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message 1: by Shirley (new)

Shirley | 4177 comments Please post your name here if you would like to sign up for next month's (November) recommendation swap. If you have never tried this, it's a really good way to try new books and genres!

Sign ups will be open until the 26th October and I will post the list of partners the following day. Recommendations should then be sent out within the next couple of days. The swap runs for 2 months so there is plenty of time to find and read your book.

Please comment with your name here if you would like to join in. Remember that we ask people to have 30 or more comments in the group in order to participate.

Please remember to "report back" in the "What did you think?" thread, so we can all see what you read and if you liked it.

Any questions, please check the link below, or just comment in this thread,

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I haven't been involved in a swap for ages. I'm in!

message 3: by Raul (new)

Raul Bimenyimana | 731 comments I loved the last one I did, I'm in for this one as well.

message 4: by Greg (new)

Greg | 7684 comments Mod
I'll join in as well! :)

message 5: by Alannah (new)

Alannah Clarke (alannahclarke) | 11966 comments Mod
I'm in. Love the recommendation swaps.

message 6: by Shirley (new)

Shirley | 4177 comments I'm in too!

message 7: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 235 comments Yes please.

message 8: by Beth (new)

Beth | 404 comments I'm in!

message 9: by Erica (new)

Erica | 867 comments If it's still open I'll join in too :)

message 10: by Shirley (new)

Shirley | 4177 comments I have now posted the list, please click on the link below:

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