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 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments I'm going to be Snape. Can we start off in school? I want to do that Lilly won't end up with James and they live together without Snape calling her a mudblood or Lilly ending up with James but they have an affair which produces Harry who has black hair and all of his mother's good features but snape's eyes?

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Lol. Okay we could do doubles then? Like friends or minor characters? And it be hard to collide with canon story, so how about after the sorting?

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Yeah. By create characters you mean ocs?

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Name: Severus Snape
Age: Develops over time
(view spoiler)
Personality: Cold, sarcastic, yearned to be something better, detached, calm,

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Boy for severus, either or for lily

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Name: Jeffrey 'Jeff' Parkinson
Age: Develops over time
Friends: Severus
House: Slytherin
Appearance:(view spoiler)
Personality: Sarcastic, Oddball, Cool towards friends, over mediocre but not over achieving

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Boy then

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((Yeah lilly and snape did and the friends met in their dorms or whatever. Can you start in hallways?))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((Ok.))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus was nervous. Would Lily get in Slytherin? Thinking of Gryfinndor at different points bothered him, it reminded him of the two boys on the train. Snivellus they called him. His name wasn't even close to that!
Lily was too smart for Gryfinndor anyway. Ravenclaw at most, Severus knew that he would get in Slytherin, at least people not like that black and potter boy won't be there.
But he nearly fell when hearing the hat shout Gryfinndor for Lily. He stared at her walking from the stool to her new table, where she'll sit away from him for the rest of their seven years.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments He gave Lily a not so warm look but more nice look than he would give most people. Severus sighed, watching more and more of those getting called, until hearing his name.
Severus didn't want to portray cowardice, but not too arrogantly. He went up and sat down. The hat went over his head messing his greasy locks.
Hmm, certainly Hufflepuff won't do. Gryfinndor could be a yes, but certainly a no. Ravenclaw would be the right house for you, but your more...The house paused for a certain time then began again. Better be--SLYTHERIN! Severus heard in his mind, as someone was speaking right in front of him. But then he heard the house clapping, which meant the hat had to yell it out loud.
He went straight to his table, biting his lip. At least it wasn't Gryfinndor. I could've been with Lily. He thought but the thought made him unnerving to think about Gryfinndor.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments He listened to the rules with dignified attention, then tried not to overreact at the extra amounts of food in front of him. Severus's father never provided enough, no matter how many times he said Severus and his mother were ungrateful.
But he ate casually, like the rest were.
"Hey." A boy with auburn hair said.
Severus turned to him. "Hi, I'm Severus."
The boy smirked, Severus didn't quite know if that was a rude gesture. 'You sound like you ate a lemon, it was just a sorting." He said and Severus didn't respond. He didn't know how to.
He got to see Hogwarts for the first time, seeming more amazing that what he've read. The grand halls, the cool aspects, and even got the common room password.
His dorms were green and calm, like Lilly's eyes as a comparison. The guy who commented on his voice started talking to him, more coolly and friendly, which indicated that he wasn't teasing Severus. Might just be how he was.

((Time skip?))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((Do you still want to continue?))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus didn't really like Quidditch, it didn't have anything to do with academics, just a sport. But he saw Lilly right next to James--and his friend Sirius.
He had a competitive urge to do better than him, it wasn't just about Lily. They teased him and he definitely wasn't about to let them get an upprhand in Quidditch.

((Doubles on James and Sirius when Madaam Hooch says up?))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((Yes))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments "Up!" Severus cried out. The broom stood there.
"Up!!" He said again the broom rolled over, but still was on the ground. Not now, please. He glanced around while half the people already had their brooms in their hands.

Sirius spotted the same boy on the train, struggling to make his broom rise. It was entertaining just to watch him, and he nudged James. He pointed to Severus while saying nothing, but chuckling so hard it nothing came out.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments You got to be kidding me. "No." He said firmly seeing his friends laughing at him, and other people butting in trying to see what's going on. The broom still couldn't go up, but Severus had to look like he was confident enough.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments "Stand to look at your face." Severus said bitterly. He finally got the broom to fly up but instead it hit his face. The broom knocked him to the floor, first moaning but then got up quickly holding his face limping.

Sirius stared daggers at Severus. "Nobody could stand to look at your nose-" But then watching Severus's broom hit him he bursted into laughter, with everyone else.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Even Lilly didn't defend him, just nudging her ugly friend. Severus wanted to burn his broom to ashes, but went along. He mounted his broom, with Jeff staring at his feet. Severus didn't want to hear any of his sarcastic comments, at least not now.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus kept kicking, but didn't fly up. Only on the third try. He did mediocrely, but at times embarrassed at himself looking over at everyone else. The Gryfinndors of course had to show off, but the Slytherins were doing rather well too.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus was done. Tears almost stung his eyes in agony, wanting to scream out in annoyance. Nothing was going his way. He couldn't do the turns on his broomstick, no matter what Madam Hooch said. Seeing people laughing at him irritated him, it just showed how submissive they were. Laughing at him because stupid potter did.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments He was glad Lily came over, but really didn't show it. Even Jeff raised his eyebrows, wondering why a muggle-born was defending him. "I know! Go back." Severus whispered back a bit harshly, trying not to get red in the face.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Seeing Lilly hang with them made him angry, now regretting being rude to her. But class was ending, and he left quickly with Jeff.
"So, I'm not good at Quidditch either-" Jeff started but quickly Severus cut through his sentence.
"Shut up!"
"Hey, who cares what James Potter thinks? He can go impress his nitwit friends and mudbloods--"
Mudbloods? He never thought of Lily as that, or the Gryfinndors. Severus didn't correct his friend either, just nodding along and talking the rest of the way.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments He hung out with Lily the day before, but today he was walking to potions class with Jeff. Talking about random things, a rush of excitement passed over him going to potions class. He didn't know how, but Severus liked this class. The mixing, the specifics, the everything.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments God, Severus face boiled seeing Lily with James, already abandoned by his one friend who he known. Melancholy drowned his excitement a bit, with a sprinkle of jealousy. Maybe Lily liked James more than him, and she didn't mean much to him anymore. Severus couldn't accept that, prompting himself that it wasn't true.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Professor Slughorn entered, telling them about potion making, but Severus already knew it. In fact, he knew all of it. Potter may be good at athletics, but Severus was academic. Professor Slughorn told them directions to make a Wide eye potion, and Severus was at it. Jeff kept dropping his ingredients and swearing whenever doing something wrong, glancing at Severus to see what he was doing.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Slughorn came around towards Lilly and checked her potion. He double checked it, not believing her talent. "Wow...this is amazing! Brilliant.." He said with his hands on his chin. "Do you have any potion brewers in your family?" Slughorn asked questioningly.

Severus smiled at Lily, glad she was doing good. Much better than Potter.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments "Really?" He said, sure enough that she had to be born from some wizard blood to have that talent. He went over to a boy with greasy hair, a long nose, and sallow skin. His house, he expected more subconsciously. But Slughorn was quite impressed that his was amazing. Two in a row! "I see another special talent." Slughorn said.


 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((Sorry forgot.))

Severus wasn't beaming, but rather smirking in delight. "Thank-Thank you sir." He was delighted. Severus's potions skills were the bets in the whole entire classroom, and he knew it. No matter what sport he wasn't good at, or whatever, at least he was knowledgeable.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Jeff stared blankly at Severus, hinting a bit a of jealousy. "Hey genius, can you-er-help me with mine?" His friend wasn't great at quidditch, and now it seems potions wasnt his thing either.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((Nope, severus.))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments New teacher every year.
Thats what everybody says.
Severus saw a korean lady with shoulder length black hair, and dark chestnut eyes. She stood in front of the room where desks were pushed to the side of a room in a herd. Her deep matter-of-fact voice told them wands away and books. What were they going to do? This sounded fun.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((What?? Umbridge was in harry's fifth year, she couldn't have been in the school earlier, she wouldn't have been hired again later. Can we just improvise?))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments "Well, on another note keep your wands." The students groaned, because their teacher couldn't make their mind up.
"In a world of bandits, stealers, and thieves defense is needed. It's essential because there's a war going on, and not everybody is as safe when anything at any giving moment could happen. You won't see me next year, but I'm risking all the probabilities of how I will be kicked out to teaching you. But since your only first years, let's get on with the basics. These spells aren't as powerful or deadly now, but never underestimate anything's powers." She cleared her throat approving of the fact she got everyone's attention with little to no effort.
"State and repeat the incantation 'Expelliarmus'." They did as they were told. "You'll be put in partners, but now I need two for a demonstration." She looked around, but nobody insisted on participating. She was going to randomly choose two, but then a boy with messy hair raised his hand, with a confident look in his eyes. He seemed like a show-off, since it was a chance to shine when nobody dared to volunteer.
"Name?" She asked.
"James Potter."
"Okay, thanks Mr. Potter for volunteering. Anyone else?" She looked over but everybody had their eyes elsewhere. Except one boy, with the same jet black hair as Potter, but greasy and long, and certainly less physically attractive.
"Name?" The boy flinched a bit, but turned steady as soon as his peers glanced over at him.
"Snape." He said, trying to level his nervousness and calm voice .
"Well Snape your my second volunteer. Both of you say 'Expelliarmus', and try to get one another and dodge. This will be your first short duel. Ready?"

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus's wand flew out of his hand, but he catches it. Okay James. You want to play?
He shouted a curse, but was being impulsive before thinking about casting a dark magic spell. Severus only thought about him getting the glory, not about how bad it'll affect James and how you can't block dark magic, unless it's advanced.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus swore so much in his head, but felt more remorse for James. "Oh, sorry." He flashed Jeff a smile, with all the Slytherins smirking. Meanwhile the Gryfinndors looked astounded. Their such hypocrites, James did a bunch more mean stuff to him. It's what made him angry when Lily hung out with him.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus just realized his friend was full of crap. Detention. He was too bright for detention! James deserved detention, but everybody loves him, who cares about ugly Severus?
"Mate, that was so cool!" Jeff said coming behind him.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus and Jeff were talking, but Severus saw Lily. He told Jeff he was going back to the classroom, while he catches up with Lily and her friend.
"Hey Lily." He said ignoring Annika, or her nickname Severus gave her as 'Lily's ugly friend.'

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments "Lily. It's not bad, it's how you use it. Every spell could be bad, it's how you use it, they want to make it seem evil because it associates with Slytherin." He said trying to talk his way out of her disappointment, disappointed himself.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments "James does a lot of bad stuff to me!" He flashed Annika an even uglier look. "You know what, go with James. Go with your boyfriend and his crew, playing with snitches and doing other idiotic stuff. You only care about him, what's the point if what I do is evil because I'm a dangerous slytherin and he's an angel." Severus spat angrily.
He regretted what he said but that's how he felt. She blushed when he showed off for her, walked with him to every class, hung out with her friends that teased him. Severus didn't like his new start at Hogwarts.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments "So kind, that he messes with me everyday. How polite." He sneered. "Acting like?" Severus argued. "Dark magic is fine!" He saw a few older students turn hearing his voice, but he didn't care.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus stared at her in a deathly way. "Sweet?" He said faintly. "Okay, there is a lot of magic that's dangerous."

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments He shrugged. If he was hungry enough, Severus would probably go too. Or if he was really fed up with some body.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((Ok, you want to?))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments ((Ok, second year then. Post first.))

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus didn't bother to cut his hair, his nose was a bit longer which he quite hated, and he was quite more tall and lanky. He was taller than the average kid anyway. Jeff looked less childish and more mature and better-looking.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus didn't see Annika attractive, which was mostly his dislike for her. Jeff didn't like Gryfinndors either way, but he would never admit he found her a bit cute.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Jeff and Severus only clapped for those who came in Slytherin, which was much more this year.

 ✺Zen Orchid ✺ | 0 comments Severus felt weak saying James bullied him, but seeing his friend laugh and joke around with his bully felt like a stab in his back. Everytime, and Severus didnt see how 'sweet' he was yet.

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