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Breaking and Entering > "Skip the Door"

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Joyce (joyceann17) | 47 comments Mod
Spoiler Alert: How morally innocent is a man who kills a 16 year old kid who breaks into his apartment to steal his stuff?

The narrator feels sorry about it, and it's hard not to be sympathetic since we only get to read his side of the story. But where is the "moral center"? I think Alexie gets to the heart of it, "skips the door" (or the obvious) when he admits to being pissed at himself for not walking away, and for the realization that, in one "unlucky cut" he wiped out the life of a kid who, one afternoon, had made a bad decision, but who might have stopped making bad decisions if only he'd had the chance to live.

Cady | 15 comments Mod
This one was really tough. What responsibility do we have to people who wrong us?
The part where he speaks to Elder's mother in questions is really impacting - "I murdered someone's potential."
The other aspect I found interesting was that the narrator is a native man, but presents as white, so took a lot of backlash as if he was just another white man killing a black kid. But he feels a depth of history, and related to the black family in a way that a white man likely wouldn't.

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