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TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Person A and Person B have been friends for a long time, practically ever since they were born. They would always go over one another's houses for sleepovers and play with each other on the playground. The only difference between them was that Person A was willing to talk to other people while Person B stayed as far away from them as possible. Person A was the only one that Person B needed in their life, so that was their only friend. Once Middle school hit, they both began to have feelings for one another, though neither of them said anything about it and tried to act as if nothing was wrong. However, once High school began, they could no longer hold it in and Person A ended up confessing. Of course, Person B accepted their feelings because they had the same, and they began to date. These two were like the missing part for each other, the other half. But what about when one makes a horrible mistake?

One night at a party, Person A is unable to go because of family issues, but they still want Person B to go with one of their few friends. Even though Person B hates parties, they decided to go. However, someone slipped something in their drink and they end up sleeping with someone, Person C, due to intoxication. It's the talk of the school the new day, though Person A doesn't believe a word of it. However, when someone shows them a picture, they are completely heartbroken. They rush to Person A's house, who is still trying to recover from what they don't remember, and break up with them. For the first time that they can ever remember, they are split up. But can one truly live without a part of themselves?

Possible Things to Happen in the Plot:
*Person C, the one that Person B slept with, could end up pregnant (which would of course have to make this RP either MxF or MxM) and tells them about it. Person B, having a soft spot for children, doesn't want Person C to give it up. So, Person C has the child, nearly as soon as they do, they abandon Person B with that child, not wanting their life to be ruined. And the plot would continue from their with Person A figuring out that Person B has a child.

*A few years could pass with Person A and Person B finishing high school and either in college or onto a career. However, they meet one day in a local bar, one of them being in a relationship with someone new. (for Person A, Person D and for Person B, possible Person C, who they cheated on Person A with?) They talk with one another since what has happened occurred long ago and Person A forgives Person B. However, they begin to see one another again, their old friendship and all coming back to them and whichever one has a new relationship finds it hard to stay with the person they are currently with.

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Mehar Thank you :)

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Welcome (:

Did you wanna do one of those things that I listed that could happen in the plot? And if so, which one would you wanna do?

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Mehar Yes, that would be good. I guess the first one. I am all for tragic drama lol

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Okey, kewl. That's the one I prefer to happen (:

I'll go ahead and post my character, since I already have him made.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe)

Name: Anthony Michelle Tracy

Nickname(s): Toni and Michelle by his partner

Age: 17

Date of Birth: March 17
Time of Birth: 1:38 AM
Location of Birth: Asheville, North Carolina

Language(s): English and Slovakian; low Russian

Relationship Status: Taken

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual
Position? Top if with girl, versatile if with man.
Virgin? No.

 photo 1aaaaaaaaaahmgmbnm_zpsd7490d7f.jpg
//Hair Color// Black, original red
//Eye Color// Light blue, almost gray
//Height// 5'11
//Weight// 140 lbs
//Skin Tone// Pale
//Skin Texture// Smooth

Scars?? Few from fights at school
Freckles?? Small ones on his shoulders, shoulder blades and collarbones
Distinctive Markings?? Birth mark on his neck under his right ear

//Mother// Sarah Ann Tracy - alive/depression
//Father// Nickolas Julius Tracy - deceased/war
//Older Sister// Julian Marie Tracy - alive/healthy
//Little Sister// Chasity Ruth Tracy - alive/autism

Despite his knowledge with Slovakian, Anthony was born in America. He was born early and weak, so he had to be in the hospital for a week longer than he should have been. His mother stayed with him as he was in there, since she was recovering as well. Because of his rough birth, he had ADHD and diabetes. Neither are too severe, but it's pretty obvious he has them. He was taken home safely, and the rest of his infant life was normal. He was a hard baby to get to sleep, so his parents had to play piano music for him to get him to do so. He also loved animals, like the wolves behind the home. Of course, his older sister was with him when he played with them.

Anthony met "..." when he started Elementary school. He was the only person that Anthony would talk to, since he was very awkward around others. The two grew extremely close overtime, sharing with each other what they liked and spending night over one another's homes. Antony's parents treated ".." as if they was their own, accepting him. When Middle School started, Anthony began to feel..strange around "...". Not even around them, just feeling almost attracted to them. He kept this to himself though for a few years until 8th grade when he accidentally kissed "...". He felt horrible about it, but his best friend didn't seem to fazed about it. In fact, they said they liked it, and that they liked Anthony in ways they didn't like anyone else. They began to date the summer of 8th grade, and have been since then. But around that same time, Anthony's family had tragedy sent to them.

Anthony's father, who had been serving in the military since Anthony started Middle School, was killed in battle. The family was devastated, and slowly began to fall apart. Anthony's older sister moved out of the home, his mother began to stop taking care of her children, even though Chasity was still so young. So, Anthony took care of everyone, cooked everything and cleaned up. It is still that way today, he is very busy for a High Schooler and has a lot on his plate. The only thing keeping him sane is "..." being there with him. If they wasn't there, heaven knows how Anthony would have handled it.

*Strong willed
*Well mannered
*Well tempered
*Socially awkward
*Hopeless romantic

☺Being with ".."
☺Swimming...mostly with "..."
☺Dogs and wolves
☺Piano music
☺Learning new languages
☺Cuddle...with ".."

☻Sweet things
☻Judgmental people
☻Those who are mean to "..."
☻Being alone
☻Small spaces
☻Cutting of wrists

Anthony does have a tattoo on his left wrist.

 photo tatt_zps3a678528.jpg
This tattoo is on Anthony's left wrist. He got it when he was in 10th grade when he was dealing with bullies.

Anthony had ADHD and diabetes. He also has insomnia and will often stay away many nights without sleep. He can only sleep easy when with "..". He does have a job, and works a second one on the weekends.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) He is a cutie (:

And that's fine.

Honey, it is 100% your character, you make her look whatever way you want her to look, I have no preferences on what your character looks like lol

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Mehar Hahaha okie then thank you :))

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Mehar Sorry its taking too long

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Mehar Hi. I feel so bad that I still haven't put up my character. I ahve her figured out completely in my head, but can't get time to write her out. Would it be okay with you if I wrote her up in pointers for now and added the detail later, as and when I get time? Because I really wanna start this.

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Claire Colette Beaufort.
16 years
September 4, 2000
Hailee Steinfeld

She is effervescence, she is charm, strong like coffee, deep like chocolate, unpredictable like the sea. She is beauty, she is empathy, kindness, and love, soft like a petal, full of life like a rain shower. She is grace, smoothness, and smiles. She is happiness and joy, celebration, and ecstasy. She is cheerfulness and positivity, and fun. She is a rollercoaster ride full of turns. She is a flawed little piece of creation. She is hurt, she is pain. She is the memory of an old, old scar that lingers long after the marks are gone and bruises fade. She is a blossoming flower, she is strong and yet she falters. She is a tight rope, sometimes steady, other times far too stretched.

Claire is alive, truly and completely. She believes in living life to the fullest, she is all about wild fun and dancing till midnight. She is about meeting new people, with that sparkle of joy in her eyes. She makes friends in an instant, her charm nearly alluring. She will go to the party, and have all eyes turn on her. She can make the dullest groups joyous and spirited. Her smile is infectious, her laughter is the sweet sound of a rushing river. She is tumultuous like the rapids, a journey with her is the most unexpected thing ever. She is a constant explorer. Her curiosity knows no bounds. She is adventurous to the point of being drunk on travel. She is no scientist, more of a philosopher. Her curiosity isn’t about experiments in a lab, it is about travelling to the different corners of the world, its about finding herself, a journey traversing time and space. She doesn’t stop, she flies, soars, even falls down, but never halts. She can always be spotted trying her hand at new things and delving deeper into the arts she already masters. These include painting and writing poetry. Both calm her down when peace is what she desires, both light a fire in her bones and that is the only high she ever needs. The colors, she can get lost in them, and the words, they dance around her head. She is an extrovert, not only in the way she mingles with people, but also in the way, she doesn’t hide her troubles and worries from her loved ones. She doesn’t build walls around herself. She shows her scars, shares her happiness as well as grief. But she is strong in front of her strangers, even in front of a lot of friends, because no matter how many of them she has, only some she allows to get close to her heart and truly no the vulnerable child that still lies there. Her inner circle knows her battles and her wounds. And she is not ashamed of them, of who she is. She stands with her held high. She is trustworthy, a great keeper. And she is a great pillar of support for anyone who is on the verge of a breakdown and needs support to stand upright. But that doesn’t mean she is very trusting. She may talk to you freely, that doesn’t mean she trusts you or will confide in you. Having had her trust broken at an early stage, she finds it hard to build with most people. And despite of her social self, there are times when her confidence shoots down to the ground and she feels like she cannot get back up on her two feet again. She has an uncanny ability to remember everything perfectly well, the good and the bad. Hardly anything ever leaves her memory. So while she may forgive, she doesn’t forget. She fights her monsters everyday but they don’t erode her, they just make her stronger, just give her more zeal and strength to live life to the fullest and brave each day with a smile. Sometimes, she will wakes up in a cold sweat from a deeply disturbing nightmare, because her trauma will always stay with her, it is a part of the person that she is. But she is learning to overcome her fears. Her condition can only be explained as a mild case of Schizophrenia. There are visions that are not frequent, very sparse and usually last only a minute or two, and are generally not intense. With some medical help, and her zeal to live, she can and may get over them completely. But each negative experience only feeds this monster so she tries to keep herself as much upbeat as possible. It wasn’t always like this though. Not till fourth grade at least. Till then, she lived the happiest live with her father, her mother having died a few weeks after she was born, so it isn’t like she ever knew her mother. And it is hard to miss a person she never knew, though that doesn’t stop her from wishing she had a mother. Her father is her hero. When she was really little, her father was the sole bread winner, so he went to work – as a lawyer with a distinguished firm, her aunt, he mother’s sister that is, was the one she grew up with. Aunt Marissa would tell her all kinds of stories, play with her till she dropped down tired and would listen to all her whims and fancies, though there weren’t many. But as her father’s job became stable, and the workload reduced a little, he became a major part of her life. they would often go camping, hiking, sailing and doing all sort of fun stuff together. Her adventurous spirit comes from her father who never let a weekend idle buy and always made sure she was busy, either teaching her a new skill, or taking her to some place worth visiting. That is why Claire is so good with all things practical and generally smart with handling real life crisis situations. So, she had her aunt, as good as a mother, she had a loving father, she never found it hard to make friends, her grades were not excellent, but good enough and hers was a happy childhood. In third grade, her aunt got married and moved to Australia, away from her. And though they kept in contact, video calling each other practically every next day, there still was a big gaping hole in her heart, one that she couldn’t fill no matter what. It would always be there. An essential part of her life had been ripped away and for quite sometime, it had become difficult to even breathe.

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That’s when the dark phase of her life began. Her father did all he could to make sure she was never alone, and thus never fell prey to depression. Or he thought he did. Growing busy in his job once again, he felt that buying extravagant gifts for his daughter would somehow make up for her loss of a mother figure. As if. So he bought her stuff, and he didn’t understand why she grew more morose day by day. She drew into her shell. There was no one to talk to, no one to share her problems and her loneliness with. And her father was always busy. She didn’t want his gifts, she wanted his time. But time to him was too precious. She slowly started losing her spirit bit by bit. Just when she was ready to accept her seclusion, her father dropped another bomb on her. He now had a girlfriend. Her heart sank when he announced that his girlfriend and her sixteen year old son, Jason, would be moving into their home. She felt her life spinning out of control. This new woman was sure to be horrible. And it appeared that her father didn’t have time for her, but had plenty of time for this new family. Her life would become a living hell. She was right and wrong. Her father had no more time for them than he had for her. and the new girlfriend? Turned out she was fairly decent after all. But her life did become a living hell. and her nightmare was the woman’s son. He was a predator, seeking her out when no one else was home, and the things he did to her are things she hates to remember. But her memory is all too powerful. Those were indeed the most terrible days. At first, she quite liked him, how he talked to her about understating the loss of a parent, his own father being dead, how he understood her pain. But then he got a little too close for her taste. She can still sometimes feel his arms pinning her down, the scars he gave her and the closed room that she would never ever escape. She would have told her father about it all, she would have told his mother even, but she was young, very young and she didn’t even know what was happening with her, she didn’t understand the things he did to her. she only knew that she hated him, and that she feared him. Almost a year passed in this manner, and if it would have been longer, she would have lost herself to a place from where she couldn’t ever recover. But then came the greatest twist of her life. early in June , the whole family of four was driving to the hills for the vacation. And as they were moving in a good enough speed, when a truck suddenly appeared in their path, swerved in from nowhere, her father pulled the breaks but the car only came to a screeching halt after a terrible collision when it fell with a loud, loud thud. What she remembers after that is lying in an ambulance and feeling the life seep out of her body. She was hurt and in pain, and relief seemed like a distant dream. Death seemed to be at the corner, knocking at her door and calling her into its sweet peace. And she knew she didn’t want to go, but she felt helpless, more helpless than ever and she struggled hard to hold on, to keep breathing, to keep going. She was taken to the hospital and her aunt and her husband flew back from Australia. Three weeks she lied in that bed, staring at white walls and doing nothing, hardly being able to move. And even after she was sent home, she was on bed rest for a month. She learned in that time that her father was no more and that his girlfriend and son had left, God knew where. It was in that month that she really grew up. The kind of helplessness and hopelessness she had felt, she never ever wanted to feel that again. Those purposeless, aimless days of her life had shook her to realise that life was too short to waste even a single moment in cribbing or lying about without aim. She had nearly lost her life, and she knew, that when death came calling again, she wanted to be a person who had lived each moment to the fullest. Who wouldn’t have regrets about wasting her precious breaths. This encounter had brought back her spirit and liveliness, her thirst to live and hunger to learn. Sure, there was pain to deal with, a lot of it but now that she was living with her aunt, who was permanently back with her husband, she knew she would get past the bitterest memories and that she would find the sun shining bright upon herself once again. Her quality of not building walls around her and sharing her grief was the biggest factor that helped her cope. And though it took time, almost an year for her aunt’s counselling, she got back on track. And now she had taken to calling her aunt mom, because she was no less than one. And Kevin, her husband was the best support system anyone could ask for. Theirs was a happy family again. And though her heart was bruised, though her trauma had made her somewhat schizophrenic, though at times it was heard to breathe, though there were times she would wake up shivering as she felt Jason’s hands on her once again, she was zealous and full of hope, brimming with a positive energy that spread over to the people around her. She became a learner once again, doing all sorts of things with her aunt. Poetry and painting were still her refuge and now she had a new found comfort in swimming as the water burned away all the baggage that she carried along.
She had beautiful dark hair that falls to her waist. Her pearly eyes, accompanied with her charming smile endear her to one and all. Her high cheekbones and angular face make her pretty, especially as her face is always accented by an expression of curiosity and wild fun. She likes to keep in the trend with her clothing and styling though there are times when she might choose dressing for comfort. She will generally wear a bit of makeup.

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Mehar Done! Sorry its late and hope its all right!

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Mehar ((?))

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Mehar So I guess you can start off. Since its ur plot, I think u would have a better idea :))

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Well, we could either start before the actual party, give these two a bit of time together before we tear them apart lol or we could start with the morning after when she finds out what Annie did.

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Mehar Yeah lets start bwfore the party, on a happier note :)

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Kewl~


"Anthony, Claire is here!" Anthony heard his mother yell from downstairs, making the boy perk up. He looked towards the sisters bedroom door and looked back at the young girl who was playing with blocks, an absent sort of look on her face. He kissed her forehead gently before ruffling her hair and he stood up, wanting to get downstairs quickly so his girlfriend wasn't stuck down there with his mother. She liked to ramble about very personal things when people came over and he would have been the one to answer the door, but his phone was in the other room and Chasity had started crying. So he needed to care for her. Getting down the steps, he smiled when he saw his girlfriend there."Hey you." He moved closer to her and gave her a small kiss on the lips. He was still in his pajamas, some sweatpants and a heavy metal band t-shirt.

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Mehar ((Omg omg omg I am sorry, I never got a nottif for this! sorryyy!))

Claire was indeed quite fond of Mrs. Tracy. So when she rung the doorbell to Anthony's house that evening and found herself welcomes and ushered in by the woman, a smile spread its way across her lips and she didn't all mind waiting and talking to her as she called out to Anthony and waited for him to appear. Mrs. Tracy ahd been a mother figure for her when she had needed her to be the most, that time after the accident when she lost her father and her aiunt had not yet moved back from Australia. Otherwise, she was sure to have been put in some kind of foster home. For this, Claire would forever be indebted and grateful to Anthony's mother. Nevertheless, she was glad when he came down and the site of him made her smile wider. She tilted her head at him as he came closer and kissed her, "Why haven't I seen you at school since the past two days?" That indeed had been the reason she had come over today,

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Anthony looked at her as she spoke, putting a gentle hand on her arm and rubbing it slightly.
"Chasity caught a cold, so I needed to stay her with her so my mom could go to work," he replied to her, glancing at his mother, who had busied herself with watching her show now that Anthony was downstairs, and he took Claire's hand, starting to head upstairs with her."Sorry about that, I should have told you, but I've just kinda been with her 24/7. Didn't really have any moment to think about it." This wasn't something new either, when his sister was involved, pretty much all his attention was on her, but that was because she was his sickly little sister. He was going to care for her after all.

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Mehar Claire nodded in understanding, "I hope she is better now?" She asked as they climbed up the stairs abd shook her head as he spoke, " Why would you be sorry. Don't be sorry, I completely understand. I know how much you love your sister and honestly? Its really endearing." She replied, laughing as they reached up and she could see the little girl, playing in her room. Sometimes, she wished she had a little brother or sister. "Mind if I go in and say hi?" She askes. After all she too was concerned about the girl. But then she didn't really wait for his reply and went in instead, to see Chasity playing with her blicks. Claire bent so she was on level with the girl, "Mind some help buildibg that beautiful castle?" She asked smiling. When someone was sick, it was better to talk to them about her things instead of eepeatedly asking them how they were feeling. Because of ccourse they aren't feeling well.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) "Yeah, she's feeling a lot better now. Her fever was gone this morning," Anthony replied with a smile, walking up the steps with her. He knew that she had a good point, but he just always felt bad if he didn't talk to her every single day and let her know what he was doing and when he was going to be doing it. He was that sort of boyfriend, but not in a clingy way. In a cute way. He didn't mind when she just went into Chasity's room, since his sister didn't mind her much.

Chasity was playing with the blocks, her mouth open a bit as she did so. She didn't even look up when Clair came in, just seemed so concentrated on her blocks as she rocked back and forth a little bit. She had a bit of color to her cheeks, but she seemed okay besides, healthy as she could be for now.

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Mehar Claire just smiled more as she saw with how mich concentration the little girl was playing and she stood up, "Looks like she isn't in mood for company." She whispered to Anthony, "Let's go then, no point disturbing her." She said and slowly backed away from the child and out of the room. She knew Chasity had some problems and her heart only wished the best for the child. She turned to look at Anthony once they were out, "You in mood of company?" She asked jokingly, "And even if the answer is no, yoy are stuck with me for a while. I am not going back just now."

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Anthony watched as Claire tried to get the attention of his little sister. Chasity was use to her being around, so she didn't start crying or throwing a tantrum when she was around her, like she did with people she didn't know. But she also didn't communicate with her like she did with Anthony. Just sort of accepted that she was there he supposed, occasionally showing some sort of interest in communicating with her, but not very often. Anthony closed the door almost all the way when they went out, leaving her be and headed towards his room, laughing at her words.
"I'm always in the mood for your company," he replied to her with a small wink, opening his bedroom door and letting her enter before he, again, closed the door almost all the way, leaving it slight ajar.

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Mehar Claire laughed, "You better be." She replied smiling and followed him out of his sister's room and into his own. She thought she knew his room just as well as she knew her own. Half her childhood had been spent there and the other half here. She could walk blindfolded across the room and not stumble into things. She knew it that well. "So you've got a lot to cover up, too many assignments apparently. But there is another thing I want you to do too. There is a party at Eric's tomorrow. I want you to go there. You could really do with the break and have some fun."

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Anthony went over to his bed once they were in the room, raising his eyebrows a lit at her words. He listened to them, his eyebrows furrowing a bit when she mentioned him going to a party. He knew who Eric was, he was one of the few popular guys at the school who honestly never fucked with him, never messed around with him or said anything mean about him. That, however, doesn't mean his friends haven't, because they have.
"You're saying that like you're not gonna be there," he said with a frown, sighing heavily and bringing his legs up to sit criss cross on his bed,"Why would I go to a party without you?"

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Mehar Claire nodded, sitting down next to him, "You are right. I am not going to be there. Because I promised Kevin we would go buy mom's birthday present. And I am soory, I know you hate going to things alone. But do it this time, like I said you really really need a break. Besides your otjer friends and mine, they are all going to be there just hang out with them. You don't have to stay long, just for a while, so you can get your head off things at home and at school. Go give yourself a night off and enjoy." She smiled, tilting her hrad, hoping he would agree. She knew he didn't like social events, especially going places on his own, and she would have loved to accompanied him but she couldn't.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Anthony listened to her words, continuing to frown. He did hate social events and he only ever went to one if Claire was going as well. Parties he especially disliked going to, just because, with all of those people acting like fools, it was kinda hard to enjoy yourself. Eric's parties were, however, much more calm and he made sure no one was acting stupid. Too stupid anyways. He looked at her after she was done talking, shrugging his shoulders a bit.
"Why do you think I want to take a break?" he asked, not saying it in a mean or nasty way, just in a curious way.

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Mehar Claire smiled at him, "You are too stressed-out. Things at home are hard, I know that so no point trying to deny the truth and you work a little too much on all school related things. You haven't had an outing in a month. Of coutse you need a break." She said earnestly, hoping he would understand. He had much more on his plate than a normal teenager abd Claire didn't want him to crumble under the pressure. She just wanted him to live his life to the fullest, to enjoy it, be carefree and zestful. She wanted him to breathe, to let loose, let his guard down and live a little.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Anthony listened to her words, still frowning a bit at them and sighing softly. Even though he didn't wanna go, he knew there was no point in arguing with his girlfriend. She was hella stubborn when she wanted to be and if she wanted him to do something, he was gonna do it.
"Alright....I'll give it a shot," he promised her with a smile.

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Mehar Claire's smile widened at his words, "Good!" She exclaimed and leaned in to kiss his cheek. Then pulled back and looked around for her mobile in her bag, which she had just dumped on the bed. "I will let the others know you will be going with them. Just give me a second." She said and finally found her phone. Pulling her out, she quickly composed a text and hit sent before throwing the phone in the bag once again, "I will be fun and you can come back to tell me all the gossip, a first hand account." She laughed.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Anthony accepted the kiss that he was given with a smile, nodding his head at her a bit. He was worried about going to this because it was never something he enjoyed doing. The only time he enjoyed it a little bit was when Claire was with her...and now she wasn't going to be there. Which was a huge bummer. But, he would try it. Wasn't like it was really gonna hurt anything. He laid down on his bed then, his arms under his head as he watched her text her friends, chuckling a bit at her words.
"You trying to turn me into a gossiper?" he asked her with a raise of his eyebrows and a playful smirk.

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Mehar Claire shrugged, "What fun is a party withoit any gossip?" She replied smiling, "It would give you a reason to talk to people at least, and that's what I want. So gossip is serving a dual purpose here." He just needed some friends, a few more than he had, because no person could live in such a constructed social circle. Everyone beeded a change once in a while otherwise things became monotonous and boring. "Tell me who was the best dressed abd the worst dressed, that's the easiest task I can give you "

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Mehar (( Teddy?))

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) (( My comment didn't save!!!! ;.; stupid goodreads....I'm sorry! ))

Anthony listened to her words, blinking a bit. He had never been one to gossip, mainly because he just didn't care about what other people were doing with their lives. He didn't wanna turn into that person everyone hated because he talked about them. So he stayed out of it all. Which was the exact opposite of Claire.
"The best dressed will be the person wearing all black and the worst dressed will be anyone wearing pink. Sound good?" he asked her with a chuckle. The two of them were very different, Claire was a social butterfly and Anthony was borderline an emo kid. But they still got along, obviously since they were friends for years and have been dating for 3.

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Mehar ((No worries))

Claire shook her head, " Absolitely not. You cannot pre decide that kind of a thing. Besides, you cannot judge based on what color someone is wearing. You will go to the party, see for yourself and then tell me. Sound good?" She asked copying him. It was a wonder really, how the two of them fit together so perfectly despite their differences, "Maybe you can even get me pictures, so I can see too." She suggested, tilting her head.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) "That sounds like so much work!" Anthony complained, shooting a pout over at her, but it was a playful one. He moved his arms over towards her and scooted her closer to him, resting his arm lazily in her lap as the other returned under his head."Okay okay, I'll take some pictures. Then you can decide truly who was best and worst dressed."

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Claire moved towards him as he puled her closer and kissed hi hand as he put his arm in her lap, "Thank you." She said smiling. Then leaned down and kissed him, "Try to have fun. I want ypu to have an amazing time. If you think about ut, it can really be enjoyable. You don't have to talk to everyone, just to our group of friends. I am sure you can do that." She smiled, pulling back and then rummahed about in her bag before pulling out two assignments, "Oh and by the way, I got your homework for you."

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Anthony smiled when his hand was kissed and he kissed her back, a soft smile on his lips. He loved Claire a lot, he couldn't ask for anyone better to be with. She was his first love, crush and girlfriend, and he intended to keep her as his girlfriend for a very long time.
"Oh, thank you," he said, actually very sincere about it and he took them with a smile. He liked to keep on on his homework and his grades, it was something he took a lot of time to do. It was a way to keep his mother happy, since she use to throw horrible fits if he got anything lower than a B in a class. So he tried to keep it all A's and he's been able to do that all of high school so far, with some occasional B's and B+'s.

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Claire smiled at him and shook her head when he thanked her, "There is no need for that. I know exactly how important your studies are for you." She assured him. She however, was quite dufferent in this respect too. While she did well in most of the subjects, she didn't reallu think scoring high was all that important. She didn't let it bother or worry her much. Good grades weren't everything. And scoring less was definitely not the end of the world. Nothing was. She had learned her lessons the hard way, given a second life and realised what were the things that actually mattered. She wouldn't let anything as superficial as exams bother her more than their due share. Sure, studying was important, but it was impirtant for the sake of knowkedge, not marks.

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Anthony was very grateful for Clair's help whenever he needed it like this, even though he knew she didn't take it nearly as seriously as he did. But, again, he knew that the two of them were very different and that honestly hasn't mattered too much since they've known each other. It gives them more to argue about and they take one another points with small arguments, which are more like debates, very well.
"Anyways, enough about me. How was school today babe?" he asked with a smile tilt of his head, rubbing her leg gently.

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Claire was still looking through her bag for sonething when Anthony spoke and she looked up, "Hmm? School?" She repeated his question to make sure she had heard it right, "It was good and bad." She finally replied, "Good because we gad the most amazing drama class ever and I managed to get my idea of staging Macbeth for this year's annual production approved. And now, I have homework, plus a script to learn for the audition, and like I saud, I have to go buy a gift with Kevin and dance class. So I am drowning in work." She smiled, "But I am sure I can manage, ots not like I am doing it for first time. And the bad part is, that I still couldn't figure out why Jenna is mad at me." She saud with a sigh. Jenna was one of her closest friends, and for two days she had been acting so distan for no apparent reason. She had tried asking a lot, to no concrete reply. Between that and Anthony not coming to school, she had felt really low.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) Anthony nodded to her question and listened to her words, glad when he heard about the acting part. That would be fun, not something Anthony could ever see himself personally do, though he had been told he was a very good actor. Just doing it in front of people, no thank you. He could do it for Claire no problem, no one else though. When the part about Jenna was brought up, he frowned a bit.
"That's weird. She was talking to me yesterday a bit, when I took a small break from taking care of Chasity to eat something. She seemed okay, maybe a little weird," he said, thinking for a moment,"There's nothing you've done recently to make her angry, that I can remember anyways."

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Mehar Claire shrugged with a sad expression, "I can't think of a readon either. God knows what's up with her. I just wish she would confide in me so I could help her." She reploed, picking at a loose thread in her top. She was always that person in the group, the one who resolved everyone's issues. Not beacause she was a mastermind. Only because she couldn't see a friend worried or sad or burdened. Besides, with her live for learning, she had attended all sorts of classes and camps over the years, picking up varied skills and talents. She could help with about everything on the Earth.

TeddyBear {HarpyAshe}  **Well You Built Up A World Of Magic, Cause Your Real Life Is Tragic** (harpyashe) "Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much babe. I know she's your best friend and of course you wanna know whats up, but maybe she's just going through something right now and doesn't wanna be around certain people," Anthony said with a shrug of his shoulders, sitting up and bit and kissing her shoulder gently,"Since you're here, do you wanna relax with me a bit? Maybe watch a movie if you have nowhere to be?"

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