Trek franchise, specifically the Voyager television series.

n o t e

The following is what distinguishes personnel by department within the survey ship - Helm officer, Navigator, Operations officer, Engineer Tactical officer, Security officer, Weapons officer, Armory officer, Intelligence officer, Communications officer, Medical officer, Science officer, and Counselor. For more information on what jobs from these departments entail, visit this page, scroll down to the "By Department" section, and click the type of officer you wish to know more about.

There can be more than one crew member from each department. For simplicity's sake, we won't distinguish too much by rank, function, or command structure (except for the captain, of course). Alternatively, your character may be a temporary guest or prisoner onboard the ship.

For uniforms, command and helm personnel wear gold shirts, engineering and security personnel wear red, and science and medical personnel wear blue. Each officer has a special insignia that also indicates their department. Standard gadgets include combadges and tricorders.

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Admin | 23 comments c r e w

Alice - Captain of the Monarch (Falcon's Reach)
Jessica - Navigator; Former Captain of Thunder (Caravaner)
Dimitry - Tactical Officer
Cima - Intelligence officer
Poppy - Science Officer
Silas - Science Officer; Field Medic in Emergencies
Danny - Medical Officer
Erick - Security Officer
Asbel - Helm Officer
Nowaki - Prisoner
Boraci - Counter-Intelligence Field Officer; Former Prisoner
Celaena - Bandit; Stowaway
Members of SVT-13 - "Special security officers" euphemism for "Space Marines."

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena Moonlight- Space Bandit/Stowaway

Celaena sits in the the cargo hold of the ship. Her bright red hair was in a french braid that went all the way down to her mid back. She wore tight pants with knee high boots and a long sleeve shirt with a simple breast plate. She also wore a loose cape around her that also hid her blasters and an old fashion dagger strapped to her thigh. Using what little light she can find to read a star map. She heard rumors that her friend that she thought was dead was boarded on the ship. She didn't know if was even her friend that she lost in childhood but it was worth the risk. As long as she doesn't get caught and can quickly see if he is here, if he is drag him with her to the escape pod or it will be just her. Maybe take some items to sell as well.

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Fableknot | 82 comments ((I’ll set it after the Monarch and the Thunder meet, but before the whole ambush starts. I think it might make it more interesting, but I’ll change it if there’s an issue.))

Silas trudged down the hallway of the lower deck. It had been two months since the Monarch first left Falcon’s Reach, and nearly thirty-six hours since they had returned to seek further instruction. The situation with the Wastes was worse than they thought, and with the recent arrival of the Thunder, a ship sent by the forgotten Caravaner Space Station Colony, things had gotten a lot more complicated.

At the moment, the two ships were cruising in the orbit of Falcon’s Reach. Supplies were being beamed into the cargo hold, while a few of the commanding officers had gone to the capital to speak to the king. There was plenty of rumors circulating around whatever business they had down there, but Silas chose to ignore it. His job was already hard enough without childish gossip. All he had to do was keep his head down and continue to go about his duties.

He may have a minor role in investigating the composition of the Wastes alongside Poppy, but his primary mission was to study how spaceflight affected plants. If his home planet couldn’t avoid being consumed by this uncaring phenomenon, they had to know if they could sustain life by cultivating their own natural environment on the escape pods.

He waited for the doors of the cargo hold to open, a shaft of light cutting into the darkness of the room. They had to have collected all the material they needed by now, but he needed to make sure of it. The next trip might be even longer, and it was in his good opinion that the officer running the transporter was incompetent.

He walked through the threshold of the door and stopped at where the lab supplies were usually placed. As he considered where he should start, he saw a faint light peeking behind a stack of boxes.

He took a tentative step towards it, and he thought he could make out the shadow of someone’s head. “Who’s there?” he said. His fingers hovered along the edges of his badge. One press and he could alert security of a possible intruder.

((Feel free to use any means to stop him.))

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena looks up to where the voice came from, shock that someone was down here. The security patrol wasn't suppose to come for another 20 mins! She slides around behind the crates and moves behind him quietly, she studies his build to quickly figure out a way to take him down. With a single move she knocks him over and takes his badge away and hold her rather old dagger to his chest. Her bright blue eyes glare down at him and her braided hair is over her shoulder.
"You don't look like a guard." She mutters quietly. She presses her dagger closer to his chest, "Who are you and what's your rank here?"

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Fableknot | 82 comments Before Silas could react, he felt the air whoosh from his lungs and a needlepoint pressure against his chest. He was lying on his back now, with a strange woman menacingly looming over him. "I should be asking you that," he said, the words a growl between his teeth. "What the hell are you doing on this ship?"

He just knew the transporter room couldn't do their jobs properly. If they had conducted the proper scans, they would have noticed an unusual life sign among the supplies. Of course Silas would be the one to pay the price.

He eyed the badge in her hand. He hadn't told anyone he was coming down here, and he was well-known for isolating himself for days at a time. Short of running to the door and finding the nearest crew member, he had to get that badge back if he wanted to be rescued.

"You really can't tell my rank from the uniform I'm wearing?" he said. "Do you even have any idea what we're doing?" He weighed the options of who she was in his mind: an enemy from the Wastes, disguised as a human; a saboteur from the Caravaners, still bitter from their shared past; a madwoman from Falcon's Reach, who wants the planet to be destroyed; or more than likely...

A thief.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celeana study his uniform and presses the blade to his chest a little more so he won't try anything. She can't risk getting caught so soon, she can't escape if she is lock up. She laughs, "Like I care what your doing here." 18 more mins until patrol. "You are a science officer, yes? You know everyone on the ship then??"

She crotches down and reaches under her cloak and checks a device that hides her signature from any radar, battery is at 87% more than enough. Hopefully. She moves a little closer to the light, she doesn't look more that 22-23. "I'm looking for someone that might be on this ship. His name is Erick Bailee. Is he on this ship?"

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas swallowed as the blade pressed harder against him, while her laughter filled his ears. Although their objective was a suicidal one, he really didn't want to die any time soon.

"You are a science officer, yes?" she said. "You know everyone on the ship then?"

Silas snorted. "Not bloody lik—" He stopped, realizing he was about to ruin one of his few chances at getting out. If she was looking for someone, perhaps he could pretend to be of use.

When she mentioned Erick Bailee, he replied, "Yes, actually. Unless you have my authorization though, you don't have a chance of leaving this cargo hold."

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Hesitation flickers in her eyes and she looks at the door, then at his badge. Since he is a science officer he shouldn't be much of a fighter, however it is never best to under estimate someone. 14 more minutes. She can't stay here, she can't just leave with him. She looks at him, "What is your name? If you tell me yours then I will tell you mine."

"You have a room here yes? Your quarters. Would you be able to take me there without raising any alarms?" Her mind is racing, it has to be her Erick not many people have the same first and last name. If she can manage to get to this guys quarters, where guards aren't patrolling every 30 minutes. Then maybe she can get to see Erick and take him home. She stares at the science officer.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas looked away, silently debating whether it would be wise to tell her his name. Although he was tempted to lie, he ended up answering, "Silas Reid."

The stranger questioned him about his quarters. There's an unusual intensity in the depths of her eyes, like she was truly desperate to find this man. If Silas made a mistake, he might really end up dead.

"If you could ease off of me," he said. As much as he wanted to put some distance between them, he was rather weak. Blame his lifestyle and the string of illnesses which always seemed to plague him.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena eases up just a little, her dagger still pointed at him, "Celaena." She crotches to the ground a bit and stare at him. "You can get me to your quarters without being caught, yes?" She asks again.

12 more mins. This conversation better hurry up before the patrol gets here, otherwise this can get real ugly real fast.

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Fableknot | 82 comments "Yes!" Silas answered, clearly annoyed. "I can get you to my quarters, so let's just go."

Once Celaena had given him a bit of space, he carefully extracted himself out from under her. He was especially mindful not to make any sudden movements, knowing the knife at his chest would only be transferred to his back, although he wondered what would have happened if he had broken off into run. Seeing how fast she had knocked him down last time, he probably wouldn't make it very far. And she wouldn't be too keen to trust him for a second time.

He walked over to the door and waited for the computer to authorize him. He held his palms flat against his black pants, feeling the sweat that soaked his palms. Where was security when he needed them?

At last, the door opened. Silas walked a stiff pace, hoping someone—anyone would pass by. "What business do you have with Mr. Bailee, anyway?" he asked, curiosity getting the better of him. "Did he take something from you?"

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena swiftly moved to wrap her arm around Silas waist with the knife discreetly pressed against his side, so she would like a friend, lover or whatever else people would think. Anything that does not intruder. It seems like they would be able to slip past security. She rest her head slightly on his shoulder. She smelled like lavender.

"No he didn't... He is an old friend of mine." She carefully chooses her words, not too keen on revealing that he was her childhood friend that she thought had died when she was taken in by a band of thieves. He was.. is if he is actually proven to be alive, one of the most important person to her. The part of her before she became a thief. "Don't try anything funny. How far is your room?"

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas felt Celaena lean into him, and his back had somehow gotten even more rigid. He mentally reassured himself that nothing he had was particularly contagious, and his immune system wasn't low enough to be considered neutropenic. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been cleared to travel. Still, old habits were hard to break.

"Yeah, right," he said to her. "If he's a friend, what are you planning on doing to him?" Even if he managed to lead her to Erick, he doubted a happy, joyful reunion would await them.

"The crew's quarters two floors above us," he answered, as the pieces of an escape plan were coming together in his mind. Once they reached the elevator, he could order the computer any number of things. Although she might be able to stop him from notifying security outright, he could be able to take them to a more crowded floor.

A slight jolt shook the hallway, but not enough to throw him off-balance. Silas looked around. "We must have left orbit and gone into warp." He obviously couldn't tell how fast they were going, but they must already be light-years away from Falcon's Reach.

It meant nothing if Celaena got a hold of an escape pod though, which had the technology to warp back in a number of days. Even if he got away, he couldn't let her run wild on the ship.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena scoffs, "We were... are friends. If it is the right Erick at least." She scans the halls and makes sure her tools were prep in case things get messy. She holds onto Silas a little more, "Relax, I don't plan on killing anyone if things go smoothly. If its Erick then I will leave with him."

If he remembers me, she thinks to herself. Its been a long time since they saw each other, what if it is him but he doesn't remember her. What if... no, can't start thinking that. She came to far to turn back now. "Don't do anything funny or you won't be part of the plan. If he is not the right Erick, I will leave without him."

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas raised a brow. “How are you so sure he’ll want to leave?” He scoffed while listening to Celaena’s assurance that she would leave if she had the wrong Erick, like he would trust the words of a stranger and a thief. An intruder was an intruder.

Although he told himself not to think about it, he started to wonder what happened to the Caravaner ship. Would they be working together from now on? Or had they went on their own separate way?

There was another jolt. This time, it was much stronger than the last. “Something’s wrong,” he observed. “It feels like we were knocked out of warp.” The blue lights that signaled their departure had changed into yellow, indicating an elevated alert.

The ship shook again, allowing him to stumble out of Celaena’s grasp. The elevator was up ahead. If he could get inside without her on his tail, he may actually be able to alert someone. However, it wouldn’t respond to his presence, and he attempted to input the command himself.

“Computer, open the door,” he said. “I repeat, open the door.” He glanced back at Celaena, while he simultaneously slammed his hand on the touchpad. “Computer, respond.”

He was about to risk contacting security, when the hallway was suddenly plunged into darkness. What the hell was going on?

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena groan slightly when the ship shook and the lights went yellow. She turns towards Silas, "I know you don't trust me, but you want to stay alive. You need to follow my instructions. I will not let an innocent get hurt." She had a strong look in her eyes that she was speaking the truth and will follow what she just said.

"If it is my Erick is on this ship. I will not allow it to get destroy. He's the only good part of my life. I need to find him, I need to know what happen..." She drifts off for a brief moment, looking upset at the memory.

She compose herself quickly and pulls off her cloak, a small phoenix was embedded in her breast plate, and put it around Silas to hide his uniform. She curse under her breath and pulled out a blaster that she was hiding and holds it out to him, "It simple to use, point and shoot. Its on stun and I trust you to not shoot me." She looks down both hallways and looks at him. "You need to stay close behind me."

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas blinked as the emergency lights switched on around them. Some sort of malfunction must have occurred with the main power, which would explain why they were no longer in warp. Still, he couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding, as if there was more to the situation than it seemed.

When Celaena looked at him, he braced himself to be knocked down again. He did seize an opportunity to escape, after all. But a moment passed, and nothing happened. Instead, she actually seemed to be talking to him. He lowered his arms and saw the look in her eyes. Did she think they were being attacked?

He studied her further as she spoke more about the man she was looking for. "My" Erick? The only good part of her life? Were they actually more than friends? Lovers of some kind? Really, now. Out of all the things he could have been held hostage for.

While he had been wrapped up in bemoaning his unfortunate circumstances, she had taken it upon herself to drape him in her cloak. He looked at it and the blaster she offered to him with a scowl. "I know how to use a phaser," he remarked, his pride more than a little pricked. "This should be no different."

His hand closed uncomfortably around the grip. To be perfectly honest, he never used one outside of the training he received before he first boarded the Monarch.

He shook his head. "Look, I know a criminal like you might expect the worst, but it doesn't mean we're in trouble simply because the power is down."

Just as the words left his mouth, however, he saw a shadow move down the far end of the hall. He could make out a row of jagged teeth widening from its outline, a steady stream of drool dribbling down onto the floor.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena looks over her shoulder and spots the shadow as well. She lower her voice, "Stay quiet and move quietly" She pushes him down the other way from the shadow. She pulls out a hilt from her belt but no blade was attach. She keeps moving backwards and checking down where they were go.

When she spots a little corner in the wall she grabs Silas by his wrist and pushes him into it. She pulls the hood over his head and presses her finger against his lip to make sure he understood to not say a single word. She steps out in the hallway and waits for the other intruder to appear. Maybe some fast talking could work however her gut tells her otherwise.

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Fableknot | 82 comments "Hey," Silas quietly exclaimed as he was pushed into the corner. When she put a finger to his lips in order to silence him, he shot her a glare in return. But as much as he wanted to protest at being manhandled, he knew better than to make a fuss and draw the intruder's attention.

His eyes traveled down the length of the hallway as Celaena waited. There had to be an entrance to the Jefferies tubes nearby. They were the narrow corridors which allowed maintenance to access the ship's conduits and circuits. It was the only way to reach the other floors if they couldn't summon the elevator.

He lost focus, however, when he heard a growl come from around the corner, where they had seen the shadow. He dared to peek once more in its direction, freezing as he recognized the vicious face of a hellhound.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena watches the hellhound, "Hey there little guy. Did you get lost to pound?" She taunts the hound, she presses on the hilt and a blade extended from it. Bless Jack for creating this for her. She twirls her blade, when the hellhound attack she quickly slides under it and plunges her blade into it's chest. She moves the lifeless hound off her and wipes off some of the blood.

She walks over to Silas and helps him up. "Where is the closest maintenance tunnels are? We need to get you up to the bridge. Safest place for you to be." She wants to bang her head against the wall. She came here to find Erick but now she is stuck in this heist, protecting a science officer who can shoot her and/or put her in jail. Which from her past can be a very...very long time. If her stupid promise to herself, her code, her morals didn't stop her. She would have left him to the hellhound.

"Protect and never kill those who are innocent." She mutters out loud to herself accidentally.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas could only stare at the bloody corpse in shock as Celaena pulled him to his feet. A chorus of howls soon filled the air. In a way, it made sense. Hellhounds weren't solitary animals, but where the devil had they come from?

"The safest place," Silas replied, his tone deadpan. "Sure. You just want to get to..." His eyes widened as realization hit him. If the main power was down, and the computer wasn't responding to commands, then it was possible no one else knew these creatures were on board. He had to warn the captain.

"What did I get myself into?" he muttered.

He led Celaena down to a small rectangular door and quickly pried it open. The tunnels were so small that he had to climb on his hands and knees. "Hurry," he said. "And remember to close the door behind you."

Showing a thief where the tubes were might not be a good idea, but it was either that or death. He could practically feel the hellhounds nipping at his heels, although he didn't chance a look back. He tried to reassure himself that once they got to the bridge, the other officers would probably be able to capture Celaena, anyway.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena waited until he was in before following, the whole time muttering to herself how stupid this was. Why is she even helping him? She closes the door behind them and lock it and put a small device on the door so if it open.. it would go boom. "So once we get up there, warn them to not open that door we just went through. Unless they want to be blown to chunks. Seeing I'm toast."

She mutters about it better be the right Erick, "That stupid slime ball... he better not be dead. If i wasted my time here I will kick his ass from the grave...I will always protect you my butt. Stupid Stupid Stupid. I have really stupid ass friends. I bet Jack and Erick would be great friends. Two dumbasses who I have to make sure they don't die." She continues to grumble as they climb, maybe a little bit irritable.

"Hey, when I'm thrown in jail because of your stupid ship not being able to protect it damn self. I want my cloak back, washed. And still need to know if it is the Erick I'm looking for too!"

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The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Dimitry slowly scrolled through the weapons manifest and operations guide for the Monarch. He wasn't sure where it came from, Jessica had just dropped the data pad on his lap and told him to get up to speed on the weapon systems of the 'Reacher ship.

He signed in annoyance. He was getting flashbacks from basic training, when they had lectures on historical weapon systems. "They really love their beam weapons." He growled.

"And?" Jessica grunted.

"Beams are fine for what they are used to fighting, big swarms of light weight enemies. But... They won't get through the shell of anything even half their tonnage."

Suddenly the alarms all started going off around them and the gravity switch off. "Shit!" Jessica exclaimed as the frontal energy shields were almost completely expended on impact with something massive.

"Why are we out of warp?" Cima demanded.

"Monarch must have had some issue and fell out of warp. Since we were riding their spacetime slip stream we got pulled out as well. That's probably what we hit as well." Jessica responded.

"Then how are we not atomized? We must have hit them at relativistic speeds?" Dimitry asked.

"Not really, our closing speed couldn't have been that great. I mean, it clearly wasn't." Jessica said. "I'm going to try and get them on the coms now. See what is so important they would just drop out of warp like that."

"I think I know..." Dimitry muttered, the hum of the engines increasing in pitch as he began diverting power to the weapons. "They appear to have been boarded. Got some more critters on the outer hull as well. I'll clean em off."

On the outer hull of Thunder several hatches popped open, each unmasking a rotary gauss cannon. "High explosive discarding sabot rounds." He muttered to himself. The low caliber and highly charged nature of the rounds should let them slip right between the Monarch's shields, while the explosives should clean off the hellhounds without punching through the hull.

He flipped the targeting system onto "biological tracking" and let the computer handle picking the exact targets. A storm of auto gauss fire lashed against the hull of Monarch, slicing through the hounds.

"Now to find the mothership." Dimitry growled and turned to the scanners.

((Sorry about the sort of long post. Also, are the majority of waste threats creatures that live in space? Or are there also large ships? Or are there really massive lifeforms that act like ships for smaller critters?

Also, is it okay if I have a good bit of techno drift between the Grail and Falcon's Reach? Not better, just drastically different?))

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas threw a look over his shoulder. "You have no right to complain when you're the one who broke into the ship."

He climbed up a vertical shaft as he listened to Celaena grumbling behind him. When he was back on his knees, he shuffled a few more feet until he reached another door. “We’ll have to get out here and find a tube to the bridge.”

He pulled and tugged on the handle, swearing under his breath. “It’s stuck.” The ship resumed shaking around them, making it hard for him to get a good grip.

((Could be all of them. Some creatures might live in space, by themselves or off the backs of larger lifeforms. Others might have colonized planets consumed by the Wastes. The more intelligent ones might be riding their own ships. I’d like to say the majority are in space, since it makes the encounters more frequent.

As for the techno drift, sure! I don’t see why not.))

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena scoffs, "I just saved your ass so a favor wouldn't kill ya. Move over, I got something." She pushes him out of the way and goes into her belt and pulls out a small explosive and attaches it to the door. She presses a button and the charge was small enough that they don't have to duck and cover. She pushes the door open. "After you."

She crawls out after him, "Where to now?"

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments "I'm getting subspace echoes of something with in the kiloton range, too much interference to get a solid mass reading." Cima announced. "Switching to gravitation scanner."

"Copy that. Get me the general heading so I can begin spinning up the main gun." Dimitry replied.

"Still don't have that yet." Cima growled.

"Fine." Dimitry sighed as he began shutting down a number of subsystems to increase power to the shields and jammers. Thunder was not especially well protected, the heavy armament coming at the cost of thick armor or large shield capacitors, so in a semi-static fight protecting Monarch, they were far too vulnerable for their comfort.

"Monarch, do you copy? What is your status?" Jessica spoke into the microphone and broadcasted the message on a loop to the other ship.

"Alexi, get your people in their armor. Prepare to defend against possible boarding." Jessica order through the internal intercom.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas braced himself against the wall as Celaena appeared to be working on the door. “Maybe you could do another favor by not pushing me around,” he murmured.

When she pulled her hand away, he was able to see the small device she planted by the handle. He raised a brow. “Hey, what’s-”

In a second, his would-be question was answered. He was unable to stop himself from taking a sharp intake of breath, drawing in the little cloud of smoke. His hand flew to his mouth as he was overcome by a fit of coughs. He exited the tube in a hurry, Celaena following behind him. A healthy person would not have such an extreme reaction, but Silas just barely fit the criteria.

He waved a hand in front of his nose as Celaena was asking something of him. He had been about to respond when a beam from a phaser suddenly hit the wall beside them. Slowly, he turned. Celaena’s blaster may have been tucked in his waistband, but by the time he had it in his hand, someone with his reflexes may already be stunned.

“Why, Mr. Reid,” Poppy said, her voice light. “What a surprise. When I thought I heard a noise coming from the Jefferies tube, I hadn’t expected you would be on the other side.” Her eyes narrowed on Celaena. “With an intruder no less.” She tsked. “You know, I questioned your loyalty, but I didn’t think you would go as far as to try and sabotage the mission.”


“Save the excuses for security,” Poppy interrupted. “You’ll be having a long chat with them in the holding cells, while the rest of us set to work on bringing back the main power. I can only imagine the damage you two have done to the tubes, although I’m curious how you were able to do so undetected.” She shrugged a shoulder. “Whatever methods or reasons you have, I’m sure the captain would like to have a word with you after this whole fiasco is over.”

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena steps forward, as she passes Silas she slips his badge into his hand, she puts her hands on her hips and smirks, "For a officer you suck at your job, Miss Poppy. If you think this idiot was working with me your dumb as a rock" She groans internally and really wants to stick the phaser in her mouth.

"You have hellhounds on your ship. I'm guessing your sensors aren't working and can't read them aboard." She just keeps digging her own grave. "So if you would like a 'thief' to adjust your sensors to read all signatures even ones that are hidden, like mine, and if you want to make sure that none of the other crew members get mauled by hellhounds. You will show me to your Captain and if you don't I am pretty sure they would be upset to know that you had the chance to save lives and refused because I am a 'thief'." She crosses her arms to hide the fact she is shaking slightly. Yup this is were I'm going to get shot. She thinks to herself.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas looked up from the badge in his hand, strangely perplexed. Celaena took up a position in front of him, with her hands on her hips. Although he couldn’t see her expression, he could already imagine the smirk accompanying her words.

Poppy only looked amused. “If that’s your attempt to endear yourself to me, you’re doing just as well as Silas has been these last few weeks. Which is to say, not at all.” When Celaena finally could drop in a warning, Poppy’s resolve seemed to waver. “Hellhounds?” Her face hardened. “How do I know that this isn’t some trick?”

Silas closed his fingers over the badge and pinned it back to his chest. While he wanted to berate her for taunting Poppy like that, and for her treatment of him so far, there was something endearing about her devil-may-care attitude. Even if it wasn’t much.

“As much as I loathe to admit it, Celaena is right,” he said. “The more we linger here, the more you put the other crew members at risk. Adjust the sensors, and you’ll see for yourself.”

Poppy held her phaser on them in silence, as though she were weighing the risks in her head. “Alright,” she conceded. “I’ll bring you to the bridge, but I can assure you that we won’t be letting a thief, as you say, handle our sensors.”

She inclined her head, signaling for them to walk in front of her. “Since the elevators are non-operational, it will take us a while to get there. On the bright side, engineering is on this floor so we can make a quick stop and see if there’s anything we can do to speed things up.”

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena walks ahead with Silas. "You can have your engineers watch what I am doing, its faster for me to adjust them than to teach. Believe it or not I will not allow any harm on this ship. The only person I consider to be family is aboard this ship." She glances at Silas.
"Silas can I have my cloak back now? I don't have to hide your scent or your uniform anymore." She extends her hand out to him. "You can hold onto my blaster for now. It is one of a kind, handcrafted just for me. So don't loose it or break it. It cost me an arm and leg....literally. Leg of a shadow one and an arm of a Tikbalang"

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Fableknot | 82 comments “Not, it is,” Poppy replied cheerily. “But fortunately for you, we can ask what the captain thinks about allowing you access to the sensors. If you’re even luckier, we may be able to conduct the scans from engineering.”

Silas expelled a sigh. If they were also dealing with an attack from outside, he hoped shields were holding, and if the Thunder was still following them, he wondered what was happening over there.

When Celaena asked for her cloak back, he shrugged it off his shoulders and tossed it back. “I suppose I should be thanking you for that.” If she hadn’t been there to protect him, he might have been mauled by the hellhounds, who would have been there whether she broke in or not.

He squinted at her skeptically when she brought up the lengths she went to procure the blaster. “I’d like to hear the story behind that,” he said with a scoff.

At last, they arrived. There were two levels that made up the engine room, with a circular platform surrounding the warp core. Dozens of crew members jittered around in a hurry to bring the ship up to full capacity.

“What’s the situation?” Poppy asked of a passing officer. Although her tone was no-nonsense, a bit of warmth had entered her eyes, like they were on familiar terms.

“Both main power and the warp core are offline,” the officer replied, jamming a hand through the strands of her short, curly hair. “We’ve switched to auxiliary for now, but most of it has been diverted to the shields. Although we’re trying our best to work on what we’re given, we’re running on very little information.”

Poppy made a sound of exasperation. “We can’t go on like this. Communication needs to be reestablished right away.”

The officer rolled her eyes. “Like we don’t already know.” Her attention shifted over to Silas and Celaena. “Who’s she? And why are you holding a phaser to their backs?”

“Just a precaution,” Poppy answered. “These two claim there are hellhounds aboard the ship. We’ll need to conduct an internal scan to reaffirm their claims.”

The officer looked at them with renewed interest. “Hellhounds, you say? If they’re right, we might be dealing with—“

The doors flew open behind them, and a disheveled officer came tumbling out. He cried out as a hellhound leapt on top of him, sinking its teeth into the flesh of his shoulder.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena gave Silas an actual smile, "When Im behind bars, you should visit and I will tell you all about it!" Her smile disappears when the hellhound attacked. Without a single moment of hesitation, she sprung forward and pulls the hellhound off the officer.
"Stay back." She barks at the others She kicks the hellhound back and grabs the hilt of her sword which extended. She charges the hellhound and jumps on its back and plunges her blade into its back. She jumps off and waits for the others to barrel down the hall.

"Silas! On my blaster turn the knob a quarter to the right and toss it me on my signal. Miss Poppy, I know you don't like me but I will need help. There are.." She listens for a moment, "Three more hellhounds on its way. Officer that I just met, get the wounded away from here and Silas once he tosses me my weapon."

She glances back at them and give a blood chilling grin, "This will be fun."

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Fableknot | 82 comments Silas had to take a pause before the urgency of the moment sunk in, and he rushed to pull Celaena’s blaster out from its confinement. He fumbled with the knob, just as she instructed him, and then waited. He could feel his pulse hammering beneath his skin.

The officer pulled the wounded man so that his back was up against the wall. “Huh,” she said as she wiped the sweat off her brow. “So they were right, after all. And it’s Minerva, by the way.”

Poppy ground her teeth, her phaser lingering in Celaena’s direction before she faced it towards the door. “They won’t be able to enter here, not unless another person comes running out, but they will need to be eliminated. Do you have a plan?”

The other officers looked on nervously from the back, hurrying to fix the ship now more than ever.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena goes into her belt and pulls off the device that hides her signature from the ship and holds it up, "Plug this into the sensors, it will reveal all the hounds signatures and anyone else who wants to be hidden. Miss Minerva, nice to meet you and catch" She tosses it her.

She looks at Poppy and grins, "Miss Poppy, I always have a plan."

"Now I really hate showing my cards but seeing we are in a sticky situation." She pulls out another device and fiddling with it for a moment til a light turns green. "Plug this in as well. It will open up a channel for the ship so people can talk to each other. You need to tell people to say in room and set up defenses. I have a feeling this whole thing was planned." She tosses the device to Minerva as well. She looks at Silas, "Silas, breathe. Despite being an intruder have I not kept my word. Toss me the blaster." She slips on a glove over her hands real quick.

Once he tossed her the blaster she looks up thoughtfully, "Anything else... I am guessing people usually make a big speech before they go and do something stupid, right?" She looks them over, "Don't die. And tell Erick Bailee that Celaena Moonlight..." a sad look swept across her face, "Well if I die that is, tell him that I lived a good life...something to make him proud." She wraps her hand around the blaster and puts it on the computer pad so it reads Silas prints. She slips through the door "I shouldn't be more then 5 minutes, any longer assume I'm dead. Silas use your badge." She winks as the door closed with three hellhound shadows can be seen down the hall.

Six minutes passed as there were hellhound growls and howling. The doors open and Celaena steps out covered in blood, she holds onto her arm. "Okay so maybe it was five hellhounds instead of three."

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments “What if the hounds weren't the only thing that boarded the ‘Reacher ship? Whatever they were living on is somewhere close, and I doubt it is run by those stupid animals.” Cima said as she watched the scanner read outs.

“And what happens if whatever else boarded it takes control of it?” Jessica said rhetorically.

“Shove a missile with a 15 megaton warhead directly up the engine pipe.” Dimitry said as he powered down the small rotary cannons that had cleaned the hellhounds off the exterior of the Monarch. “Any luck getting them on the comms? I'd rather not waste any missiles this early.” He continued.

“No response on the ship to ship channels. Can't try and brute force my way into the personal communication units. Too much interference from their shields and hull to get anything but static. The transmitter can't go any higher.” Cima snapped, frustration building.

“Then we send the Alexi and Co. Over there to either: A. spike their internal comms so we can talk to whoever is in charge. B. Find whoever is in charge and talk to them. Or C, discover that the crew is dead and the wastes control the ship, and they can scuttle it. Sound reasonable?” Jessica said, spinning her chair to face the others. “Good, because that's what we are doing. Dimitry, start prepping a boarding torpedo. Cima, find a place to shove that torpedo.”
She leaned forward and spoke into the intercom. “Alexi. Get your people ready to board the Monarch. Non-penetrating weapons only. Get us in contact with the crew. If that doesn't work slag the damned thing.”

Down in the armory Jefferson grinned as he picked up his buzz sword. His expression was completely lost on the others, being concealed by his full face helmet. Each wore a half ton power armor suit, which shook the floor as they prepared to deploy. Alexi and Rankin both discarded their heavy auto guns, replacing them with flamethrowers that wouldn't rip holes though the internals of the other ship.

Five minutes later they were in the boarding torpedo as it hurtled towards a large cargo bay door on Monarch. A small EMP charge on the tip went off, disrupting a small patch of the ship’s shields, allowing them to slip by. Powerful magnets allowed the pod to stick to the cargo door on Monarch like a tick, while cutting torches opened up a hole inside.

Jefferson was the first one out, the chainsaw blade of his buzz sword not so cleanly disposing of a pair of hell hounds. “Room's clear!” He said through the intercom with slight disappointment.

“Great.” Alexi grunted as he walked to the nearest computer panel, glanced at the inputs, then rammed a metal spike into the speaker. The spike folded open, interfacing with the wires inside of the speaker until it found its way into the intercom system. Alexi nodded in approval once the light turned green, then flipping to the Monarch’s intercom channel growled. “Crew of the Monarch! Do you copy? Please respond.”

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Fableknot | 82 comments Poppy stared hard at Celaena once she pulled the chips out of her possession. Her eyes were dark and full of suspicion. Silently, she watched as Celaena gave them to Minerva and took the blaster from Silas. Although she didn’t think it was a good idea to tackle three hellhounds by herself, Poppy didn’t try to stop her once she slipped through the door. Celaena was not a child who needed her hand to be held.

“I never liked fools with a penchant for heroics,” Silas said, although his hand was fiddling around his badge.

Minerva turned the chips over in her hand, examining them. “Technology seems rudimentary. Looks like those stolen prototypes I heard about a while back. Whether they’ll be compatible with or safe for the ship, I don’t know, but we’re running out of options.”

“Get it done,” Poppy said. She didn’t like barking out orders, but at the moment, the captain couldn't be reached and someone had to take charge.

She paced the floor, waiting for Minerva to finish and for Celaena to come back. After a couple of minutes, the latter merged, dripping with even more blood.

Silas started to reach out to her, but then took a step back. “We should probably get you to sick bay,” he said stiffly. He then turned to Poppy in askance. “Are we going to evacuate?”

Poppy froze, her eyes darting with indecision. Finally, she shook her head. “If this ship is going to be running again, someone has to stay in engineering.” She made a nod to Minerva. “Lock the door, and get force fields up. The lower decks need to be contained.”

She turned to Silas and Celaena. “We’ll alert security and have them mobilize. I’ll take you to the captain, as promised. There should be a Jefferies tube in the back.” An unfamiliar voice suddenly surprised her, and she looked around. “Who’s taken over the intercom? Minerva, can you pinpoint their location? Are we able to communicate with the bridge?”

Minera shook her head. “Give the combadge a try, though. It should be working again.”

Poppy complied, tapping her badge to respond. “This is Officer Poppy Yu of the Monarch. Identify yourself.”

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena walk over to them, "No time or need for the sick bay. I can take care of myself."

She rips off a part of the bottom of her shirt and wraps it around the wound on her arm. Her tattoos would be visible now, a small cross on her spine with two smaller ones located on either side of the slightly larger one, making it five in total.

She nods when Poppy tells her that she will take her to the Captain. When the voice came up she blinks and smiles slightly, she moves closer to Silas and looks at him, "Worried are we? You seem to be fiddling with your badge a lot."

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The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments A reply crackled through the intercom and Alexi looked up from the large smoking hole Rankin had cut through the door into the rest of the ship. “Ah. Good, we don't have to slag this thing. This is Assault Sargent Talanov of the Thunder. What is your situation?”

Behind him Jefferson unleashed a jet of flame down the hallway, igniting several hellhounds that had begun sniffing their way towards the cargo hold. Seconds later several sockets in the ceiling sprayed fire extinguishing powder down, snuffing out the fire before it could kill the hounds.

“Interesting… That is annoying.” Rankin muttered as he stalked forward, his power armor spattered with blood as he disposed of them manually.

“Have you had reports or sightings of anything other than hellhounds? These things aren't exactly capable of operating a door, much less breaching the hull of a capital ship.” Alexi added.

Back on Thunder Cima finally got a half decent reading of their target. “Thermal signature. Appears to be a pair of corvette sized targets in close formation, composition unknown, still getting too much interference off of those shitty shields on the reacher ship. Transferring data now.”

Dimitry nodded and began bringing Thunder’s main gun online. The lights briefly flickered as the power system rerouted the circuits. “Main gun charging. Three minutes until we can fire.”

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Fableknot | 82 comments Poppy let out a small sigh of relief. Although she hadn’t been quite so fond of the Caravaners so far, she was strangely glad to hear they hadn’t left them behind. “We’ve been kicked out of warp, and now we’re stuck on auxiliary power. It appears the ship has been infiltrated by hellhounds, although we don’t know the exact number.”

When Alexi asked about whether there were other sightings, Poppy raised a brow at Silas, who only shook his head. After she relayed that information to Alexi, she continued, “It’s certainly strange, even if the chaotic nature of the Wastes remains unknown. The Monarch could have triggered an anomaly while we were in warp, thus shutting down the power and causing these hellhounds to spawn out of nowhere. Alternatively, a being of more intelligent design could be targeting us.” Poppy grimaced. “I’m uncertain of which I prefer.”

“Are we the only ones in the area?” Minerva asked, as she waited for the scans to load on the screen in front of her.

Silas quietly watched their exchange. The closer Celaena got, the more he shuffled away. At her question, he gave her a look. “I’m keeping an eye on it so that someone doesn’t take it again.”

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena looks at him and raises a brow, "Then you shouldn't be fiddling with it." She studies his body language and lets out a sigh and walks off and sits down. She pulls out her fathers dagger and a half finish wooden bird sculpture and works on carving while the officers continue their dull conversation.

When Poppy suggested that they were being targeted, Celaena frowned, she carves more away and speaks up, "If someone was targeting you guys there has to be something amazing for them to take. For them to go this length to controlling hellhounds to scare or kill anyone thats...close to what they want." She pause for a moment, "Which way have all the hellhounds come from? If they are random then its the first option. If they are all coming from the same way then you might need more help."

She continues to carve and looks at Silas then at Poppy. "I'm only here to see if Erick Bailee is the right Erick. Before you ask why I am here, again. Oh and before the others on the coms ask, I'm Celaena Moonlight, stowaway and currently helping out."

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Alexi grimaced. “Not like any kind of anomaly we’ve seen. Then again it might be limited to this sector… To many options to consider. But for the meantime we operate under the assumption that the hounds are just the foot soldiers.”

He could hear the motor in Jefferson’s chain sword revving down the hallway followed the the sounds of messy sawing and blood spatter. “Are you in a position to deactivate some of the fire protection systems near the front cargo hold? They are interfering with our non-kinetic weapons.”

He walked down the hallway towards the other two, stepping past several dead hellhounds that in various stages of “mangled.”

“Unless you have a better idea we are going to try and reach the bridge. If there is any sort of intelligent force running this assault it is most likely there.” He rounded the corner to see Jefferson, coated in blood, crouched over a dead member of the ship's security force.

“Got his badge. Should speed things up.” Jefferson said as he tossed the dead man’s badge to Alexi.

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Fableknot | 82 comments “We’ll meet you on the bridge,” Poppy said to Alexi. “So far, we haven’t received any type of communication from there. Engineering will take over its functions until further notice. Notify us if you encounter any issues.” She turned to look at Celaena. “The Wastes has sought to destroy all human life. That alone should be enough reason for it to target us.”

“Perhaps we are being treated the same way a foreign body is by an immune system,” Silas offered.

Poppy nodded. “And the creatures of the Wastes can be very possessive. Who knows how many territories we’ve crossed in the span of a hundred light-years?” She was quiet for a beat. “There is a possibility, though, that someone out there could be aware of our mission and is trying to stop us.”

She shook her head and headed for the Jefferies tube, grabbing a tricorder off the nearest counter. Over her shoulder, she said, “Minerva, you better get the computer to respond to commands outside of this room. If anything changes, let me know.”

“Hold on,” Minerva said. “Sensors are picking up another ship coming out of warp. The signature appears to be Rojyan in origin.”

Poppy threw up her hands. “First, the Caravaners. Now this?” She marched back to look at the screen. “Show them to me.”

“They appear to be heavily damaged. I’m detecting humanoid lifeforms onboard.”

Poppy pinched the bridge of her nose. “We don’t have time for this.” Where was the captain? She would know what to do. Theoretically, she was supposed to call for a boarding party or make the decision to transport them, with security waiting and sick bay on standby.

Silas took a step beside her, his expression incredulous. “You’re not seriously considering letting them in, are you?

Poppy pressed her lips into a firm line. “I am.” Although she was as suspicious as Silas was, and they hardly had the resources to take care of them all, her sense of duty was picking at her. “Hail them. Verify their story to the best of your ability, and coordinate with sickbay on the specifics. Alert the Thunder, if you can. We need to get going.” She made a silent apology to Danny, knowing he was about to be overwhelmed.

She made a gesture to Celaena and Silas. “I haven’t seen Erick, but he should be somewhere on the ship. From what I gather, the hellhounds are coming from below. Hopefully, we won’t be dealing with any more creatures from above.”

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena watch them talk and talk, she soon gets up and grabs her things. She glances at everyone and thinks, What even am I doing?

She taps her ear piece and moves out of hearing range, "Jack. Ya, stay out of radar until I give the signal. Hellhounds appeared. Im fine. Just keep the Phoenix out of sight." She taps the piece again to turn it off.

She glances back at them to see if they were still talking before slipping away. Why should she care? She shouldn't she's a thief and will always be one. She is a nobody and it will stay that way. She looks at Silas one last time before disappearing completely.

The Artist Formerly known as Antony | 47 comments Alexi slammed his armored shoulder into the center of the door where the two halves came together. The door was strong, but his power armor was stronger and with the shriek of overstressed metal it gave in. This section of the ship was strangely empty of people and hellhounds. There wasn't really any sign of a struggle either. Might have been locked down from the bridge or security office. Would explain why the key card they obtained off of a dead security officer didn't work.

The hallways in here were quite tight for his armor, and the edge of his pauldrons would scrape along the walls, leaving long streaks of ruined paint. The three of them moved as quietly as they could, although the realities of half ton power armor meant they were far from stealthy.

Dimitry flipped the small cover up, exposing the firing button, then he pressed down. Above him in the main turret electrical conduits crackled to life, and the steel banded adamantium slug slid into position in between the rails. The electromagnets came to life and nano-seconds later the projectile was hurtling through space at relativistic speeds. The waste vessel took the hit in the centerline, the slug blew through the armor, spraying foot long shards of metal in its wake. Every surface it passed through it added to the hellstorm of fragments, before it finally exited the other side, leaving a gaping hole that spewed air.The railgun shot continued on into the vast reaches of space, eventually it would hit something, maybe in a few months, maybe a few millennia.

As Dimitry began preparing a firing solution Jessica suddenly shouted. “In bound warp signature! Evading!” The ship shook, but since power had been diverted to the weapons the thrust was far less than normal, and in this case, not enough.

The bow of the Rojyan ship slammed into the flank of Thunder as it came out of warp, sending the smaller Grail ship tumbling through space. The auto pilot stabilized the ship, and Jessica quickly boosted away from the other vessel.

“Orders?* Dimitry demanded, slewing the weapons onto the newcomer.

“One second. Cima! What is the origin of this ship?” Jessica snarled.

“Rojyan.” The intelligence officer answered automatically.

“Hold your fire. If they act in a hostile manner… Take the bridge off.” Jessica ordered before going to the damage control screen to see what the situation was.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Poppy popped open the Jefferies tube, with Silas teetering nervously behind her. "There," she said before turning around. "Are we all set to..." She blinked. "Where's Celaena?"

Silas looked over to where he last saw her. "I don't know," he said. "She was right here."

Poppy advanced on him, her eyes alight with fury. "So the intruder's loose on the ship?" She spun back around. "You know what? Forget it. There are more important things happening, and we can deal with that later."

The two of them crawled through the tube. Poppy had tapped on her badge, relaying the details concerning their plan, the Caravaners, and Celaena to whoever among the crew could listen. Silas, on the other hand, was alert for any hellhounds that may have sneaked into the tubes.

A vast array of glittering lights awaited them up ahead, through holes framed by jagged pieces of the ship. They would shimmer occasionally, indicating the emergency force fields were in place. That, and the fact they weren't being sucked into the unforgiving vacuum of space or suffocating from the lack of oxygen.

After they cleared the last hole, Poppy wiped the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand. "Whew, I'm going to need a drink after this is over."

"If we survive," came the reply behind her. "There might only be a few of us left."

"Please, Silas," she chided. "While I'm do enjoy our shared bouts of pessimism, we could all use a little encouragement."

He shot daggers at her back. "So it's Silas again?"

"Well, my trust in you has been restored," she said, her tone considering. "For the most part."

He snorted. "There's always a catch."

She shrugged. "I wouldn't be a good scientist if I didn't have my doubts. Now hurry along." She pushed open the door to the next floor and readied the phaser in her hand.

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena wanders upwards, her gears turning. This ship should have had a smooth sailing, they took the safest route possible even with the unpredictable waste. She over hears Silas and Poppy's conversation since she bugged Silas badge so she could talk to them.

"You two sound like an old couple. Sorry I don't like sitting around and waiting. You do a poor job at keeping an eye on intruders. I could have been whistling as I left and you wouldn't have notice." speaking through Silas badge.

Celaena finds a computer and inserts one of her chips inside. She goes through the logs and data, "I am not too far from where you are. I will be there in a tick." Once she got her information and sent it to her ship. She follows the tracking device back to Silas, "If Miss Minerva has done it properly, communications with the rest of your ship should be up and along with scanners. Am I correct?" her sounds like she is bored of this ordeal.

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Fableknot | 82 comments Blood red lights flashed from the ceiling, casting the hallway in a sinister glow. When Celaena’s voice came from the combadge, Poppy whipped around, her ire returning in full force.

“Listen, Celaena,” she said. “I don’t have the time to be playing hide-and-seek. We are on a mission to save humanity. If you refuse to cooperate, I will consider our arrangement null and void.”

Silas put his head in his hands. “Why didn’t I stay in engineering?”

“Deal with it,” Poppy barked back. To Celaena, she added, “Now I’m going to count to three.”

Silas crossed his arms. “Really?”


“This is ridiculous.”


“Are we actually—”

“Look out.”

Silas could only manage a bewildered look as Poppy pushed him aside and held her phaser up high. Concentrated bolts were shot through the air to land on the nose of a hellhound in mid-leap. The creature fell to the ground with a whimper, its right leg kicking uselessly before finally laying still.

Silas got up to his feet. “What is this, Shove Silas Day?”

“It’s probably because of that attitude of yours,” Poppy said as she kneeled down to examine the hellhound. “But as you can see, I was saving your life.”

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Tessa (quilltessa) | 31 comments Celaena steps around the corner and looks at the creature the clips its nails and puts int a container and puts it in her pocket. "I am not one of your officers, Miss Poppy. You are lucky I'm helping you and not against you."

She looks at them and sighs, "A stray ship has hit our haul they jump out of hyper space. They aren't dangerous, yet. We need to keep moving. Don't you agree Miss Poppy?"

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Fableknot | 82 comments “That was the same thing I was told last time,” Silas grumbled.

Poppy ignored him as she stared down Celaena. “You’re the one who should be lucky for our current circumstances. I don’t care how important Erick is to you…” She paused. “Maybe a little, actually, but sneaking aboard a government vessel is a felony.”

Silas glowered at them. “Will you two stop? There are probably more hellhounds lurking nearby.” He shook his head. “Christ, now I know what it’s like on the other end.”

With an upturn of her nose, Poppy stood up and crouched down behind a corner. She crept along the walls, trying her best to conceal herself in the shadows, and slipped into mess hall. “If I remember correctly,” she said, “there should be one over there.” She pointed at a portion of the wall tucked away behind a table on the other side of the room.

Before she could take another step, however, Silas held her back. “Wait,” he whispered. “I think I hear something. It might be better to use the tables to sneak around, instead of heading straight for the tube.”

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