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message 1: by Sepehr (new)

Sepehr Ashraf Kashani | 1 comments If any among you happen to be a decent, experienced writer, while all the same being a total lunatic, having childish expectations and daydreaming in a fantasy universe, then you are already my friend, my friend :P
I'm currently in the process of writing my spin off, and i would love to improve my work, meanwhile i would love to have a reliable friend who accepts criticism and uses my humble expertise and criticism to better his/her work.
As mutual self improvement is my goal, i would love for said person to be the same skill level as i am, with a relatively strong command of the Anglo-Saxon tongue. I do not wish to drag legendary writers to my messy drafts nor do i wish to be an arrogant teacher to someone. (Can be a bit Egotistical, you see :P)
If you like swords and magic and demigods, and meet the conditions above, please contact me in Discord through Ash#0307, or simply send me a message here so we can figure out another connection platform. I'm fairly flexible.
Stay Inspired! Sepehr out.
Oh, and bring your juicy High Fantasy manuscript with you.

message 2: by Saloni (new)

Saloni | 11 comments Hey,

I received your message. Can you send me the first chapter of your story at I want to see if it's something I'd enjoy. If you want, I can send you the first chapter of my work too.

- Saloni

message 3: by PK (new)

PK (pkstars) | 6 comments Hi Sepehr,

While I fit the bill of being an avid daydreamer, head-in-fantasy, yes I will exchange your spells for mine, I am an amateur writer, just finishing my first book. I write adult fantasy but read a lot and like to think I am well versed in the English language. I'd be interested in exchanging a few thousand words if you would like and carry on from there. I have thick skin and so am amenable to harsh judgement. PM me if interested.


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