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*ratherbereading* Here is where we'll ask the countdown questions starting tomorrow, Thursday October 19th!!!!!

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18 days to go: (You can pick one question to answer if you really want to!)

Question 1: Do you think someone will get a "girl" or "boy" talk in Nightfall? If so, who? (Sophie, Fitz, and Biana got their awkward talks already - but there may be more to come! :)

Question 2: Do you think Grady, Sandor, or Alden will finally realize that Sophie actually has a crush on Fitz? Will Grady and Sandor approve of Fitz?

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1) I do think that it's time for someone to get "the talk" - maybe Keefe or Dex? That'll be fun :)

2) I think Alden might realize that Sophie has a crush on Fitz!

*ratherbereading* 1. I agree that Keefe is the prime suspect.

2. I think Edaline for sure knows. Grady? nah. Sandor and Alden maybe...

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*ratherbereading* 18 days to go: (I'm pretty sure today is 18 days to go. I mapped it out on a calendar)

Question 1: Do you think anyone will get a serious injury/die in Nightfall? (J.K. Rowling gave everyone a big shock in the seventh book of Harry Potter with all the tragedies)

Question 2: Tam and Linh are part of the main "friend group" but arrived later in the books. Do you think some people in Nightfall will be introduced into their friend group? If so, is it possible for them to become a rival love interest for any of the ships--especially Sophie's?

*ratherbereading* 1: I can definitely see one of the collective and or council dying within the course the next books.

2: I don't think so. It seems to me pretty late in the game to have to go through all the character development and background. I guess it depends on many more books.

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*ratherbereading* 17 days to go:

Question 1: What is your theory on the word Criterion and why Fintan was having Keefe choose the people he would save out of a city during their training? Are the two related?

Question 2: Which intelligent species in Keeper interests you the most? ( Ex. Ogres, Goblins, Trolls, Gnomes, Elves, Humans)

*ratherbereading* 1: I think it has something to do with the fact that Fintan hates humans. Maybe he was trying to, like fix the human race and needed test subject or something and was having Keefe choose them. I'm really curious about this one.

2: Definetely Gnomes and Trolls.

*ratherbereading* 16 days to go:

Question 1: What are your favorite keeper books in order ( even thought they're all amazing) from greatest to least? (Ex: 51324)

Question 2: Do you think Sophie has any more hidden abilities? What would you want her next ability to be?

*ratherbereading* 1: 41352

2: Sadly I don't think she does, but it would be soooo cool if she was a Beguiler. It would be awesome. And hilarious. :)

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1) 54321 - honestly; I never liked Neverseen (book 4) that much compared to the rest of the books because of the immense focus of KEEFE in it, but it was still HILARIOUS! Also, I really wish Alden appeared in the last two books more - Alden used to be one of the few main characters (and a father figure in Sophie's life), but as the series is expanding, I feel as if he's fading into the background.

My love for this series grows with every book! :)

2) At this point, I think Sophie is done with gaining new abilities. At one point in Neverseen, though, I really thought that she was a Beguiler - then again, I may be wrong :)

*ratherbereading* See, I really liked book 4 a lot because of them being at alluvetere (spelled something like that) and because of all the training, indrtoduction to the idea of Cognates, introduction to Tam and Linh ( and their super cool abilities) and the time at Exillium was fun to read. I agree that the lack of Alden in the 5th book was disappointing, but I think what with them running away in the 4th book him not being in it is understandable.

*ratherbereading* 15 days to go:

Question 1: What Elvin dessert/food would you most want to try?

Question 2: Do you think there will be major character development in Nightfall?

*ratherbereading* 1: Custard bursts and fluffcreams (briefly mentioned in 3rd book but sound AMAZING) .

2: I think that there is major character development in every book. But yeah, I think Amy re-entering Sophie's life is going to change her, I think Keefe being back is going to add a lot of tension to Fitz's, Dex's, and Keefe's friendship with will for sure develop them as characters. Linh and Tam will change as their parents re-enter life. All the characters I think will grow in some way.

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1) Mallowmelt all the way!

2) What Joel said :) Also, the characters will meet new people, make more friends/enemies, discover dark secrets, and find love - so yes, I do think they will undergo major character development!

*ratherbereading* 14 Day To Go:

Question 1: How did you discover Keeper of the Lost Cities?

Question 2: Will Sophie ever see her human parents again?

*ratherbereading* 1: It was on the Battle Of The Books list in my state.

2: Yes, I do believe so. I'm not sure when or how but I think they'll, like... rescue them or something...

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) *ratherbereading* wrote: "14 Day To Go:

Question 1: How did you discover Keeper of the Lost Cities?

Question 2: Will Sophie ever see her human parents again?"

Hello, I guess I'll just jump aboard the countdown train.

Answer 1: One year a friend of mine told me how excited she was for a book that was coming out in November and she showed me the cover of one of the other books, then a year later (this year) After I spent nearly a YEAR trying to guess which book it was she showed me, one of my other friends was like " YOU SHOULD REALLY READ THIS!!!!!!" And I was like " Oh, that's the book!"

Answer 2: She will since how else will she rescue them? Or she will see their dead bodies.

Should I answer all the other questions?

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Fiona wrote: Should I answer all the other questions?"

Sure - only if you want to, though :)

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*Ramya* | 595 comments Mod
*ratherbereading* wrote: "14 Day To Go:

Question 1: How did you discover Keeper of the Lost Cities?

Question 2: Will Sophie ever see her human parents again?"

1) Believe it or not, this is my story: In sixth grade, I was randomly browsing my school's library when I saw an interesting cover; I read the description and found it intriguing. I finished it that day, finished the second book the next day, and finished the third book the day after that! I browsed the internet frantically because Everblaze could not have been the last book - and found Neverseen! That was how I discovered my favorite series in the whole world - Keeper of the Lost Cities!!!!!!!!

2) I hope so...I think so! But after the first chapter, I'm worried about Sophie not getting to meet Amy again!

*ratherbereading* Yay, welcome Fiona! The more the better!

13 days to go:

Question 1: In the summary of Nightfall we hear about Sophie striking a " dangerous bargain" to get to the door in Keefe's memory. Who is this dangerous bargain struck with? And what is the dangerous bargain?

Question 2: What is your opinion on Shannon having Brant die?

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) *ratherbereading* wrote: "Yay, welcome Fiona! The more the better!

13 days to go:

Question 1: In the summary of Nightfall we hear about Sophie striking a " dangerous bargain" to get to the door in Keefe's memory. Who is ..."

Answer 1: Ummmm.... Well, it has to be with Fintan , the Neverseen's washer or Keefe's Mother. and what is the bargain? well.......... I'm blank.

Answer 2: I don't really have a problem with Brant dieing since he is evil.

*ratherbereading* 1: Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is with Keefe's mother. As for the bargain maybe some kind of important information? Silveny's baby? I don't know.......

2. I'm kinda sad and disappointed but I understand. I mean, I'm sure he was a good guy and him and Jolie would have been happy if he hadn't turned evil and all...

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) Oh yeah, maybe the baby! Though I don't think Sophie would dare, (Or would she?)

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1) I just don't think Sophie would do anything to put her friend's baby in probably Lady Gisela (Keefe's mom)

2) I really didn't care much about Brant - he was not happy, so there was no point with him living and hurting others. In my opinion, he's more like a shell of an elf than an actual elf. Maybe he even got to meet Jolie!

*ratherbereading* 12 Days To Go:

Question 1: Who do you think Mr. Forkle's final identity is?

Question 2: What do you think will happen in the first chapter? (What is going to happen with Amy and when will Nightfall start in respect to Lodestar's ending?)

*ratherbereading* 1: For a while I thought that it was councilor Terik, but then I realized there are scenes when both him and Mr. Forkle are present at the same time. Then I thought that maybe it was Councilor Kenric, because Mr. Forkle said that Councilor Kenric wasn't involved with project Moonlark. But really I have no idea....

2: I know this one is a little late.... XD But I thought that they would probably take Amy back to The lost cities to figure out where the Neverseen had taken Sophie's parents. Or something. :)

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Wow - out timezones are obviously very different - I answered Day 13 a few hours ago and Day 12 was posted just now (at 1:34 P.M.) for me :)

1) Honestly? I have no idea. Well, I have TONS of ideas, but I figure I can wait at least 11 more days to find out!

2) I thought pretty much what happened in the beginning of the first chapter would happen, but I wasn't sure what would happen after that, since there were so many possibilities!

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) Answer 1: I really don't know, but since he died :(:(:(:(:( we will find out soon.

Answer 2: I read the expert or whatever so I kinda know...... They get drugged.

*ratherbereading* Sorry, forgot to post yesterday. So here is today's and yesterday's

11 days to go:

Question 1:What do you think of the new enemy Shannon has introduced? ( See page 665 of Lodestar) Who do you think he might be?

Question 2: What are your two favorite Elvin skills (not abilities)?

10 days to go:

Is there any possibility that Kenric is alive? Is there a possibility that Kenric is part of the Neverseen (whether it be by choice or by force)?

Question 2: What is Fitz's secret password to get into Sophie's head? Do you think it'll be revealed in Nightfall?

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*ratherbereading* 1: I'm kinda nervous, because its super late in the game to add a new villain and because he was part of a forgotten secret, so he's baaaaaaaad news. I have no idea who he could possible me other than a baaaad guy.

2: Telekinesis( I know that's not spelled right) and levitating

3: I don't think so. Cause like its said in the 3rd book, I don't think Kenric would have let everyone suffer and think he was alive unless of course he was captured by the Neverseen. But, I don't really think they have any reason to hold him captive. I used to think that Kenric was one of Mr. Forkle's identities and that Mr. Forkle died him off for some mysterious reason.

4: This is something that has gnawed and me ever since read the 4th book. And really, I have no idea. None. Nada. BUT. I think it is really important and something special and that it WILL be revealed at some point (maybe Nightfall!!!!!!).

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1) Like Rather said: he's baaaaad news! I mean, he's obviously a very dangerous villain (Forgotten Secret and all). He's probably an Ancient (maybe Sophie's or Bronte's father)?

2) My favorite Elvin skills? Telekinesis and the ability to regulate body temperature. Seriously - I need that skill - Texas weather is completely unpredictable! One day it's a 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the next, it's 24 degrees Fahrenheit!

3) I think there is a possibility that Kenric is alive, but it's a very slim possibility.

4) I've been anticipating learning the secret password since the day I finished Everblaze! It hasn't been revealed in the past few books, but I think it might finally be revealed in Nightfall!

*ratherbereading* 10 days to go:

Question 1: How old are Sophie, Fitz, Keefe, Biana, Dex, Tam, and Linh at this point?

Question 2: Question 1: What do you think Marella's role will be in Nightfall? Will she join the group in defeating the Neverseen, or will she even be friends with them at all? Also, do you think she'll manisfest in Nightfall? What ability would that be?

*ratherbereading* 1: I'm pretty sure it's: 14,(almost) 16, (almost) 15, 13, (almost) 14, 15, 15.

2: I think it will be similar to her role in Lodestar. Maaaybe she'll start sitting with them at lunch, or something. No, I don't think she'll join the group in fighting the Neverseen. As for her ability, I really do hope that she manifest in Nightfall, but I don't think she'll manifest as an empath. I think she'll manifest as something she thinks is lame, but find out she can use it to help her mother anyway.

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) Answer 1: Sophie is 14, Fitz is 16, Keefe is 15, Dex and Biana are 13, Linh and Tam aaarrrrre Ummm I don't know.

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) OH I forgot question two!

Answer 2: I think she will manifest as a Guster, just like she said, even though she thinks it's lame. I don't think that she will join the group.

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1) You guys already listed the correct ages :)
(Tam and Linh are 15 ish)

2) I don't think Marella will join the group, but I think she will manifest!

*ratherbereading* 8 days to go:

Question 1: What do you think is happening in the scene on the cover of Nightfall?

Question 2: What will Fitz ask for his favor from Sophie? If Sophie tells Fitz about her crush on him, how will Fitz react?

*ratherbereading* 1: I think they are flooding Atlantis!!!!! :D

2: No idea. But it will be something AMAZING. I think he'll just like, smile and be suave about. Or tell her how he knows and likes her to. Probably both and the same time,

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Again, I literally answered the last question in first period (4 hours ago). Now I'm in 6th period and the next question is up :)

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1) I think the friends are behind the mysterious black door that leads to Nightfall and are fighting a guardian to get to their destination.

2) Telling the truth about her secret :) I have absolutely no idea as to his reaction, though!

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) Answer 1: I have no Idea but now I agree with *rather be reading* they're flooding Atlantis!

Answer 2: I don't know about that favor, but If Sophie told him that she liked him and the it was just a "silly" crush he might be like "It's not silly."

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7 days to go:

Question 1: Shannon has implied that her goal is to get all her characters sleeping with stuffed animals. Who do you think will be the next to get one? What species would you make it if you were her?

Question 2: Do you think Amy will end up living in the Lost Cities permanently? Do you think she'll turn out to be an elf somehow?

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*ratherbereading* 1: My money is on Biana. And definitely a Unicorn.

2: I hope. But I doubt she turn into an elf.... Maybe the series will end with some kind of humans and elves find a better way to get along and they live in each others cities thing. idk.

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1) Biana! I have no idea what she would have...

2) Yes! Maybe...

I honestly don't know anymore...

We're so close to Nightfall!

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) Answer 1) Biana and for some reason I think she should get a Unicorn.

Answer 2) Maybe, but I doubt it since humans are not allowed and she would reaaaaalllly miss other humans, but maybe until her parents are back?

*ratherbereading* true, true, very true.

*ratherbereading* 6 days to go:

Question 1: Who will make a move? In Lodestar, it has become very clear that Fitz and Keefe seem to be "competing" to win Sophie's heart. Fitz, in general, seems more passive than Keefe, but that may change. Keefe, on the other hand, seems to have been plotting his "big move" from the moment he met Sophie. Who do you think will make the first move? Why do you think _____ should make the next move?
Note: Include who you ship!

Question 2: In every book Shannon introduces a new Gnomish produce that tastes like a human food. Which human food taste do you think should be represented next?

*ratherbereading* 1:Of course I'm hoping Fitz will. (even though he already tried to in lodestar) but I think it's very likely Keefe might decide to make his first...

2: Spaghetti. oooooo or cotton candy.

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Fiona (-readingfiona-) Answer 1) I think Fitz since he was pretty close in Lodestar. Why do I think Fitz should make the next move? Well obviously because I ship them and since he already made one!

Answer 2) Uhhhh...... She already did pizza right? Icecream or Cotton Candy. Or maybe Sophie could show them cotton candy and how weird and fluffy it is!

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