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Set a thousand years in the future, in a modern version of Falcon’s Reach, the events that sparked the plot of the first roleplay have loosely begun to repeat themselves.

Our characters, who have been reincarnated into this setting, carry the same appearances, names, and behaviors as before, and it will be their job to save the day yet again. They will start with no clear memories of their past lives, but events throughout the roleplay might help to jog them or at least clue them in on their situation.

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Alice Beckett: Paramedic
Erick Bailee: Waiter at a local diner
Asbel: Unemployed
Nowaki: Unemployed
Klaus Grisha: Head of Security at Andreyevich Industries
Anya Bodrov: High school student/Intern at Andreyevich Industries
Genya Andreyevich: CEO of Andreyevich Industries
Ryouki Sato: College Student/Drag Queen
Poppy Yu: Biologist, Graduate Student, Heiress
Danny Sun: Nurse
Olivia: Unofficial Cirque du Vision Member, High School Student
The Artist Formally Known As Antony
Dimitry Popov: Military Contractor
Jessica Stuart: Captain of a Shrike Class Land Ship
Tabaraamon: Crazy Homeless Guy (Now Named Tony Raymond)
Boraci: Hybrid Escapee from Xavier Labs
Chase Frost: ER Nurse/Part-Time Veterinarian

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