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Darksoul (Silver Shadows, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. YA fantasy romance high school girl not human blood kills demons two guy friends from "heaven"/"hell" both like her. Spoilers ahead. [s]

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Carli Liles (carlililes) | 3 comments This was a one off (at least at the time). It ended in such a way that the author could have written a follow up in recent years. I THINK it was written/released in the past 5-6 years.

There was a high school girl who had one guy friend who was always making sexual comments to her, but she thinks he doesn't like her like that. They have another friend who's a girl and a real book nerd. A second guy shows up, in her art class. They get paired up. It turns out he and first guy know each other and are friends.

She starts getting attacked by demons/monsters. It turns out she's not human and her blood can kill demons. Her friends end up training her. They're each from "heaven" or "hell" though the names are different.

I know the author originally wrote/released it via Wattpad.

It turns out that she's a sort of half fallen angel. They regularly get "relocated" once they've lived in an area too long. Her mom isn't even her real mom. Turns out she's a lesbian and gets married in Hawaii later on in the book. One of the guys friends plays a cello at the wedding. While training her the guys have been shapeshifting back and forth to look like each other because they both like her and want her to date the other one.

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Added a spoiler alert to the topic header.

Carli Liles (carlililes) | 3 comments Found it! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2... Regrettably, it's not available for download anywhere.

Carli Liles (carlililes) | 3 comments Kris wrote: "Added a spoiler alert to the topic header."

Thanks for the update, how I do I mark this is "solved"?

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Ayshe | 4117 comments Darksoul by Eveline Hunt for the link.

Carli wrote: "how I do I mark this is "solved"?" If you're using the desktop site, you should be seeing greyish "edit" next to the topic's title, click on it and change the folder.

If you can't, moderator can also do it, once one comes around.

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