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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Here!!

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Name: Amanda Matthews

Age: 20


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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Name: Jay Samuel

Age: 27


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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments ((I’ll start in an hour unless youbwanna start! I have class then im on the rest of the night!))

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Ill let you lol, I got work to do

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Amanda took a deep breath as she was dressed in her black pencil skirt and white blouse. Her long brown hair was curled as she walked into the large building in New York city. Journalism was her passion and though she was only an intern to the CEO of the paper she was thrilled. Finally things in her life were going well. She walked to the elevator and was led to his office. The moment her eyes rested on him she was surprised. She heard of him. To watch out because he liked his women and he was extremely handsome and charming. She swallowed and looked down before looking up, “good morning um... sir,” she said and bit her lip nervously, “I am Amanda Matthews the girl you hired for the internship,” she smiled kindly and handed him her portfolio, “I was told to bring pieces of my work, most of those are pictures but I have some writing and I am rambling,” she blushed a deep red and sighed, “sorry,” she murmured, “where do you need me?” She asked him, standing a bit taller. She rambled when she got nervous. Amanda was a sweet girl. She cared for everyone and everything and was an extremely hard worker. With her past she had to learn how to grow up fast.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Jay had been sitting at his desk for what seemed like hours. He wanted some action, something new to happen, not the same old rustling of papers and talks of the same old things that always seemed to happen in the city he lived in. That's why he always hung around new women. He was just in search of something new, but they were all the same or ended up being the same. So, when the new intern girl had walked in, he nearly jumped out of his seat in excitement. "Why hello." He smiled, taking her portfolio and looking through them. He admitted her work was great, the pictures taken as what seemed to be as if a professional had taken them. He skimmed through some of her writing, as he had always done when hiring new people, mostly because he needed to seem as if he had a ton of work to do (which he did at the moment). They were great as well. "Looks good." He said as he began to read some of them a bit more than just skimming. "And no worries, you do work at a higher paper company. For the moment, you'll be led around so you can see where everything is at. And then, we can find you something to work on." he said

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments “Sounds great, thank you,” she murmured then walked out. She beamed with excitement. It was like taking a toddler to a candy store. She looked at it all with amazement... until her phone went off. She checked the number and froze. How did he get it? She swallowed thickly and but it on silent. Her face was washed white once they reached the office again, “what tasks do you have for me sir?” She asked him, trying to swallow back the fear and panic in her voice that just occurred.
Her father was a drug addict and an alcoholic. His entire life. Same with her mother but she overdosed when Amanda was five. She was left with an abusive father and had to raise herself. One night it got really bad though. She had been 13 and it went past punching and kicking. He had tried to assault her and when she ran from him he stabbed her and attacked her. She lived in a small apartment on the trashy side of town so no one cared. She had dragged herself out onto the side walk and that is how she was found. She shuddered at the memory. Her father had been put in jail but he owed a lot of people a lot of money. She had to pay everyone back or she got in trouble. She lived in a shitty foster home until she was 17 and now here she was on wallstreet with an internship but moved back into the same trashy apartment running from her past while trying to stay alive. She never formed close relationships because of it.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Jay glanced over at her, seeing her face going pale. He figured it was just because she was nervous, as was most of the people who applied for the job. He liked nervous. He didn't know why, but nervous women gave him a feeling like he could protect them, and that was what he liked feeling. Of course, the feeling would always end as soon as he was done with them or they both were done. "As an intern, for a little while you will be expected to do some of the harder work, on top of learning how things go around here. Such as the rules and what not. You'll also get to do a few tasks on helping some of the others with their writings." He said. "As for now, I don't have much to ask for. I guess you can go over to Ms. Lauren over there and she will teach you a few things." He smiled

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments Amanda nodded and went to Lauren. She fidgeted and nodded. She did every task flawlessly and then did extra work. By the end of the day she had her tasks finished for the week. She was incredibly bright. She then saw the time and shot up. She was going to miss the free bus and had no money to pay for any other transportation. She hurried into Jay’s office, “I completed everything and um I know this is unprofessional but I am going to miss my bus and I really can’t miss it may I be excused for the day?” She asked nervously. At this point it was questionable if she would make it or not. She swallowed thickly and watched the clock. She would need to sprint there. It was either that or walk two hours which she has had to do in the past but a deadline on one of the men her father owed was coming up and she really didn’t want to walk alone.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3977 comments ??

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