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message 1: by Glenda (new)

Glenda Shepherd (glendaann) | 7 comments Please could you combine THYROID CANCER FOR BEGINNERS with its older edition so that the older edition with the blue cover is not showing. Thanks.

message 2: by Lieke (last edited Oct 17, 2017 04:45AM) (new)

Lieke | 3215 comments I combined the books.

You added a Librarian note to the old book. This is only visible when you edit a book, if you need something or have a question please post it in this group like you did now.

We can't hide books, Goodreads is a cataloguing site we don't remove books. See and

As the author you can set the default edition, which will appear in title searches and on your author page, by following these steps:

message 3: by Glenda (new)

Glenda Shepherd (glendaann) | 7 comments Thanks.

message 4: by Glenda (new)

Glenda Shepherd (glendaann) | 7 comments If you could also change the book cover of Living with Thyroid Cancer to the other one that I added, I'd be most grateful. Thank you.

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