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message 1: by Teresa, Ewok Defender (new)

Teresa Delgado (icecoldpenguin) | 142 comments Mod
So yes it has been a while since we have really been active here and we feel terrible about it. We have not forgotten about you however little book club! In fact we are very excited to read with everyone again.

If you look in the folders you will see a brand new discussion thread for Battlefront II: Inferno Squad. In fact we just talked about this book on the podcast. Look for that episode coming at you soon.

We would love it if all of you would dust off your keyboards and get on in here and talk about the books with us.

We will be doing Inferno Squad for the rest of this month and then next month LEIA PRINCESS OF ALDERAAN because YES!

We hope to see your comments soon

message 2: by Ercan (new)

Ercan Ciftci | 3 comments Awesome! didnt know there was a podcast actually haha.

Just read Leia, Phasma, and Inferno Squad!

message 3: by Ahdom (new)

Ahdom (jedi_indyjones) | 2 comments I love the podcasts and the coverage. You have no idea how rewarding it is to hear someone else's thoughts on a Star Wars book. I have a TON of friends that are Star Wars fans and no one to discuss it with. Every time I finish a new one I seek out the podcast and this group. Keep up the good work!

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