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message 1: by Felicity (new)

Felicity (fauxpanacea) | 3 comments Title: The Wandering Mage
The Author: My tentative penname is F.B.F. Duran. I am a Filipino-American woman whose love for my culture and fantasy has inspired me to write this first draft novel. If you are interested, please PM me!

Inspired by Philippine mythology and Eastern culture, The Wandering Mage is set in a world full of elemental and spiritual magic. There is a fine line between good and evil, and nothing is ever what it seems.

Ren is a young boy whose village was torn apart by a century of civil war. As the last remaining member who chose to stay behind, all hope seems lost. Until one day, a mage wanders by with an offer of salvation.

Now much closer than before, the child saw beneath his hood not only the gray eyes, but the point of a chin he thought looked a lot rounder and younger than an older man’s would be. No stubble poked out, and no wrinkle lines marred his face. The wanderer only had one flaw; a short silver scar that ran at a slight slant and horizontally just below his left eye.
“You must be cold out here,” the stranger spoke in an almost-whisper, “Do you have any place to go?”

Notes: Remember that this is the first draft, and any major editing is only just beginning. I need your help with finding any plot holes or major problems you find with the story! My writing has changed a bit from chapter 1 to the end, as it took me about a year to complete the entire manuscript. So also keep that in mind. I do realize that sometimes I tended to be a little long-winded in sentences.

message 2: by Alex (last edited Oct 18, 2017 01:04PM) (new)

Alex (asato) Excellent idea to base a fantasy story on Phillipine mythology, but I don’t get a sense of it from the synopsis or blurb.

Have you read Isabel Yap? I read this really visceral short of hers about Manananggal and loved it.

message 3: by Felicity (new)

Felicity (fauxpanacea) | 3 comments No I haven't read stories by Isabel Yap. But a Manananggal story short sounds great
If you want more info on this story though, it's about a boy who is saved and taught by a mage. There's spirits and mythology involved including creatures like the kapre.

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex (asato) Excellent! I’m tired of the same old wizards and supernatural creatures like vampires, shapeshifters, and fae.

MountainGuardian | 8 comments Hello,
I am a fellow writer looking for a beta myself.
But the premise of Philippine mythology for your story sounds interesting. I could try to beta-read a few chapters for you.
Send me a message to connect.

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