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((An outside area where the school garden is))

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Tomago Mrs. Yuki can you start us off please?)

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Yukino wanders around. "Ah! Why is this school so freaking big?!" she complains. She spots a rose bush and immediately stopped complaining. She looked at the roses as a butterfly flew on her nose. "Oh hello there friend." she said looking at the butterfly.

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Tomago The sky darkens when the forecast was for a sunny day, suddenly out of nowhere a massive blot of lighting stuck the ground. From this bolt a lighting a figure was able to be seen. Once the bolt of lighting was gone Kairos was standing in the middle of the courtyard looking around being slightly confused on how he had arrived at this location. Looking over to Yukino as she spoke to the butterfly he crossed his arms. "You there, Girl where am I?" He asked in a calm tone.

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"a school." she says not looking up at him, for fear that her fear of socializing may kick in. "My name isn't 'Girl' btw. Its Yuki. And don't just appear randomly and suddenly call someone out like that. Its bad manners."

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Tomago "I do apologize, To be honest I do not know how I got here I was fighting some odd creature and the next thing I know I disappeared and now here I am. My Name Is Kairos pleasure to meet you, what school is this?" He asked.

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"It is Glissenwood Academy, for the magically gifted. And its a pleasure to meet You as well Mr. Kairos." she said, still not looking at him.

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Tomago "Why do you not look to me as you speak child? You need not fear me." Kairos stated and slowly approached the young looking girl assuming she was only four to five years of age.

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"I am not a child. And i do not fear you. I just do not wish to speak to you directly." she said looking at a blue rose that was in a bush of many red roses.

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Tomago "My I ask why? is it because I am a stranger? Or is it some innate fear of social contact?" Kairos asked being slightly curious in why this girl preferred to act distant during their convocation.

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"Pfft. N-no." she lied terribly. She continued to study the blue rose's patterns.

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Tomago "No need to lie to me Mrs. Yuki, I promise I am friendly and not in a that weird creeper kind of way." He said kneeling down beside her to see what she was investigating.

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"I do not doubt that you are friendly." she says, still not lifting her eyes in the slightest from the rose.

((Btw, it Ms. Yuki. "Mrs." is used for a married woman.))

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Tomago (my bad lol)

Putting his hand under her chin he tries to move her gaze from the flower to his eyes. "Allow me to look upon your face so I may know who I am speaking to." Kairos requested

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She looked at him. She tried to speak, but no words came out. She then looked away from him. "P-please refrain from touching me." she finally managed to say. She seemed to have social-phobia, although she denies it.

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Tomago As he gets a glance at her face he smiled (emulated), "You are very pretty Ms. Yuki, but there is no need to have fear of talking with me. As I am the only one here and your phobia of social contact is more for a group setting no?" He questioned not really sure how this fear has taken with her.

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"N-no!" she says, still refusing to look at him. "I-i have trouble speaking with a person in general. I-i could never speak to a group of people directly." she said nervously.

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Tomago "would it help if I changed my form, maybe something like that butterfly? A dog, maybe A Cat?" Kairos asked seeing if his form would help her talk with him better. "Pick any Animal you wish, though I can't change in something that is inanimate such as a chair or a flower." Kairos said trying to keep his Emulated smile. Its not Kairos could not feel emotions such as happiness its just he lacked the ability to show real emotion though facial expressions.

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"A fox maybe?" she said reluctantly. She took out a pair of scissors and cut the stem of the rose out of the rose bush and immediately put a spell on it to preserve its life.

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Tomago "What Color fox? Red or Gray? A color not natural to the species" Kairos asked going from kneeling to standing position ready to change once she had given him an answer.

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"How about silver? like a Arctic fox?" she answered. She was quite fond of arctic foxes.

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Tomago "Very well A sliver Fox it is." Kairos said as his body started to glow and change taking shape of a small fox, as his body stopped glowing he was now cute Sliver Fox with black tips on the ears and tail. "How is this?" Kairos asked not moving his mouth but his voice was still able to be heard.

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She looked at him. "OMG! your soooo cute!" she said, practically squealing.

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Tomago "yes, Foxes are quite adorable creatures. Please tell me more about your self and in return I will tell you who I am." Kairos said taking on the actions of a fox hopping around and pouncing about her legs.

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"Well. Im Yukino Kiera Cadwell. I am a Meifwa. And as you already know i have social phobia. I am 14 years old and im an orphan. Im a new student here, and im kinda lost. This school is... really big." she explained.

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Tomago "My Name is Kairos, I have no Sir Name I am that of the Narksha, they are a celestial creatures born of the universe itself. My Age cannot be determined by the Humans construct of time. Because of what I am I have access to a great many abilities but I can only use a hand full of them at any given time." Kairos explained rubbing his head on her leg as a fox would.

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She began to pet his head. "A Narkasha huh? that's pretty cool. Although i cant begin to imagine how life would be if i could live for that amount of time." she says smiling. "To live for that long, would probably lead to tremendous heartbreak."

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Tomago "I assuming it would be, I have never been romantically involved with any other creature because of my kinds long life span. Though I might be willing to change my mind if I find the right girl, guy or creature." Kairos stated cooing and moving his leg as if he is scratching the air as Yuki scratched his head.

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Yuki giggled quietly. "It doesn't have to be romantically involved for it to lead to heartbreak. Simply living longer than a friend or a companion can hurt just as much."

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Tomago "Yes in that sense you are right, being emotionally involved in any sense of the word can lead to heart break, though if I am willing to give up some of my power temporally can change a person to be like my self. But the drain on my power would so bad that I could easily be mortally wounded by a normal human." stated rolling on to his back exposing his stomach.

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She rubbed his stomach and smiled. "Well. If i found love, I'd probably do it. Even if there was a chance to get wounded, I'd want to live with them as long as i could. Of course, I'd make sure they were the right one first. Cant just give that kind of commitment to someone your not sure you would spend your whole life with."

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Tomago "yes I agree that is why I have not given to myself to any one on a emotional level beyond that of what you call friendship." Kairos said and closed his eyes cooing again. "So Tell me what is this gifted school teach?" he asked.

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"Well. They teach and nurture magic i believe. Im not exactly sure, seeing as this is my first day. But they let us bring our familiars so theres a plus. I believe we are allowed to have more than one, but i only Have Kitsune, whom i think of more as a brother than a familiar."

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Tomago "And do I dare ask how you think of me so far?" Kairos questioned, looking up at her with a sad puppy dog look his brown eyes shimmering in the light.

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"Hm. Your Pretty cool. I guess I'd consider you as a friend." she responds after much consideration.

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Tomago "Now when I approach must I always take a form of an Animal? Will that make you feel more at ease?" Kairos asked getting back on his four paws and sitting at her feet looking up tilting his head.

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"Well. While you are super cute in this form, i don't think it will be necessary." she answered.

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Tomago "Do you wish to give my Mortal form a try again? or do you think you will shy away once more?" Kairos asked as his body started to glow again changing back to his Mortal form, His body returned to his normal figure. Sitting back down next to her he watches to see how she reacts to him returning to normal to see if Yuki would shy away again or not.

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She looked at him for a moment. "Your fox form was way cuter." she teased.

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Tomago "Yes I agree, but we are not all blessed with cute looks like your self." He said and thought what the heck am I saying. She is fourteen years old I am Old enough to be her Great Grandfather from the very beginning of her bloodline. Shaking the thoughts from his head and chuckled at her comment.

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"That's right! You should be blessed to be in my presence." she said, looking serious for about 10 seconds before she started laughing. "Im not all that cute."

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Tomago "Why do you put your self down in such a way, surly if I can see your beauty the lower creatures can as well? or do they choose to Ignore you because of your physical appearance?" Kairos asked slightly confused why she would have such low self-esteem.

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"Its not like they ignore me. In fact, because of this childish figure they seem to pay more attention to me. Although i wouldn't say that's a good thing. The grown-ups think im cute, sure, but only because i resemble a little kid. If a kid my age were to even consider me cute, its probably for the same reason. I don't want to be seen as a little kid. i cant really help it that im short." she answered. "Im not really putting my self down. Im just acknowledging the truth." She was smiling, but she didn't really seem to be all that happy.

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Tomago "How about this, I will treat you according to your age and not your looks? Unlike the others. How does that sound, and if people want to look at me oddly because of it thats their own issue." Kairos said looking to her with a slight smile (real). "Would you be okay with that?" Kairos asked.

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"That would be great." she said, her smile seeming more genuine.

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Tomago "So Ms. Yuki how would you like to touch the sky?" Kairos asked with a smirk knowing there was no way of truly touching the sky but it was his way of asking her if he could take her for a flight.

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"Hm? that would be awesome!" she answered, not really sure what he meant when he said 'touch the sky', but it did sound pretty cool to her.

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Tomago "Very well hold on tight okay." Kairos said taking off his shirt as these two large wings sprouted from his back each wing having a different set of constellations that covered them. The Span of his wings was about twenty feet from tip to tip. "Are you Ready?" Kairos asked extending his hand.

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"Y-yeah." she said grabbing his hand reluctantly.

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Tomago Pulling Yuki close to his body Kairos flapped his Wings once lifting them off the ground, A seconds time pushed them over the school grounds and a third time sent them soaring past the clouds. Stopping just in front of the moon Kairos looks down at Yuki. "Beautiful don't you think?" Kairos asked

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