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Origin and purpose of the guardians? (SPOILERS)
Brett Brett Oct 17, 2017 08:59PM
Hi all,

Just finished Stone Sky and am still confused as to who created the guardians and what their original purpose was.

What I know:

* Guardians are similar to orogenes but undergo a corestone implanting operation that grants them new abilities and longer lifespans.

* They are created in Warrant, and come back to it during seasons to hibernate

* Evil earth can control guardians via the corestone

* They are ultimately used by the Fulcrum to train and discipline orogenes.

I remember in one of Hoa's flashbacks it being explained that the earth made guardians out of "traitors." But for what purpose (since orogenes evolved much later)?

Or am I totally wrong, and it was the Stone eaters who created them?

Any clarity is appreciated!

Why did Alabaster open the rift if Syenite had to seal it later? Was it to provide power for the obelisks when recapturing the moon? If so, why couldn’t the core hole at Corepoint be used? Or was the rift opened to make all the stills and orogenes equal and force cooperation?

Saul Alabaster wanted to destroy the Sanzed who had enslaved orogenes; he also thought it would be a convenient power source for catching the Moon later. I ...more
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Why was Nassun able to use magic and not turn to stone (although her hand did at the end)?

If Hoa was the stone eater in the damaged obelisk at Allia, why was he reborn in the chalcedony egg 10 years later at Tirimo? Or was that a different stone eater?

Saul Being born out of the egg let him take on a human-like form rather than the usual stone-eater statue-like form.
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If the Guardians came from the delegation on the moon at the time of the Shattering (the passage about the iron fragment shattering and the shards entering their body’s) how did they get back to earth? For that matter how did the tuners get back to earth? Hoa says he has no recollection of this.

Why did Hoa and Antimony protect Essun and Alabaster? Was it because they were 10-ringers and had the potential to end the seasons?

Why does using the Obelisk Gate turn an orogene to stone? Seems unlikely that is what created all the stone eaters.

Why were there so many stone eaters? If the stone eaters were the original tuners, there were 6 and however many were in the briar patch. But Corepoint apparently had hundreds if not thousands of stone eaters.

I think you're right - the first who became what were later known as Guardians were the humans present at Launch Day: '[The Earth] used the corestone fragments to take direct control of these most dangerous vermin - but this did not work as it intended."

I *think* the orogenes are the descendants of Kelenli: "Only Kelenli's children, who did not stand out, whose strength hid in plain sight, continued."

My supposition then is that as Earth became aware of the orogenes, it used it's programmed, corestone-controlled people to create the (and become) the Guardians in its continued fight against humanity. The letter between the Innovators presented at the end of chapter 8 tells us that the orogenes have prevented a large number of disasters, and that the Seasons are more frequent than most realize - that research gets shut down, in part because of Guardian activity. This suggests a (somewhat) quiet war.

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