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Kadian Thomas (kadianthomas) | 3 comments Mod
If you would like to read Lightning and Fire leave a comment here or direct message me.


Following the aftermath of the great war in Kollosnia, there is only death and despair. Everyone is picking up the pieces including Aiden.

Aiden is grieving over Calina and is single-handedly plotting to avenge her. But avenging Calina could mean going against the person Aiden is destined to love and protect.

All eyes are now on Anorvia. Finally, the moment she has been waiting for is here; she is the Queen of Kollosnia. But power is a fickle thing that comes and goes, and Anorvia will make sure she holds onto it. There is a growing concern though, Anorvia feels holding onto the power she so desperately wants, will blur the lines between hero and villain.
When there is a new threat to her throne, how Anorvia reacts will change everything.

Not to mention, there is something strange going on in Kollosnia, and Anorvia must figure out what it is.

I am looking for free beta readers but if you offer editing services at a low cost, you can also leave a message because I do need editors too.

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Allicia Blake (itsreallyallie) | 1 comments This sounds really good! If you still need beta readers, I’d love to!

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