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The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter (The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club, #1)
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Ruth (tilltab) Ashworth | 1899 comments I was really enjoying this book (aside from the awful interruptions, which I found just as annoying as Catherine described them, which did not make me any the happier for their inclusion) right up until the story ended, and then didn't end. The story of the murders was wrapped up rather hastily after a fun build up, but then the book kept going. I felt like all I was doing was reading set up for the second book, which ironically convinced me not to bother with the second book. I think the book I wanted to read, and enjoyed reading, ended with the final confrontation. The rest was for people looking for something different from this book. I shouldn't be angry, since I still got a story I enjoyed, but all the same, I find it rather irksome. Am I alone? Which 'ending' did you prefer, and did the set up sell the sequel to you, or were you, like me, left wanting less?

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Colin Forbes (colinforbes) | 506 comments Everything you said! Almost everything after the final confrontation felt superfluous and would probably fit better as the start of the next book.
The interjections from the charcters were quite novel at the outset, but became more irritating as the book progressed. I can't help wondering whether the author will regret having used that particular narrative device as she writes the sequels and will be expected to keep it up!

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Maclurker | 125 comments Me too. I think the story of the murders was wrapped nicely, (view spoiler)

Also, like others here, I found the character interjections amusing, but disruptive to the narrative.

Kelli C (kellimcassell) | 73 comments While I liked the character interruptions, I agree with you about the ending. After the final conflict, I think the story dragged on too much. I very much enjoyed the book overall and will definitely read the sequel when it comes out.

Laura (conundrum44) | 99 comments I agree. Having a chapter-long monologue after the climax ruined the pacing.

Rob  (quintessential_defenestration) | 1035 comments The structure worked for me, because the central mystery was never the White Chapel Murders-- any reader familiar with the most famous of these stories has a basic idea of what's happening as soon as we see the examination of Molly-- but rather what the Real story behind the stories were of all these women. The point of the book is to tell their stories, and the most famous character's is saved for last.

Melani | 183 comments I completely agree about the ending. It was overlong, and not in a Lord or the Rings kind of way where we settle our characters down for the rest of their lives, but just a "we need to get the minutiae of life settled to set up the next novels" kind of way. It wasn't particularly statisfying, and I skimmed heavily once the actual plot of the novel was resolved.

I kind of wonder if the two problems (the over long ending and the asides) aren't related to the same problem. Goss is trying new narrative techniques, and thus breaking the standard format. In the asides she plays with the fourth wall and with the ending she attempts to break up the traditional plot arc by lenghening the resolution. I'm fairly neutral on the fourth wall breaking, I didn't love it but meh, however the ending really annoyed me.

Rebecca (raitalle) | 52 comments I agree more with Rob. I liked the ending. The mystery and investigation of the murders wasn't really the main plot for me, how story of how all these women got together and into this situation where they are living together and having further adventures was. So the story still wasn't finished after the warehouse, we still had to learn about Justine's history, as well as how they all settle out.

Phil | 1152 comments I'll admit I was a little dense and didn't notice, while I was reading it, that the warehouse episode was the end of the mystery part, mainly due to the amount of book left. I expected some other twist to happen or one of the characters that supposedly died to show up again for a final confrontation. Subsequently, the story felt unfinished to me at the end.

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