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Avid Bookivore (avid_bookivore) | 12 comments Hello Creative Minds!

My name is Adelaide Michaelson but many authors know me as, 'The Avid Bookivore'. I'm an editor, avid reader, reviewer, blogger and teacher. I have my M.A. in English, majoring in Creative Writing and am about to begin my second year teaching English to high school students! Exciting right?!
I've been reading and reviewing books for over 22 years and editing books for over 10 years. I absolutely adore what I do.

I love working with indie authors and am looking forward to bringing your creative words to life. Together we can turn your book into an exciting new adventure for readers of all ages, all around the world. Let's begin that journey now!

Contact me here on Goodreads or on my blog if you have a need for editing, beta reading, proofreading, or reviews:, where you can view my services. I usually respond within 12-24 hrs to emails and purchases.

***All authors that purchase any of my services, receives free review(s) and shoutouts on my blog and social media websites when your book becomes available.

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J.S. Fowler (jsfowler-goodreadscom) | 15 comments How much do you charge to edit a manuscript?

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Avid Bookivore (avid_bookivore) | 12 comments Hello J.S.,

It would depend on the type of editing you require. I offer all editing services, for every editing needs. Please click the link above and choose my ‘editing’ tab. You will find my prices for each editing service there.
I hope to work with you soon!

Best Regards,
Adelaide Michaelson
The Avid Bookivore

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Adrian Hall | 34 comments Greetings! How are you? What's your schedule looking like for beta reading?

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Avid Bookivore (avid_bookivore) | 12 comments Sent a message to your inbox.

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