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Seventh Star Press (seventhstarpress) | 77 comments Mod
We would love your feedback and thoughts on our YouTube Channel. We will begin weekly video blogs concerning all things Seventh Star Press related and will have guest creatives. The show will be hosted by Stephen Zimmer and Holly Phillippe and named The Creative Cauldron. Thank you and I hope you enjoy our videos.

message 2: by Ieshea (new)

Ieshea | 1 comments Will you be doing transcriptions on these as my comp is old eneogh it glitches if I try to watch any videos

message 3: by Seventh (last edited Oct 30, 2017 03:10PM) (new)

Seventh Star Press (seventhstarpress) | 77 comments Mod
Hello Leshea and I hate to hear that about your computer, they can be pesky at times. I recommend you check out the Seventh Star Blog which I will post the link below. We do not plan to transcribe our videos off of YouTube yet but you have the option of our blog which I think you will enjoy. Thanks for the insight and giving me something to ponder for the future.

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