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This guidebook is broken up into four sections:
• the Timeline,
• the Countries,
• the Creatures,
• and the Miscellaneous.
More information can be found on the official Into the Wastes wikia.

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→ 5 years ago
The Wastes threatened to consume the kingdom of Falcon's Reach, which believed itself to be the last surviving human civilization in the world. Its king sent a team to survey the extent of its ever growing control. A week later, the Second War of the Wastes had begun, and the team’s objective shifted to destroying the source. Not everyone survived. Countries such as Rojya and Grail-El were discovered and re-discovered along the way.

After about a month and a half, the team—along with some new members—defeated an immortal sorceress known as Selene, the heart who'd been rallying up trouble. The Wastes became dormant for a third time in history. Grail-El was claimed by the Caravaners, prompting them to retool the name "The Grail" for their people. The entire team was hailed together as the new generation of heroes.
→ 4 years ago
A large-scale massacre and extinction of remaining Wastes creatures by the Grail took place. It is considered to be the lowest point of the Wastes within the Upper Eastern Hemisphere. Some scientists have condemned these acts, claiming them to be barbaric and unnecessary.
→ Present
Each country has experienced some form of technological growth, while helping themselves to a portion of land from the Wastes. Instead of isolating themselves like last time and regarding each other as myth, they actually try to build connections with each other. But Falcon’s Reach and Rojya experience civil unrest. For the Anglican Isles, poverty and crime. For Grail-El, food shortage.

On one fateful morning, the revolution in Falcon's Reach finally begins. The King, with the help of Rojya and Grail-El, immediately initiate a country-wide lockdown in an attempt to control the escalating situation, tightening security and limiting transportation between provinces and even cities.
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Below are the countries of the Upper Eastern Hemisphere [map]. The distance between each is long and hazardous to trek. Almost none opt to travel alone and usually die from the attempt. Most are ruled by a monarchy, making them a kingdom, but not all. To allow communication, there has been an established universal language.

The Lower Eastern Hemisphere hasn't been explored much, and the Western Hemisphere won't be touched upon until the third installment. Until then, no one in Gevaudan knows of the latter's existence, or the fact it was utterly destroyed and consumed by the Wastes. It is a vast space of emptiness, with not even a single breath of life.

⸻ ⚜ Gevaudan

Falcon’s Reach
The entire backdrop for this roleplay consists of this kingdom [map | flag]. After five years since the Second War of the Wastes, Falcon's Reach has grown to the size of France, experiencing the full-force of an industrial revolution. It takes about a week to walk non-stop from one side of the country to the other, and double that for the whole perimeter. To accommodate the larger land area, the railroad system has been expanded upon. However, trains aren't the only means of transportation. Within cities, there are trams and hacks. The upper class have zeppelins, carriages, and the rare automobile. The kingdom has always been ruled by an old-fashioned monarchy and populated almost entirely by humans.
• Fairhaven - The Northernmost Province: The military and political epicenter of the kingdom, housing the white-walled capital city Hydris. Fairhaven believes very strongly in tradition. They've got knights, kings, queens, the whole shebang. Their main source of income comes from exporting weapons and precious metals, and much of their landscape has been ravaged by the mining of said metals, running many a villager off their land. People from Fairhaven are generally thought to be candid, loyal, and somewhat narrow-minded. Although most nobles are smart enough to be able to maintain family wealth and manage their lands from afar, they tend to think more about the next ball they're going to attend and the next scandal to ruin a reputation.

• Braile - The Southernmost Province: The intellectual hub of the kingdom, where most research into medicine and anything involving the Wastes takes place. It is also the most technologically advanced province, boasting such inventions as the first prosthetic limb and the invention of sonic emitters that help to repel some of the creatures that emerge from the Wastes using vibrations too high pitched for humans to pick up on. Their main source of income is the export of medicine and the money Hydris keeps shoving down their throats to continue their research on the Wastes. People from this province are generally thought of as intelligent, cautious, and devoted to the pursuit of knowledge.

• Lynne - The Easternmost Province: A coastal province unfit for agriculture due to its almost constant freezing temperatures and polluted topsoil, mainly known for its shady underground that houses large-scale black markets, illegal weapons trading, and organized crime. (Yes, that includes assassination. You can put your hand down now.) Rival gangs constantly fight for territory in poverty-stricken slums, and the place is crawling with smugglers, assassins, and pickpockets. The main source of income of its struggling economy comes from fishing and the trading of various odds and ends. People from Lynne are generally very wary, cunning, and resourceful.

• Lucan - The Westernmost Province: Sparsely populated and vast, Lucan consists mostly of rolling plains that are perfect for agriculture. There are few cities in this province, and most people live in small towns or villages that dot the countryside. Some areas have been claimed by local insurgent groups, and numerous highwaymen litter the roads. Lucan is also where most of the recent violent activity and eyewitness accounts pertaining to the Wastes. Their main source of income is the export of produce and lumber, and people from this region are thought to be physically and mentally tough as nails, honest, and sociable.

A large northern kingdom with bitter winters known to kill some with frostbite and summers that are from a dream, Rojya is a land of massive expanse and rich culture. The cities and rural areas blend in a balance of urban and rural culture and lifestyle, with independent trade within the borders. The borders, however, are stolid and unbreakable. Being literally curtains of iron, the Iron Curtain of Rojya is impenetrable.

They rule as a monarchy and currently possess the first female czar, Czarina Genya Andreyevich. Rojya's parliament is also rather rocky at the moment and may threaten to overthrow the system and rumours of the assassination of the Czarina are rampant in the country.

Rojya is also the only kingdom where humans and Kyuketsuki have a balance and coexist. The Kyuketsuki are taught to control their thirst, and people willingly give their blood—not all of it, though—to keep order. There has been peace for a while, but due to the government and Wastes' previous unrest, the peace between Kyuketsuki and humans in Rojya has also been rather shaky. Their language is similar to Russian.
Home of the Citadel and the Caravaners, the capital city being Angorak [flag]. While not the largest nation, they are the most technologically advanced, with massive sand ships packing guns comparable to a WWII battle ship, and airships for bombing raids or deploying elite military teams behind enemy lines. Unlike other nations, their armies use fully automatic rifles, machine guns, rocket launchers, and a plethora of lighter vehicles. Despite their military being the best on the continent, they are plagued with food shortages.

The city of Agnorak is still being rebuilt, with many people living in temporary housing. The surrounding area may be farm land, but is not plentiful enough to supply the needs of such a large city. In the center of the city towers the Citadel, a massive metal building that reaches over a thousand feet into the air. It is the seat of Grail-El power, containing most governmental offices in its base, barracks and weapon storage midway up, laboratories and other research facilities near the top, and at the peak is the usual docking point for large airships. The primary export includes outdated weapons, gold and jewels from the Wastes, and certain technologies. Their language is similar to Lithuanian.
Anglican Isles
An archipelago of commerce, culture and crime, the Anglican Isles are made up of about thirteen different islands, the four largest being Grecia (closest to the other countries), Italio, Arybia, and Kyushu (furthest from the other countries). The isles are well known for artisans, engineering, and philosophical teachings. However, due to the decreasing supply and demand, as well as the increasing crime rate, many from the Anglican Isles have opted to emigrate to other kingdoms to escape the ever so modern poverty, and long for days lush with the culture of the past.
⸻ ⚜ Isenmar

The land across the waters. These people were known as Vikings, which translates into "explorers" in ancient language. The Vallakians were one of the first to realize that there was more land to explore, more things to discover. Almost every piece of land on the Eastern Hemisphere has traces of ancient Vallakian visitors. Examples of this are in their runes, technology, stories, and people. Not many know, but they might possibly have some Vallakian ancestry in them.

Vallak is a vast land of rolling green hills with plenty of farmland. There is no appointed ruler over Vallak, but many individual tribes spread throughout the hills. On the western borders of this country are some of the biggest mountains you will ever come across. Adventurers will journey to the very top to pray to their gods, which is thought to be their heavenly home.

In the old days, they used to trade with the east. But those days have long gone, and Vallak has focused their trade to the south. But since the end of the Second War of the Wastes, they were able to establish some trade with Falcon's Reach once again, thanks to their hero of the war, Audun.
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The Wastes is a massive, dangerous, and largely unknown living phenomenon, which occupies most of Gevaudan, the ocean, and beyond. Its terrain is primarily made up of desert, although there are some thick marches and snowy mountains here and there. Expect sandstorms, marshes, and sinkholes—but be aware that climate can be very unpredictable when it wants to be. After every couple of centuries, the Wastes becomes a thousand times more active and aggressive than before, resulting in an Awakening. This can happen due to any number or variety of reasons. These Awakenings are what spark each War of the Wastes.

This section is dedicated to the beasts born of or transformed by the Wastes. Although they and the Wastes itself will rarely be featured in this installment—since we would like to focus primarily on Falcon's Reach and the revolution there—having some knowledge on them might be useful to know.

The fact that some can talk and are capable of intelligent thought has only been known by the people of Falcon's Reach since the Second War of the Wastes. Still, the countries predominantly harbor a disgust, fear, and/or hatred towards anything from the Wastes. Territorial disputes and animosities also exist between the creatures themselves. It is unheard of for any to be captured alive and tamed, an act considered taboo by almost all cultures. In fact, it is thought to be impossible. Unbeknownst to most, there are some rare exceptions.

Here are a few examples of the Wastes creatures that survived the massacre:

A monster birthed from a forbidden love of a human and a Nightmare. He emerges from the Wastes at night and drinks the blood of humans. Once a month, he is rumored to perform a Blood Exchange with a human to make them become one of his fledglings. Their skin is an alabaster white and they can't stand heat and intense sun. With jagged teeth and fangs like a shark and eyes that turn red in lust for human blood, be warned and wary. They can smell a fresh wound from twenty kilometers away. This species is capable of human speech.
Body Thieves
Kyuketsuki, after their eventual demise, shed human bodies and souls like cicadas shed their shells. The true form is entirely invisible and is rarely detected once it enters a soul. It will either stay and hang, maybe let you have control with them and leave for a different body shortly after, or consume you and devour your soul, shedding your body away to decompose once it's finished with you. The need for blood and abilities of a Kyuke remain. This species is capable of human speech.
Very little is known about Shades, and Braile's records of them can be summed up in one paragraph: Shades appear to be made of a very brittle, stone-like substance similar to limestone, and despite their humanoid, usually feminine appearances, there is little mistaking them for normal humans due to their greyish skin and the dull grinding sound their limbs make when they move. At the request of Sarah, please do not create a character from this species.
Avatars of the Wastes
The result of a Shade attempting to forge a mental connection with a human, allowing them to understand human speech, see through the human's eyes, and access their memories. There have been very few recorded cases of this, most of which took place when the Wastes first appeared, but all known specimens either died or went completely mad. If the connection is successful, however, it can work both ways.

The human would also be able to see through the eyes of the Shade and access its recent memories, although the info is often either misunderstood or simply overlooked, since Shades are not known to be naturally capable of language or higher intelligence. This doesn't mean a telepathic connection either, as there is too large of a difference between humans and Shades. This connection can lay dormant and unnoticed for years if the avatar becomes too far from the Wastes for the Shade to sense, and the closer the Shade and the human are, the more active the connection becomes. This species is capable of human speech. At the request of Sarah, please do not create a character from this species.
Grinning Ghosts
The fearsome Cheshire-like creatures of the Wastes. Humanoid with wide-pointed teeth, oddly coloured cat-eyes, and long claws. Their form appears solid, but anything and everything can pass right through, and they can easily make their getaway via the shadows and evaporating. It is a variation, but not uncommon, of certain Ghosts to not have coloured eyes at all, instead having the entire eye colored white or black. This species is capable of human speech.
Shadowed Ones
The Shadowed Ones are half-Banshee, half-Caravaner. They have many strange powers: they can become part of the shadows, and can move instantly with in that shadow, reforming into solid forms. In combat they use swords, maces, axes and bows. These weapons are a part of them, forming in the Shadowed ones hand in combat. They have almost total control of the Banshees. Only seven are known to still exist, lead by Tabaraamon, the ancient general of their failed assault. This species is capable of human speech. At the request of Antony, please do not create a character from this species.
Swamp Bats
Picture a bat. Now imagine a flesh version of those stone gargoyles above old buildings, and put them together. Adult swamp bats stand at about four feet, but are usually five as their full length. They crouch when on land, and have wide feet with four sharp claws on the ends. Their skin is a dank and leathery brown, like moldy straw tanned in the sun. They are wiry, and have long arms with claws similar to their feet. Adult wingspan averages eight feet across. They communicate with high-pitched frequencies and use echolocation to navigate. They live in slimy caves among swamps. They have an extremely long tongue with venom on the tips and sides, with hallucinogens in some of them. They feed on any breathing organism that makes itself available, in an organized attack. They have green blood. At the request of Ari, please do not create a character from this species.
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For items that don't fit neatly in the other sections.

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