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Anyone else feel sorry for Reed?
GoofyWalrus854 GoofyWalrus854 Oct 19, 2017 08:30AM
Is it just me or does anyone else feel sorry for Reed?

Never once did he kiss someone else in the books or declare that a part of his heart belonged to not just one but THREE other people?

And now the final book ends not actually being completely clear on whether she choses him. There are hints that she is destined to end up with Brennus. She also has agreed, again, to become Reed's Aspire. But what happened to Xavier? He's still in love with her...

And the whole time Reed is the only man that doesn't want anything from Evie. He just wants her to love him as much as he loves her.

Anyone else think the same thing? I think Evie is pretty cavalier with her heart.

I'm SO glad that someone else sees that the relationship between Evie and Reed is nothing but some goofy magic obsession thing. All they freaking do--other than fighting--is have sex. I just started book four and I'm pissed that Brennus has become the bad guy again. It seems that Bartol spent more time developing Brennus's character than Reeds, and thus why I like him better. He also seems to like Evie for more than just her looks. She intrigues him with the fierceness of her love for her family and her intellect and her vulnerability. And he was the only. damn. one. that taught her to defend herself, and not treat her like a damsel in distress.

I may read the rest of the series now that it seems like Brennus is going to become a better character, but I'm so damn bored with the Evie/Reed thing. :P

I honestly got really tired of Reed and Evie. All they do is make out and she loses all rational thought when she’s with him. They are fighting for their lives as hell rages war and it’s a constant make out session. That’s not true love to me - that’s an obsession. Amy needed to tone them back to build actual substance between them beyond just their physical attraction.

GoofyWalrus854 I know! Their relation was very full on. It was nothing more lust between them (except on Reed’s part), the love didn't get a chance to grow because E ...more
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Charline I feel like their relationship was never properly build up the development kind of stopped in book one and never made any true progress within the oth ...more
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