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message 1: by Timothy (new)

Timothy | 11 comments Hi there,

I am a Goodreads Author. This is my page.

I have three things I need some assistance with, if you would be so kind.
I'll list them below, starting with the easy one first.

1. Adding me as a Goodreads Author to this Book
Book URL:

This book is an anthology and I happen to be one of the contributing writers.

2. Adding me as a Goodreads Author for Two editions of a Book
I've already been added as a Goodreads Author to the Smashwords Ebook edition, as per here:

Could you be so kind as to add me as a Goodreads Author to the other two editions of the book?
Paperback Edition:
Kindle Edition:

You will see that a "Timothy Nakayama" has been added to the list of Goodreads Author to both these editions of the book. However, this is not me.

There is another "Timothy Nakayama" on Goodreads. He is a priest and as far as I know, contributed to one book: "Too Young To Fight". He is a lot, lot older than I am (apparently, he was around during World War 2).

I have noticed that every time someone tries to add "Timothy Nakayama" as a contributing writer to a book, his name is always the one that gets linked. Is it possible to change this so that my name/unique-link is the first one to pop up instead? I have contributed to more books than he has and am still in my 30s, so it would only be logical to assign me as the "default" Timothy Nakayama if that makes sense? Otherwise I have to create a post in the Librarians Group every time someone adds him to a book I contributed to.

3. Adding me as a Goodreads Author to all editions of the book titled "Utter Fabrications"

Limited Edition Hardcover:




If you need anything else from me to help facilitate these requests, do let me know. I apologize in advance if my understanding of how these links work is erroneous - am just a green sailor when it comes to navigating Goodreads. Thank you so much for your assistance!


message 2: by Timothy (new)

Timothy | 11 comments Hey Tim... Splaining (nice name btw),

Thank you so much for your help on both issues!
I will contact support regarding the two-space profile thingy.


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