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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Zvonkovic (markzvon) I am looking for readers who like literary, characters-centric fiction. The story is humorous and takes place in a law firm setting. The manuscript is about 110,000 words, and has received professional editing. I am going to release the work in three segments. The working title of the novel is "Adjustments," and here is a synopsis:
Will Baines and Lyn Larkin are partners at different law firms. Will, a middle aged man, represents a large private equity group. Lyn, a never married, beautiful but hyperactive, woman, represents the other party to the transaction, which is a big company that impedes the negotiations by bringing an army of negotiators who refuse to compromise on the issues. Away from the negotiating table, Will fends off the advances of a woman associate seductress, is carjacked with his narcissistic father, explores his paranoias with a psychiatrist who seldom speaks, and consults with his dog about what to wear to a party. Lyn’s life is complicated by high metabolic rate, an off and on romantic relationship with a retired partner from her firm who lives on a beach in Baja, Mexico, and a fondness she feels for Will. The personal travails of Will and Lyn are told against a background of a week of contract negotiations that become comical when a partner at Will’s law firm attempts to insert himself into the negotiations on behalf of both the parties.
The novel is similar to the Campus Novels, except it takes place in a big law firm instead of an academic institution.

message 2: by Harry (new)

Harry Pye (harharpye) | 13 comments Hi Mark,

This sounds really interesting. I've PM'ed you a message with my contact details.

message 3: by Mark (new)

Mark Zvonkovic (markzvon) Thanks Harry. I have emailed you the first segment.

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