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Phoenix~They/Them This is my writing I hope you like it

Warning, some of the writing might talk about deaths and blood but it won't be descriptive

No stealing my writing
No Mean comments
Don't pick fights here
Hope you enjoy :D

Phoenix~They/Them Just a small preview of my story Dragonborne. I might use it I might now ^.^

Izalu stood in front of what used to be her village. Fires on the buildings, one that couldn't be put out from the cold wintery air. She clenched her fists and walked towards the destroyed village. What happened here? She thought to herself. She looked around, windows were broken, there were bodies laying about littering the village, it looked like a war zone. Izalu was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard footprints crunching in the snow. She whipped around, sword drawn pointing at the throat of the intruder. It was a male dragon born, black one at that with silver like eyes. She glanced at his clothes noticing that the top was a white shirt with leather breast plates and leather pants, a hole in the back of the pants for his tail. “Who are you?” Izalu asked. The dragon born laughed and said, “I don’t have to tell such a young dragon born anything.” Izalu pushed the sword closer to the mysterious dragonborn’s neck. “Did you do this?” She asked, her sword made a small cut on his neck, though it wasn’t deep it still hurt the male. He sighed annoyed “Fine, my name’s Drake and no, I didn’t do this, my clan did.” He said, before his eyes widened and he dodged the swinging of the sword. “What the heck. I didn’t finish speaking.” He said, dodging another slash while cursing in draconic.
Drake took out his sword and blocked “I left my clan before they attacked the village, they took help from some sort of fire breathing Dragonborn clan, don’t really remember the color of their scales.” Izalu jumped backwards as he continued “They’re after you Agala.” Izalu stopped and narrowed her eyes “Why?” She asked. Drake sheathed his sword and said, “Probably because of them wanting to recruit strong warriors.” He walked towards the exit of the destroyed village “I’d suggest you come with me, and don’t worry your clanmates are alive.” He said, disappearing into the forest with Izalu running to catch up.

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Phoenix~They/Them Thanks, its like a clip from my new book Dragonborne

Phoenix~They/Them An elf was walking through the woods behind a few people, her hands bound in front of her as she was being forced to move. Someone yanked at the rope connected to her bindings, causing the young elf to stumble forwards. The she-elf stared at her captor hatefully. Any day now. she thought.

A few days before she sitting in a circle and looked at a group of dwarves, "So, let me get this straight, you want me to purposely get myself captured by one of those hunter guys who's been terrorizing other creatures." She asked. A dwarf nodded and said, "Yes, think you can do it Alamora." She nodded "Alright but I am getting paid for letting myself get captured. How about 100 gold pieces." she said. The dwarf's eyes widened, then he grunted a bit and said, "Fine, since this could be dangerous. When they fall into our trap we'll attack them so you don't have to worry about being stuck there. They should make their way through our forest with you where other dwarves would be waiting." The brunette elf smiled and nodded "Alright" She said, getting up before leaving the hut.

Alamora sighed as she walked behind the hunters, she spotted a few dwarves moving silently through the woods but she payed no attention until she heard a shout. She spotted the dwarves charging at the men, all dressed in armor and wielding axes and longswords. A dwarf cut the rope over Alamora's wrists, freeing her. A smirk crossed her face as she jumped back, grabbing a sword and slashed a man down. The attack didn't last long as the remaining men ended up retreating while leaving their stuff behind. Alamora looked at the dwarf "Since I did my end of the bargain, you keep yours." She said. The dwarf nodded, and walked to another dwarf and chatted for a bit. The younger dwarf gave a small nod and left. Alamora watched confused before seeing the younger dwarf come back "We are very grateful for your help Alamora of the kingdom of Alvorian." She said "And for that we present to you this bag of holding with 100 gold pieces inside of it, spend the gold wisely." She spoke with a grateful tone, hidden by a slight shyness as Alamora took the bag. "Thanks, I'll be on my way now." She said before walking away, deeper into the forest.

Phoenix~They/Them I was bored XD

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Howdy! Are you planning on participating in the WW vs BR points?

Phoenix~They/Them Probably not. Im not in a good mood anymore to even write.

Phoenix~They/Them I was bored

A pale white figure stood with long blue hair How long has it been? she asked quietly, she couldn’t seem to remember. What day is it. she took a step forward. When did I die.The girl stood in front of a mirror, her reflection unseen. She placed a palm on the mirror, then removed it, leaving a bloody handprint behind. She looked around silently I must find the answers. she moved quietly across the floorboards, passed a scorched bed frame. What is this place, it feels familiar.
A girl with blue hair was running across the house yelling for her mother. “Mommy!!!!” She screamed, she froze at the doorway in horror and noticed bloodstains on the floor “M-mommy?” She said, cautiously following the blood stains. She smelt something faint. Alcohol mixed with gasoline, doused on the wooden floor. A figure stood there, holding a lighter in his hands, when she saw his face, her heart skipped a beat “D-daddy?” She said. Her father, drunk and smiling dropped the lighter onto the doused floor by the body of her dead mother. Next thing that she knew the place was up in flames, stuff collapsing. The only exit she knew was covered in the flames of the now burning house. She couldn’t see, nor breath and began to cough, kneeling down and crawling to escape, then nothingness, all feelings have lost the girl’s senses and she dropped.
The figure shook her head clear Who was that, and why’d she look like me. Yet she was younger then me, I think. The young figure sat down and sighed, burying her face into her hands. Was that her? If so why was she just remembering? She didn’t even know how long she’s been dead for.
A soft creak echoed through the house, snapping the girl out of thoughts and looked up, moving a bit of her dress. Her dress was burnt at the bottom and the blue was fading on her dress. Despite having died young the girl looked in her teens, her bright green eyes dimmed and dulled, no longer showing the light of life that was once there. The girl got up and phased through the walls, slowly walking downstairs. “Who’s there?” She asked, narrowing her eyes. It wasn’t very safe in this old house, the reason she’s been scaring people away. She looked up at the rotting ceilings, then the broken windows, yet to be fixed. Two boys’ attention shot towards her and the younger brothers’ face had instantly became as white as flour. He jumped and clung to his brother. “W-who are you?” He asked. The girl shrugged “I don’t know my name but you two better get out of here, its dangerous.” She said, motioning to the rotted and burnt wood, then the damage. “Who knows what could happen.” She added. The older boy sized up to her and said, “And what’s a little ghost gonna do bout it, huh?” The girl made an object float in the air and threw it at the two rude boys, causing them to scatter, the young brother immediately running home. “Coward!” The older brother said with a hiss, then with a huff he left the house after his brother.

This was just for fun BTW XD

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