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Flames to the Beast (Volume One Blood Legacy) by M.A. Levi M.A. Levi

Title: Flames to the Beast
Author: M.A. Levi
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Formats Available: Pdf
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 20


After the dismal slums of the city Fortaleza was aglow with the orange flickers of the tavern fire and Leonardo's howls of death were no longer heard, Eli Santos became overridden with failure and guilt. Distraught over the death of his rouge brother-in-law, there in the darkness a figure emerged. An ally turned foe, commanding leader of the Holy army in the Order of St. Michael- Keller glorified in murdering one of Eli's own kin after he exposed him as a werewolf. With fur as black as the night, Eli remained unseen in the shadows as he listened to Keller make a vow so vile, he dared to enact the words of an ancient and feared prophecy of his people: Flames to the Beast.

In the first installment of the Beast Trilogy, escape with Eli and Roslyn Santos from the clutches of a Half-born and his corrupted army on this fast paced journey to Michigan to gather their strongest ally, George 'Quicksilver' Crownwelm, and take it upon themselves to start a legacy as a means to protect themselves and ensure the existence of their werewolf brethren known in the second prophecy as Beast Bloods.

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