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message 1: by Kenneth (new)

Kenneth McKinley | 677 comments Mod
This thread is for the Group Movie Watch for Trick 'r Treat to take place on Friday, October 20th, 2017 @ 8:00 pm EST.


There will be spoilers here. So, if you haven't watched the movie yet, I would recommend that you do that before proceeding.

message 2: by Lena (new)

Lena I’m ready!

message 3: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 14 comments Don't think I can make it, BUT i love this movie (i'm going as Sam for Halloween!)

message 4: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) I'm ready. I have this on dvd :)

message 5: by Jessie (new)

Jessie | 31 comments I was week and watched it last week. Such a good flick. Will try to log on for discussions later today.

message 6: by Marie (new)

Marie I am ready! Recorded it last week! :)

message 7: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Excited to watch this for the first time! It's been on my list for a while.

message 8: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) I have candles galore lit & watching AHS Roanoke til time. 8 candles lit in the living room. <3

message 9: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Watching! Robot girl is an ass.

message 10: by Latasha (new)

message 11: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Should've kept that jack o lantern lit Halloween hating lady

message 12: by Lena (new)

Lena It has begun!!!

message 13: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) 🎉👻🎉☠️

message 14: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) I actually have this comic book. I won it from a contest last year on Facebook!

message 15: by Lena (new)

Lena The tape? Kinky.

message 16: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Lol! Lena. I wish my town partied like Warren Valley.

message 17: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Lmao, the "princesses" dialogue is so hilarious after your "in on the joke"

message 18: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) They are going to a party in Sheep's Meadow 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

message 19: by Lena (new)

Lena That party looks so fun!

message 20: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) I think I'm a few minutes ahead of u Lena. My mom & dad always checked out candy. And that urban legend is true.

message 21: by Lena (new)

Lena Yes a few minutes. Slow down, lol! I remember the razor blade scare.

message 22: by Lena (new)

Lena Dead weight is hard on the back.

message 23: by Lena (new)

Lena I think that was the little sister in Dead Like Me.

message 24: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Lol. I don't like Charlie Brown either.

message 25: by Lena (new)

Lena So that was a body from earlier in the day? His wife?

message 26: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) I love how all these stories link together. Have you seen this before Lena? I think we are the only ones watching.

message 27: by Lena (new)

Lena No first time! Glad for the company!

message 28: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) No I think it's others kids he's killed. I paused for a minute for u to catch up. I'm at the cat lady's party

message 29: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Oh sorry, yeah from earlier but not his wife.

message 30: by Lena (new)

Lena I’m at the basement. I have to fast forward commercials.

message 31: by Lena (new)

Lena Oh shit!

message 32: by Lena (new)

Lena Mrs Henderson was from Dead Like Me too!

message 33: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Wasn't she in true blood as well? The drunk that stays at the bar? If she wasn't then I pictured her in that role.

message 34: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) 1st time I saw this I thought he'd killed his kid.

message 35: by Lena (new)

Lena Me too! Then it was almost worse, lol. Carve the eyes daddy.

message 36: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Yes and that smile 😱

message 37: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) There's the couple from the 1st story

message 38: by Lena (new)

Lena Looks like Andy McDowell, but younger.

message 39: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Lol oh a Rhonda. I am so that level of nerd

message 40: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Lena wrote: "Looks like Andy McDowell, but younger."

Yeah I can see that.

message 41: by Lena (new)

Lena Happy Shepherd...

message 42: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) That lil guy with the burlap head is Sam.

message 43: by Lena (new)

Lena I guess the candy was poisoned?

message 44: by Lena (new)

Lena I like the connections too? Sam?

message 45: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) What part are u at? Idk what u mean happy shepherd. Sorry ☹️

message 46: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) Do u want me tell u now or after, about Sam. I don't think it spoils anything.

message 47: by Lena (new)

Lena The school bus: Happy Shepherd Academy. They are taking the pumpkins to the lake with a creepy elevator.

message 48: by Lena (new)

Lena Woooo.
Second elevator.

message 49: by Latasha (new)

Latasha (latasha513) We are right at the same spot.

message 50: by Lena (new)

Lena Thanks. She found the school bus. Whose is Sam again?

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