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message 1: by Entrada (new)

Entrada Book Review | 213 comments Have you been putting off having your work beta read?

Don't wait any longer and take advantage of our special rate.

The fee is the same - regardless of length.

Our readers are very experienced and have a quick turnaround time, 1-2 weeks.

You'll receive two pages of notes and honest feedback so you can improve your work.

Three beta readers (use the coupon code) is $40 each.

For 20% off posted rates use code: half

We also offer editing and publication services.

PM or email me with questions!

What a wonderful and necessary service you provide - this is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for. If it is possible, could you please thank the beta readers for me, and especially pass along my thanks to the second reader (EML36) for the thorough comments and insights? Combining the viewpoints and thoughts of the three, I now have some indication of what worked and what will need revision. I hope to make use of your company again sometime soon. All the best. - David A.

Thank you very much for these reports. I like how they're crafted, and they're of big help for me. - Cristelle C.

Thank you so much for this beta reading. It is so helpful and will help me revise the book appropriately to be even stronger. I will recommend your services to anyone who asks. Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Rachel L.


message 2: by Luralee (new)

Luralee | 61 comments I recently received a free beta read from one of the interns at Entrada, and wow, were they thorough! And quick!

The positive comments were very specific and give great insight into what parts of my manuscript are working.

The negative comments were delivered in a way that does not make revision seem too daunting, and the suggestions for improvements were spot-on.

If you are looking for good beta readers, I definitely recommend Entrada

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Entrada Book Review | 213 comments Thanks Luralee!

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