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Admin | 23 comments Brief highlights of certain details pertaining to the rebellion.

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Admin | 23 comments k e y • p l a y e r s

⸻ ⚜ Heroes of the Second War of the Wastes

These characters are well-known for their actions during the war five years prior. A great many parades and other sorts of celebrations are hosted in their honor.
Vallak - Audun Sigurd
Grail-El - Dimitry Popov
Rojya - Anya Bodrov and Klaus Grisha
Falcon's Reach - Alice Beckett, Asbel Sutherlin, Erick Bailee, Lucas Oswald, Hiram Wood, Ryouki Sato, and Poppy Yu
⸻ ⚜ Rebel Factions of Falcon's Reach

Factions made known—to the roleplay group, at least. Clashing methods, ideologies, and goals have kept them from uniting under one name, but as of a week in-game, it’s been resolved.

Acta Veritas
Acta Veritas is arguably the most noble of rebel groups in Falcon’s Reach. It is headed by Anton Lutece, the leader of the Scientific Society of Braile. Compromised of the upper and middle class, they have anonymously passed flyers, posted petitions, held peaceful protests, called meetings and expressed their struggle through various other forms of media so far, resolving to have a rebellion with as little violence as possible. All members wear a peridot-studded ring. They are based in the center of Braile.
The Syndicate
In contrast, the Syndicate may be the most secretive of them all. It is headed by Micah Cantel ("the Fox") and his partner-in-crime Bishop ("the Rabbit"). All members are indicated their own unique animal masks, usually of the color white. They are based in the east of Lynne. At the request of Fableknot, please do not create a character from this group without her permission.
Wood's Men
Due to their similar color schemes and intellectual traits, Wood's Men is rumored (but only rumored) to have split from Acta Veritas. Perhaps a disagreement in methods had caused this, seeing that Wood's Men had been behind the train station kidnappings in the beginning of the revolution. All members wear a green scarf on their person, and they are headed by Hiram Wood.
United People's Army
The arrogant, brazen run-of-the-mill kind. They believe if you're not with them, you're against them. They are blinded by their hatred of nobility and the romance of their cause, thinking little of the negative consequences of their actions. Their plan, like the others, is to overthrow the King, yet they don't have a plan after. All members have some form of purple on their person.
Armed Forces of Lucan
A band of outlaws that claim to fight for the good of the country but in reality, use the people's fears and chaotic times as an opportunity to seize towns and rule their own little kingdom. The Revolutionary Front has recently declared to have had a takeover of their group. Their camps, based in the northwest of Lucan, are waved with red.
National Revolutionary Front for the Liberation Movement of Falcon’s Reach
Made up of those who were once part of Falcon's Reach's military, the National Revolutionary Front has an advantage over the rest of the rebels. They are better trained, as well as obviously being more familiar with the King and his army's tactics. Like the Armed Forces of Lucan and Wood's Men, it is a small group, based to the north of Fairhaven and headed by Aveline Rochester. All members have some form of blue on their person.
⸻ ⚜ King of Falcon's Reach

King Walkelin is someone who didn't want the responsibility of inheriting the crown, and even worse, he was woefully unprepared for it. He puts on airs and holds extravagant balls and celebrations to keep up the morale of his people, but only because he fears a rebellion.

As the threat of a revolution grows, he continues to become more unsound both physically and mentally. Held by an increasing paranoia, he trusts no one but his advisers, seeing his people as a pack of hungry wolves to be baited away and hidden from. His demanding personality has already pushed away the rulers of the neighboring nations, as evidenced below.

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Admin | 23 comments s u m m a r y • o f • e v e n t s

⸻ ⚜ Day One

Glassvale, Lynne
An explosion by renegade Grail-El military personnel shuts down a railroad line that cuts across the four provinces. A rebel group known as Wood's Men hold the survivors hostage in an abandoned theater. The United People's Army launches a massive attack on the city afterwards, recruiting the hostages into their ranks. Soldiers from Falcon's Reach, with assistance from Grail-El, arrive by airship to combat them.
Hydris, Fairhaven
A meeting with the Rojyan ambassador, the Grail ambassador, the King and his advisers is held in the castle. The King, in response to the chaos, initiates a heavy restriction on travel. Outside, there are riots against foreigners that quickly gets out of hand.
⸻ ⚜ Day Two

Ravka, Rojya
Parliament has turned against the royal family, sanctioning the Czarina's supporters, including Nochnyye and Vallakian immigrants, in Rojya's cities. A squad of defected soldiers break in the castle, and the Czarina is assassinated. Her guards somehow manage to escape.
⸻ ⚜ Day Three

Snowview, Fairhaven
The elusive criminal called the Doctor strikes, leaving the city in a misty cloud of ruins, while the renegade Grail-El military personnel assists with explosions. The United People's Army sets up camp at an old mill, while Wood's Men reluctantly takes refuge with them. Outside of the city, the renegade Grail-El military personnel blow up the bridge leading into Snowview, killing a large number of government soldiers.
Hydris, Fairhaven
The Grail ambassador strikes a deal with the King: supplies in exchange for gold. The shipments will arrive in five days through several airships.
⸻ ⚜ Day Four

Snowview, Fairhaven
The entirety of Wood's Men and the United People's Army converge in the city. A portion of the two groups is sent south for supplies.
Hydris, Fairhaven
Tensions rise between the King and the Grail ambassader after the latter reads the following order from the council: All Reacher colonies in the Wastes that show unrest will be seized five days from now, at midnight, unless they no longer cause a threat to the stability of Grail colonies.
⸻ ⚜ Day Five

Snowview, Fairhaven
A bomb is planted at a nearby dam by the renegade Grail-El military personnel. It detonates, sending a torrent of water across the countryside. Shockwaves can be felt all the way to Braile.
Sunrest, Fairhaven
The Czarina's guards crash on the outskirts of town, before they are found by the supply group. Acta Veritas comes to rescue the supply group from the flood, desiring to bring them to a secret hideout.

Nearby, the renegade Grail-El military personnel have issued a broadcast toward Hydris, under the guise of the United People's Army, demanding "the immediate abdication of the King, and that he and all members of the nobility to present themselves so they can be judged for their crimes against the people of Falcon's Reach."
⸻ ⚜ Day Six

Snowview, Fairhaven
The United People's Army travel to Braile to join the supply group.
Braile-Fairhaven Border
Acta Veritas and the supply group arrive at an underground network full of rebels. However, the Syndicate and the National Revolutionary Front are doubtful of their motives. They are held prisoner for a couple hours, while their story is verified, before they are finally released.
⸻ ⚜ Day Seven

Braile-Fairhaven Border
The rest of the United People's Army arrives from Snowview. All rebel forces converge at the hideout, hoping to combine into a single entity after so many months of planning. The ceremony is performed through a bond with blood between the representatives. Afterwards, they decide to address the mysterious force that has been interfering in the rebellion, before they make the decision to storm the capitol.

War hero Dimitry Popov reveals that the mysterious force is made up of ex-Grail-El military, now mercenaries-for-hire, and he used to work alongside them. He attempts to modify a radio so that they could possibly convince the renegade Grail-El military personnel to stand down. Later that night, the representatives manage to figure out who hired the mercenaries: A powerful black market dealer hoping to fan the flames of the rebellion, so that he can continue to secretly give resources to the king to line his own pockets.

Meanwhile, the leader of Acta Veritas, Anton Lutece, brainstorms a couple plans for when the rebels will eventually attack Hydris. He asks for volunteers to search for some people who went missing in Goldedge some time prior, and a scientist named Danor Arkaitz offers to lend her research to the rebellion, which would be to reanimate corpses by making them Shade Hosts.

Dimitry also announces the completion of the radio. He supports a plan to head out with the team heading to Goldedge and drop himself off at the halfway point. After an argument among the representatives on who should accompany him, Anton volunteers himself. The leaders of the Syndicate and the Armed Forces—the Fox and Aveline Rochester, respectively—chose to stay behind.
⸻ ⚜ Day Eight

Braile-Fairhaven Border
It's morning in the underground hideout, and the rebels are ready to head out.
Now you're all caught up! If you still need help jumping in, let us know in the chat.

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Admin | 23 comments c u r r e n t • l o c a t i o n

➤ Hydris, Fairhaven (in the white-walled capital)
Jessica Stuart (ambassador), *Alina Andreyevich (ambassador), *Ryan Petrushkov (bodyguard), *Viktor Starkov (bodyguard), *Alonso Fonte (scientist), *Agnes Fonte (student), and *Gideon Fonte (student)
➤ Fairhaven-Braile Border (in a hidden, underground tunnel)
Alice Beckett (knight), Erick Bailee (bodyguard), *Celaena Moonlight (assassin), Matthew Barton (outlaw), Silas Reid (scientist), Jack (blacksmith), *Tula Nikos (bodyguard), *Anya Bodrov (bodyguard), *Klaus Grisha (bodyguard), Evelyn Luciole (officer), Dimitry Popov (mercenary), *Jae-Hyun Frost (rebel), Asbel Sutherlin (rebel), *Enrico Accosi (rebel), *Usami Sato (rebel), *Tsukiko Sato (rebel), *Taiyo Sato (rebel), Danor Arkaitz (gunsmith), *Chase Frost (civilian), *Ryouki Sato (civilian), Frederick Dermon (civilian), and Tabaraamon (Shadowed One)
Asterisk (*) = On Hiatus

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