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UNSOLVED: One specific book > YA/Supernatural(?) Boy moves to India(maybe), makes a new friend, and then needs to help a spirit move on.

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Rocco | 1 comments This boy moves to India(or some country where the currency is either Rupees or begins with an R, although I'm starting to doubt it the more I think about it) and into a haunted house where people say that the chandelier fell and killed someone, and where someone fell down the stairs and died, and there is a little shrine in the yard with some offerings on it. The boy goes around the neighborhood and meets another boy that's going around selling food on a cart. Something happens and the cart is ruined but the main boy offeres to buy a new cart for him so they go to get a new cart. The new cart's previous owner had died so the cart boy is saying how its bad juju or something like that, but I think he ends up accepting the cart. They become friends and go on a train(or bus) somewhere. The train/bus is packed and there are people on top of it and people with chickens in it. They get to their destination and theres a bunch of people there. The main boy learns that it's disrespectful to point his feet at people. Somehow he manages to get some guy really pissed, spends the night(I think), then in the morning(if he did spend the night) the guy is chasing him around trying to kill him. They find out that the guy is really passed out, it's just his spirit trying to kill him and that he will die if his spirit doesnt return. Then I cant really remember what happens towards the end but they end up needing to help some other spirit move on because this woman was buried with something that wouldn't let her.

The dust cover was either green or purple or a combo of both, but I'm pretty sure it was mostly purple. There was the silhouette of the house, shrine, and the two boys on it, and these really intense looking eyes above the silhouettes, but the eyes were drawn on there and staring straight at you. The title was bold was embossed because I remember running my fingers over the back side of it. I don't remember what the title said though, hence this post.

I got the book a long time ago from my cousin. She got the book from her old middle school, and when I saw the eyes on the cover I instantly liked it and wanted to read so she gave it to me. I think this was about ten years ago.

I can't remember any significant names or locations at all.

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Rocco, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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