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message 1: by Ramprasath (new)

Ramprasath | 1 comments Ever thought how it would have been if human love, relationships and dating are mathematically modeled? Every wondered if there is a mathematical fiction written on Love, dating and relationships? If yes, check out the book "When a Wanderer meets a pilgrim" (Amazon kindle Edition)

Looking for a reviewer... contact

message 2: by Troy (new)

Troy Pendleton | 2 comments My name is Troy Pendleton and I am a new author. My writing partner (Charles Little Jr.) and I just released our first book this past year and we are having a free eBook weekend 1/26/18-1/28/18. Check out our book and let us know what you think. You can find out more about us via our website or our Facebook page

Our eBook is on Amazon and remember is it free 1/26/18-1/28/18

message 3: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Praski | 1 comments Hello! I am a new author and I just published my very first book last week, and I am looking for reviews on it. If anyone has time to take a look at it, I would greatly appreciate it. It's $2.99 for a kindle book right now, but it is free for kindle unlimited.

It can be found here:

Thank you so much!

After the nuclear apocalypse of 2100, now referred to as the Great Fire, Oloris—the last habitable land in the world has become mankind’s last chance at survival. This topographical phenomenon is home to seven vastly different climates—a freezing tundra in the north, a dark murky swamp in the west, a vast mountain range in the south, a subtropical sand filled beach in the east, and at its center lays a sweltering desert, gentle rolling plains, and a bioluminescent tree filled forest. Once home to only a few hundred survivors of the Great Fire, Oloris is now entering its eight-hundredth year and is home to over a million citizens.

Separated into seven nations, and ruled by seven very different factions, the land is monitored by a group of magically enhanced individuals called the Seven. Through the time-honored tradition of passing their mantle to a younger counterpart from their home nation every thirty years, the Seven have ensured Oloris’s peace for nearly half a millennia—until now. A power-hungry queen in the north will stop at nothing until all of Oloris is hers to rule. She is gathering her forces, making allies and planning the Seven’s demise. Her thirst for power couldn’t have come at a worse time. The current Seven have reached the end of their service and must choose their successors. Now, the sanctity of Oloris will be entrusted to a group of individuals who most perceive as children—not warriors.

A blind orphan, a rich highborn, a slave, a gentle hunter, an enlightened blacksmith, a warrior, and a queen long thought dead—are thrust into a world of magic, power, and deception. Enemies are lurking in the shadows, allies are rallying their forces, and nations are struggling to choose sides in the coming war. Carefully navigating Oloris’s politically charged climate, these young protectors must learn not only their place in the world but how to save their world as they know it.

This omniscient third person point of view novel follows the story of this group of magical young adults in a post-apocalyptic world. This story will feature many diverse characters, highlighting friendship, family, relationships, race, and sexual orientation—all combined with a pro-feminist feel. Professionally copy-edited and at just over 135,000 words, The Seven will be the first novel in an expected series.

Fantasy literature has always played an important role in my life. Growing up surrounded by great literary works such as Harry Potter, reading quickly became not just a hobby but rather a place of escape. I soon realized, however, that while these fantasy worlds depicted every creature or race imaginable, the concept of something as simple as a gay character seemed inconceivable. This is the struggle that any teen of the LGBT community faces when reading young adult fiction. Fantasy novels are meant to be an escape from reality—to go to a place where anything is possible, yet sometimes that journey can be incredibly lonely when there isn't anybody like you.

The Seven is meant to be a place of escape for everyone. So, whether you are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, a person of color, live with a disability, or a young girl looking for a strong female influence—no matter who you are, you will find your place in this book.

message 4: by Nadishka (new)

Nadishka Aloysius | 107 comments Hi

I am a children's author from Sri Lanka. I just published a children's fantasy book. The details are below.

Title - Ronan's Dinosaur
It is available in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon
It is free for Kindle Unlimited

Ronan is a young boy who is dealing with a crisis. He and his parents have just moved into his Grandmother's house to look after the sick old lady. The ramshackle old house and garden also pose a problem as Ronan is very introverted and anxious about anything new and even refuses to venture into the garden.
Everything changes when Ronan makes an unexpected friend - a dinosaur. Scoot introduces the young boy to new experiences and helps him gain some self confidence. However all good things must come to an end...and more change and upheaval are on the way...

message 5: by C. (new)

C. Hardwick (cstuarthardwick) | 1 comments I'm a Writers of the Future winner and Analog regular, and have created an anthology with other WotF winners called "The Future is Nigh."

The forward recounts my journey from unknown aspirant to GotScifi Group publisher and award-winner author. All stories are reprints from professional markets.

Lab rats on the run? Got ‘em. Alien pets? Check. Rocket borne dreams? Roger. Serlingesque kismet? Weird causality loops? All that’s here, plus two Gold Pen Award winners, a Jim Baen Memorial Award finalist, a Tangent Online Recommendation, a Nebula award nominee, and a Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award winner.


message 6: by Jacqueline (new)

Jacqueline (Jax711) | 2 comments Hi, I'm one of the writers involved in a collaboration titled 'The Similayer Project'. This is a full novel split into two parts.

The Story is a Post Apocalyptic with threads of Romance and survival themes throughout. The Authors involved are Jean Michaels, Magen McMinimy, S.L. Dearing and Jax Walsh.

We are looking for people to read and review before the July 10th release date. It would be great if would be able to help? Please comment if you would like an ARC of The Similayer Project.

Thanks for reading!

message 7: by Lorna (new)

Lorna Wilson (blackbutterflylorna) | 99 comments Hi, I'm looking for reviews, for my novella (fiction). The title is Game Changers: Power - Control - Deception.

Synopsis: Carmen Fenton is a waitress at Greyton’s Grill. She is also a student studying to earn a college degree in marketing. Upon graduation, Carmen is seeking an internship at an executive firm where she plans to eventually climb the corporate ladder.

Carmen is eager to complete college. She can barely wait to take advantage of the internship program NYU offers. Unaware of the competitive nature of the marketing business, she is ill-prepared for practices that are often high-handed and cut-throat. As she lands the job and begins to learn the business, she encounters an old flame, new friendships, and corporate sabotage.

The Amazon link follows:

message 8: by C.V. (new)

C.V. Gregorchuk (cvgregorchuk) | 2 comments Hi everyone!
I've just published the first book in my YA fantasy fiction series titled The Last Guardians on Amazon and I was hoping to get a few reviews on Goodreads, Facebook, and Amazon. I have a free book promotion happening from July 13th to the 17th and Chosen is also available on Kindle Unlimited!

Here is the blurb:

Magic and Power... Dragons. These are the things of books and movies... of other worlds. They aren’t real. They can’t be real.

Mia wishes for the days when she truly believed that. Days when her biggest worry was whether or not she’d be accepted into the university of her choice. But that was before...

Before her reflection started playing tricks on her in store windows. Before she was unceremoniously ripped from her family and friends and dumped in a place she can’t escape from. A place where no one can reach her. Nethea,

Thrust into a world where Dragons exist and magic is Power, Mia must find a way to accept the role she’s been Chosen to fulfill. A role that seems more and more likely to claim her life as she uncovers the staggering odds stacked against her. If she can do it...if she can rise above the grief and anger that plague her heart and save Nethea from the dark fate waiting in the claws of a monster... Then maybe, just maybe she’ll get to go home again.

Can Mia find the will and the courage to defend and protect a world she doesn’t belong to? Will she take up the heavy mantle of the Guardians of Nethea?


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