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Rachie2929 | 29 comments I'm a fan of books by authors like Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer Estep, that have dark plots and characters, with some romance thrown in.
However, I'm not a fan of books with tons of betrayal hidden agendas and court intrigue, like Red Queen.
I don't care what gender the main character is, but I especially don't like stupidly naive/idealistic main characters. That trait is fine for supporting characters, though. @Chaol.

Any Recommendations?

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Michele | 2359 comments Try The Bone Doll's Twin.

How dark do you like?

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Crystal | 326 comments Poison Study It's about poison tasters and assassins & the main characters are all world wearily savvy/not naive. It's YA with some romance

Children of Blood and Bone has a similar vibe to Throne of Glass and it's very action packed. It's also similar to Avatar the Last Airbender & it's mostly fantasy adventure with some romance. The main character is pretty sharp - there are some Chaols in supporting roles though

Uprooted is a dark YA fantasy with romance. It is set in a place where the forest is literally attacking the village. But the bulk of this book takes place inside a tower & the forest (so they don't travel as much as Children of Blood and Bone or Throne of Glass). One of the best books I've ever read though and it's definitely dark. The main character is a tad bit clumsy in the beginning but she becomes a smart cookie by the middle of the book. The other main character (the sorcerer) is a snarky smart cookie from the get go

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...cats? | 377 comments Modern Faerie Tales series by Holly Black

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