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message 1: by Sygra (new)

Sygra Publishing | 3 comments Mod
What book are you currently reading and what do you like/dislike about it?
Would you recommend it to us?

Abantika(hiltonjenkin) | 2 comments Sygra wrote: "What book are you currently reading and what do you like/dislike about it?
Would you recommend it to us?"

I'm reading Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo at present l. And I recommend it to everyone eyes closed. It sure won't dissapoint you.

message 3: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Presley | 2 comments I'm currently re-reading It by Stephen King having seen the movie. The movie was a decent popcorn haunted house party movie, but hardly a recreation of the book. I remember reading the book in one giant inhale when it was originally released. It has long been a favorite book. On re-reading it, I do find that it is what the critics call it out for - bloated. Some of the bloat establishing place and history, making it an epic in its way, is great and well worth the pacing and the wading, but some of it is just there because SK enjoyed the writing of the place so much he couldn't stop and he couldn't see that it should be edited. The monsters are also a little goofy, but the characters and the sense of place are established so well that you really feel like you know this place and you know these people as living and breathing entities. King does this very well. It is the finale to his first period of writing. It is the entire kitchen sink of his vocabulary on place as a character, nostalgia as a character, the horror of what lies behind the scenes of that nostalgia as a character and the character of truly living breathing hero characters. It's the final work of themes established in Carrie, the Shining and the Stand. It's not perfect, but it's worth a look to watch a great story teller move his pieces around the board.

Meagan ✊🏼 Blacklivesmatter ✊🏼Blacktranslivesmatter I am currently readingGodblind. So far it is very interesting. It's been brutal and bloody so far. I picked this up because I have been looking for good grimdark books by women. We have some unsavory characters, which are my favorite kind! I love a good book about thieving crews, assassains, criminals and all other deplorables. Give me all the anti-heros. Anyway, the world building so far is great. It's dark, harsh and gritty. The author breaks the book down into multiple prespectives, but each chapter is short (only a few pages long) and it's workong for me so far. I do want to warn people that this book is not going to be for everyone. The book opens with lots of bloodshed and an attempted rape.

message 5: by Mahiraj (new)

Mahiraj Jadeja (mahirajjadejaofficial) | 2 comments I am currently reading Dating daisy by Daisy Mae and have just rated and reviewed it.

message 6: by F.J. (new)

F.J. Commelin | 5 comments I'm always reading several books at a time.
At the moment no fantasy, but i do have several already waiting.
What i'm reading is : ""The dreaded feast''(how writers endure the holidays''(very funny short stories),
''Christmas poems'' by Joseph Brodsky,
''Christmas in Medieval Times in paintings and writing.''by Matien G. de jong ( not translated from dutch as far as i know),
''A Christmas Carol'' by Dickens - as graphic novel by the dutch artist Dick Matena,
''Fransciscus van Assisi''-a catalogue from the exhibition in the Catharije Convent - Utrecht by henk van Os et all.,
and a catalogue about the work of Jerry Zeniuk ''Paintings not for your living room''.

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