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How did this book capture your experiences with anxiety or mental illness?

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Natalie This book really struck me because I have had anxiety and depression since I was a young child, it exacerbated in high school and I actually wasn't fully diagnosed until an adult.

All of the things described about Eliza and even Mark were me, I felt like I was reading about me.

The thing that got me most was finding comfort in online friends and being there, anonymous but still having people at my side. I also dealt with anxiety by closing myself off, especially to family.

Pixel I totally understand, and I think that is another reason why I enjoyed the book so much, because I understood the emotion and connections. This book was amazing, and heartbreaking.

It captured a good amount of my depression, and anxiety, especially online. Online I am myself and I'm not afraid to say and do as I please, and in real life I may not be that way.

That's why Eliza was so worried that Mark, wouldn't think of her the same way, not only being the creator of the comic, but how different she is from her online self.

In the end, it captures a lot of true emotion and I appreciate it.

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