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Kitchen Princess, Vol. 01 (Kitchen Princess, #1)
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Selena (sailorstar165) | 2018 comments Mod

Najika is a great cook and likes to make meals for the people she loves. But something is missing from her life. When she was a child, she met a boy who touched her heart--and now Najika is determined to find him. The only clue she has is a silver spoon that leads her to the prestigious Seika Academy.

Attending Seika will be a challenge. Every kid at the school has a special talent, and the girls in Najika’s class think she doesn’t deserve to be there. But Sora and Daichi, two popular brothers who barely speak to each other, recognize Najika’s cooking for what it is--magical. Is either boy Najika’s mysterious prince?

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Selena (sailorstar165) | 2018 comments Mod
I read this manga a while back, and I enjoyed it. I should reread it sometime.

What does everyone else think of Kitchen Princess? Has anyone tried the bonus recipes at the end of the books?

Tiffany Vaughn | 27 comments I still haven't started it. I picked it up at a thrift bookstore for cheap a few months ago. I'll probably read it soon though. At least it's on my to-do list.

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