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message 1: by :) (last edited Oct 19, 2017 05:55PM) (new)

:) | 22 comments Hey guys, so I recently started watching Haters Back off on Netflix and i was wondering if any of you watched it. Ft. Miranda Sings.
I planned it out. Since Season 2 is coming I watched one every day, and watched the last ep of Season 1 today, and so tomorrow the next season will come, so I don't have to wait!
What do you guys think about the characters? Who's your favorite character?

message 2: by Apryl (new)

Apryl | 259 comments I love love love Uncle Jim, Patrick, and Emily!!

message 3: by :) (new)

:) | 22 comments I feel like sometimes Emily is me. UNCLE JIM IS SO ANNOYING but funny at the same time. But I agree, I LOVE PATRICK. He's so polite and calm and patient.

message 4: by Apryl (new)

Apryl | 259 comments I’m currently watching season 2 and laughing my head off!!

message 5: by :) (new)

:) | 22 comments I'm goign to start to watch it tomorrow

message 6: by :) (new)

:) | 22 comments OMG. Who knew Bethany and Jim.... UGH I don't like that that happened. But also I love how Bethany is.....

I finished watching the 5th and 6th episode... oh Patrick and Miranda.... Lol.

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