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message 1: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Bartlett | 1 comments Hey there, my name is Ryan Bartlett and this is my first go at writing. I went through the education system like most of us did, college and university, but never really got anywhere or found something I enjoyed. I'd always had an aspiration to create stories (I'm a lover of them through all mediums) , but 'writing' is something most people you know won't put too much stock in, but recently I just said sod it and decided to go with what I wanted to do.

So now I stand here (and by that I mean type on my laptop from my bed), looking for beta-readers for your true-honest opinions (seriously feel free to cook me if it improves the story or my writing.). I'll put a short synopsis below, those interested just reply here, message me, whatever works best for ya.

Synopsis: In the small coastal town of Bayhedge, life goes by slowly for many, even more so for one Alex Claussell. Going through life with no real ambition or drive, his only real objective is going from day to day, without causing fuss or drawing attention. However when walking home one day, he notices a girl balancing on top of the town square fountain, given that no one else is giving it any attention, he assumes her to be known local weirdo and decides to pass through as quick as possible. He wasn't expecting her to fall, he wasn't expecting his body to move without thinking, he wasn't expecting to catch her and most of all he wasn't expecting the following death grip on his head, nor the words that came next as her eyes bore a hole in his skull: "Wait... you can see me?"

A story of a young man who could do with a bit more life, and a ghost who could probably do with a little less.

message 2: by Harlowe (new)

Harlowe (lnharlowe) | 2 comments Hello. I am Harlowe. I would love to beta read what you have. I am wondering what type of comments/suggestions you are looking for. Please message me to converse.

message 3: by Breonna (new)

Breonna | 41 comments Hi Ryan. If you're still looking for betas, I'd be happy to work on this in my spare time. Just as long as you don't need immediate feedback, because I may not be able to work on it right away. If interested, PM me for an email address. :)

message 4: by Manasa (new)

Manasa Kannan | 111 comments sent a PM :)

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