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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Mystery? young woman(escort) and old woman relive memories realize related; rural country home/cabin; possibly russian/close countries; ERA wwII; cover is blue/black? [s]

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Risse | 13 comments Hi everyone! Looking for a book but unfortunately can't recall author OR title. It starts out with a young woman, possibly an escort, running away from her bosses and stumbling upon on old cabin/house in the country. An older woman helps her out and protects her. As the story goes along they come to realize they're related, aunt and niece. They relive memories together? Then near the end, its revealed the aunt killed the niece's father and buried him in the house because she's been in love with him since forever. I believe its in russia or a country about there? Please help. Really good and sad story.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments It sounds a little like Astrid and Veronika Astrid and Veronika by Linda Olsson .

Was this part of a series?
Time period story takes place?
Anything about the cover?
What country were you in when you read this book? What language?

Risse | 13 comments 1. I don't believe it was.
2. I feel like it was WWI possibly WWII time period. I do remember parts where the germans invaded? or the russians had martial law?
3. I think it was blue or black
4. read it in the philippines 2012. in english

Risse | 13 comments no its not that one. its from the perspective of both women. one looking back on the things she did, living with her mother and father and sister; small rural country town. and then the niece looking back on growing up without a father and leaving her town to work and make more money; but i believe she was an escort/prostitute. was maybe 200-300 pages. i wish i could remember more. I remember the ending being so intense because the aunt had the niece's father buried under the house after she killed him. he ran from the army and they were hiding him out in some hidden closet.

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Risse, it looks like you typed "SOLVED" in your header. What was your book?

Risse | 13 comments Purge :)

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