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message 1: by N.J. (new)

N.J. Sterling | 8 comments Mod
OK, Let's get started!!!!!!
Introduce yourself, state your likes and dislikes about various books and genres, and share what makes you unique and special or some interesting hobbies you enjoy!

I will start. My name is N. J. Sterling, I am the author of Heavenly Daughter. I like books that are written to ignite the reader with a sense of hope and inspiration, which are written to accelerate spiritual growth so that the readers can evolve and become wiser human beings! And of course add a touch of romance and something supernatural to get my blood pumping! :P
A unique hobby I enjoy is making my own herbal incense!

Now your turn! TELL US ABOUT YOU! :D

message 2: by Sleet (new)

Sleet | 1 comments Well, i am sleet. My favourite genre is fantasy mainly high or epic fantasy because i like a lot of world building, but i also enjoy mystery and crime (as long as the main character is sarcastic of course). My favourite author is Brandon Sanderson, and my top favourite book is Warbreaker.

message 3: by D. (new)

D. Palmer (dthoursonpalmer) | 1 comments I'm Dave and I'm the author of Ours Is the Storm. I love all kinds of fantasy, although my tastes tend toward more 'serious' sorts of stories rather than tongue-in-cheek, with a few notable exceptions. Other than fantasy, I read a fair bit of history, graphic novels, classics, and scifi. Other than reading and writing, I practice martial arts (judo, boxing, jujutsu) and enjoy cooking, tattoos, and being on the water in a kayak!

message 4: by Nico (last edited Oct 17, 2017 05:30AM) (new)

Nico J. Genes (nicojgenes) | 1 comments Hello Everyone. I am glad to read your short introductions that give us something extra than just a name on a screen.

My name is Nico and I love to read mostly romance & self-help, but lately, I am more and more exploring other genres as well and to my surprise, I discover great pleasure in them too. I believe that I am attracted to any type of story that it is written well, intriguing with a positive turnout and often different from what I have read.

Yes, I write too. My debut novel "Magnetic Reverie" falls under romance category, but it is much more. With a bit of fiction, it is about love, but it is so much more as it contains a message for tolerance, acceptance, discovering yourself and have no prejudices, all of that together with the optimistic 'Follow your dream' note.

I love the most interacting with people as much I prefer my "me time" when I feel it is needed for writing or reading. I love nature in every shape and form, every season. I love to travel. I love to sing but only to myself and a closed group of people too polite to stop me:-) I also love to offer my help whenever I can make a difference, I know it may sound cliche but I am being honest. Yes, I dislike dishonesty.

message 5: by Ingrid (new)

Ingrid Foster (ingridfosterauthor) | 1 comments Hello, thanks for the invite, NJ! and pleased to meet all of you. My name is Ingrid and I read and write fantasy, suspense and horror. For me, the two main ingredients for any good book are a great cast of characters and a captivating plot. If a book's got that, I'm a reader and fan for life.

message 6: by C.H. (new)

C.H. Knyght | 1 comments Hi, I'm C. H. Knyght. I write mostly fantasy/paranormal. My upcoming book is AU fantasy, populated with shapeshifters and elementals.
I love to read fantasy, urban fantasy, and steampunk. plus, you know, manga, paranormal romance, and the occasional scifi. I like stories that inspire you to become stronger, to get up and try again every time you falter. And yet for some reason, half of my own stories do not have kind endings. I'm contradictory like that I guess.
Pleasure to meet you all.

message 7: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Gaile | 1 comments Hi I’m Alicia Gaile, author of Trial by Song. I like fantasy and fairy tales with plenty of action, adventure, and some romance sprinkled in. I love underestimated heroes who overcome their own expectations and those of everyone around them.

In addition to writing I also enjoy drawing and painting fantasy art, though I haven’t done that professionally.

message 8: by Alice (last edited Oct 21, 2017 12:05PM) (new)

Alice (chilari) | 1 comments Hi everyone! I'm Alice Leiper. I read mostly second-world fantasy (ie, not set on Earth or some modern equivalent), high and low, from grimdark to... whatever the opposite of grimdark is. I also read some historical fiction. Anything with interesting or well-observed relationships between key characters, whether romantic or not, tends to get me turning the pages and coming back for more. I review the fantasy books I read on my blog (I won't link because that's not what this thread is about but if you google my name you'll find it).

I write fantasy, usually low fantasy set in pre-modern societies with a central theme on a social or civic issue (civic duties, rule of law, role of authority, that sort of thing) but haven't yet got to the stage of publishing anything.

message 9: by Sian (new)

Sian (hunnibee) | 1 comments hi everyone... I'm Sian. I love reading fantasy, romance, historical romance, mystery.

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Hi All, My name is R.E. and I have written two novels, (the second will be released at the end of Nov), and I love epic and genre fantasy. My reading tends to gravitate towards strong fantasy with long, well written story lines and I LOVE to read about strong characters, regardless of whether they have actually discovered their reasons for whatever journey their on yet. I love discovering the authors world, as the MC does!

Abantika(hiltonjenkin) | 2 comments I really got into fantasy genre just a few months back and I'm loving it.

I ofcourse read in free time and a master in Ecnomics!

You can find me on instagram:

My blog:

message 12: by Catherine (last edited Nov 01, 2017 08:00AM) (new)

Catherine Edward (catherine_edward) | 3 comments Hi, my name is Catherine. I like to read fantasy, werewolf, vampire and also romance genre. At the moment, I write Werewolf/Vampire cross-genre and Romance. I do have a fantasy plot on mind.

My all time favorites are tales about dragons. My favorite authors are Cynthia Eden, Gena Showalter, G.A. Aiken, Lauren Dohner, etc.,

Nice to meet you all here.

You can find me on
Wattpad -

message 13: by Lizzy Reads (new)

Lizzy Reads (lizzy_reads) | 1 comments Hi! My name is Lizzy (Elisabeth). I love fantasy, especially high and epic fantasy but I also feel more often than not intimidated about it. :D I really like dragons and assassins, if anyone has good recs, I would be happy to hear them.
My favorite author has to be Victoria/ V.E. Schwab, I also really like Cassandra Clare.
Nice to mee all of you.

If you want to find me anywhere else, my twitter is @LIzzy_reads

message 14: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Edward (catherine_edward) | 3 comments Hi Lizzy, nice to meet you here :) I connected with you on twitter.

message 15: by Alan (last edited Nov 01, 2017 04:08PM) (new)

Alan | 2 comments Hi, I'm Alan Zacher. Nice to meet all of you. I'm a writer too of urban fantasy, light horror--but it must have humor! I went my readers to laugh.

message 16: by Eddie (new)

Eddie Presley | 2 comments Hello, I'm Eddie Presley. I'm the author of the Dance of All Beings series, the first part Bully the Bear is out and the second part should be out by this spring. It would be best described as modern day fantasy with a edge of modern day Stephen King character driven horror. I'm also prepping a non-fiction title on writing that I hope will get some love and see print as well.

I'll read anything really if it's good. The last really GREAT book I read was the Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. This is a truly superb work of literature. I do read a lot of fantasy. I like fantasy that gives you some grit and some real characters. Call it low fantasy, call it grimdark, I like the new paths that are being dug in fantasy, but really any sub genre of fantasy is good if it has some robust characters that aren't afraid of who they are and aren't afraid to get dirty up to their elbows if they have to.

I do like modern fantasy and horror, but not the typical cutsey serial fantasy of creature fetish and magic detective fetish. I like fresh takes with some real verve and drive to them. I do like Stephen King. I do like Tolkien. I do like Steinbeck and Dickens. I'm a total geek from D&D to comics to movies to music to theater - it's all good. Find me at and on twitter @eddie_presley

message 17: by N.J. (new)

N.J. Sterling | 8 comments Mod
My pleasure to meet you all! Welcome to the group!

message 18: by Mahiraj (new)

Mahiraj Jadeja (mahirajjadejaofficial) | 2 comments Thank you. This is Mahiraj Jadeja, my book "A Lover's Will" is a beautiful collection of 50 poems published in London by Olympia Publisher, giving message of true love and values @

I like classic Romance eg Merchant in Venice and Spirituality eg Osho: The book of secrets... I like doing meditation and interested to know my true self plus I like arts and literature..

message 19: by Marisa (new)

Marisa ( (girlonfire12) | 2 comments Thank you for the invite! I'm Marisa Langel and I mostly read YA (any genre) and self-help, and my favorite authors range from J.K. Rowling to Sylvia Plath. I am drawn more to lyrical prose than fast-paced, plot-driven commercial fiction.

I write YA (contemporary, fantasy, paranormal), and have an adult mystery in the works as well. I'm in the process of querying my novel "Taking Flight" and my current WIP is a YA LGBTQ Fantasy.

I love editing, cooking/baking, and gaming. A fun fact about me is that while I may look 17-early 20s, I am actually approaching the big 3-0 soon.

I'm excited to be here with fellow readers and writers. I'll leave my information below in case any of you want to follow me on social media with a courtesy follow from me.

Twitter: @marisamarierose
Instagram: girlonfire012

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (sarahsweetz25) | 1 comments Hi everyone,

I' m Sweetly ( pen name - Sarah) from India. I am an entrepreneur by passion in Medical Field - UK based for the past 12 years and by profession I am a teacher. I am an avid reader of books.

I am basically here as a flashlight to help my best pal. Also I am here to learn a lot from all established authors and their esteemed works.

I do plan to eventually come out with a self-published book in Children's Literature in November of 2018 and an enchanting and thought-provoking script that has the potential to be made into a movie. I enjoy gardening and I am currently pursuing a new hobby knitting.

Looking forward for help and guidance.


message 21: by shane (new)

shane (shanebluegreenreader) | 1 comments Thanks for the invite! My name's Shane and I'm obsessed with Fantasy and YA books! I'm currently reading Heir of Fire and I'm loving it so far. I love reading, sharing reviews, and art!

message 22: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Young Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and I’ve been a member with GoodReads for almost 3 years. I mostly read YA contemporary books, but I’m trying to open myself to new genres so I’m really excited to open myself up to Fantasy and to new friends

message 23: by F.J. (new)

F.J. Commelin | 5 comments I'm Frans Commelin, artist living in the north of the Netherlands.
Art is my work and passion.
So i read lots about art from the beginning of our time till now.
More of my work on
But also fiction, fantasy.
I love Iris Murdoch's novels : every time she still amazes me with the turn her characters make,
but also a wordmistress like Janette Winterson.
The Roddy Doyle ''Rover'' books are a thrill and make me laugh so much : great in story as well as in illustrations.
Just read Truman Capote's work : wonderful engaging stories.
Alice Walker, Doris Lessing, Keri Hulme, James Baldwin : for me important books to open my view on the world.
Armistead Maupin is a wonderful writer , Alan Hollinghurst, David Sedaris, Michael Cunningham......
Fantasy writers like Ursula Le Guin, Roger Zelazny, tolkien, Terry goodkind, Terry Brooks and the Robert Jordan cycle, Octavia E. Butler........
I love most kinds of music, love to go to the theatre or concerthall or the movies.
Practice 3 times a week poweryoga.
Can't find the time to play my piano.
Goodreads is very functional for me as here i can be introduced to new writers, books, or look up, what people write about a certain work.
Most things i read are in English. Sometimes Dutch or German.

message 24: by Shinry (new)

Shinry Shinry | 1 comments Hi guys how are you doing, my name is Terrance Johnson but I go by Shinry. I'm the author of the Shinry series! My first book Shobu Samurai, Project Aryoku in a series of 25 has been out for two years now! I have just recently gotten two reviews a 7 out of 6 and 5/5 and it really inspires me to get book two out this year Shobu vs. Shinry, the Sword of Light. I look forward to connecting with all of you, follow me on twitter and I will follow you back!

message 25: by L.R. (new)

L.R. Braden (lrbraden) | 1 comments Hi! My name is Lauren, but I write under my initials: L.R. Braden. I love to read epic and urban fantasy, science fiction, young adult, and anything with great characters and a well-developed world. Something unique about me: I make and sell chainmail jewelry.

message 26: by Mandy (new)

Mandy Jackson-Beverly (cricketmjb) | 1 comments Good Morning from California, and thanks for the invite!

My name is Mandy Jackson-Beverly, and I write adult supernatural suspense - on the darker side of fantasy. A Secret Muse & The Devil And The Muse are the first two books in The Creatives Series. I have a novella to be published mid-year and book three of this series due in October.

I'm a reading addict who wants to be dragged into a book in the first paragraph. You can read some of my author interviews on my website, check out the 'media' button and follow the link to older HuffPo posts and also to reviews I've written for the New York Journal of Books.

Anyone on IG #Bookstagram ?

message 27: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Willis (stephenjwillis) | 2 comments Hello, and thanks for the invite.

My name is Stephen J Willis and I am an avid reader and prolific writer.

I am currently working on a middle grade fantasy/paranormal series, and having a lot of fun with it! My reading though veers more towards thrillers.

message 28: by Alan (new)

Alan | 2 comments Hi, Stephen. I'm Alan. I'm an avid reader and writer of murder mysteries.

message 29: by Christine (new)

Christine Gabriel (christinegabriel) | 1 comments Hey there from Ohio, and thanks for the invite!

My name's Christine Gabriel, and I'm a Publicity and Graphics Coordinator for a publishing company out of Austin, Texas. I also do part-time acquisitions, and am a best selling author.

I love reading and reviewing pretty much any genre. You can reach me at the following:

Instagram - ChristineGabriel31
Twitter - @ChristineGabrie
or email

I also love conversing with other authors & readers!

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