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November Fox - Book 0. Law of Attraction: A Metaphysical Visionary Fable
Visionary Fiction Gaining Traction....Please Help.

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E.E. Bertram (eebertram) | 2 comments Hello, Dear Fellow Visionary Fiction Friends...

So my editor told me after I had written my book it falls into the Visionary Fiction genre. I hadn't even heard of that genre, but looking into its definition I had to agree with him.

Anyway, because it is a relatively small reader market, I'm looking for help from fellow visionary fiction readers and authors to help me with my current predicament, as you may share the same wish as me to have more Visionary Fiction books being read by more people = books with a mission.

I woke up this morning to see my free version of November Fox (just the first few chapters up to chapter 8) is at number 2 and number 5 of the USA Amazon charts in my categories!!! Ahhhh…I’m really excited, even though it is just the free charts, but I have no reviews yet.

I'd be delighted and deeply grateful if any of you wish to download it (that will help the ranking) and then review it if you like it.

With appreciation and love,

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Jodine Turner (goodreadscomjodineturner) | 91 comments Hello Esther!
Firstly, Congratulations!
check out the visionary fiction alliance website, it will be of great help.

Curious who your editor is. It is an uncommon thing (but becoming increasingly common hopefully in part due to the efforts of our VFAlliance) for an editor to know about and categorize in the VF genre. Well done!

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