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message 1: by Houston (new)

Houston Library (hplreadsonlinebookclub) | 134 comments Mod
Let's talk about Polly. How does she make you feel? Can you understand at all the decisions she makes or how her life has brought her to make these decisions?

message 2: by Raeann (new)

Raeann | 21 comments Just when I feel like I could not be more frustrated with her, and her seemingly selfish motives, she explains her past in more depth and the rational behind her decisions. And there are so many parts of her personal story that I have no personal experience in that I know I truly cant understand. but try to lean towards more grace. Though the last decision she talks about making towards the end of the book, that one left me pretty frustrated with her. but to each their own I guess.

message 3: by HPL Lauren (new)

HPL Lauren | 52 comments Mod
Yeah, I'm still working through trying to find some way to empathize with her but it is pretty tough.

message 4: by Ana (new)

Ana | 9 comments I get her. She wants more but it’s constantly out of reach.

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