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message 1: by Roberto (new)

Roberto Guerra (roberto27) | 24 comments Hello everyone!

I would be extremely grateful to anyone willing to read at least the first three chapters of my 89,000 word story, The Shadow in the Mirror (paranormal with elements of horror, thriller, mystery and romance).
"Harold Hopkins was born as a number of unearthly events were taking place throughout the globe, which had a freakish effect on his very existence.
Since birth, Harold’s father is disgusted by him, his peers shun him and the woman of his dreams, Maira, fears him, for reasons neither he nor anyone else can explain. Throughout his life he has witnessed an alternate version of himself in the mirror, often staring back at him as if he himself were a monster, which he later realizes is himself in a parallel reality, leading the plentiful life he always dreamed of.
After setting off on a harrowing journey with twists and turns, in search of the truth about himself, Harold finds Kemya, a motherly figure who helps him discover the truth about the events that took place when he was born, and how they altered his existence in ways he never imagined possible."
Please feel free to message me on Facebook inbox if you're interested or email me at

message 2: by J.S. (new)

J.S. Fowler (jsfowler-goodreadscom) | 15 comments A year after the assassination of Oda Kenshi, an emperor from China summons the missionary, Matshou Basho, for a private meeting. After a sudden illness, Uriah must take his place when the wrong emperor kidnaps him. In the castle, Uriah finds a female warrior named, Lei, who never leaves his side. With the help of Lei, Uriah embarks on a grand adventure with more twists and turns than a mountain side. In this journey, the spiritual battle of angels and demons is manifested for all to see. In this journey, Uriah must fight the supernatural as well as the physical.

If anyone is interested in beta reading this let me know.

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