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message 1: by Jota (new)

Jota Kane | 6 comments I think there is a lot of confusion about Good read with the book ASIN: B00KUXY96 because several covers and names appear.

I assure you that the good and definitive cover, as well as the name of the second definitive edition is the one published right now on Amazon.

Can anyone help me to remove all the previous covers and leave only the good?

Thank you very much

message 2: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13747 comments Goodreads is a cataloguing site and does not delete covers of previously published editions, since users want to shelve the edition they have read.

That ASIN does not appear to be correct.

message 3: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20816 comments Seems to be this asin: B00KUXY96I

message 4: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13747 comments Yes, I found it later. Thanks :)

message 5: by Jota (new)

Jota Kane | 6 comments This is the book: "QUÉ NOS VA A PASAR" (Con canciones de amor y sexo) ASIN: B00KUXY96I. So, is it impossible to fix it? It is very confusing. It is impossible to understand which book it is... It's a pity. Goodreads explains that librarians could replace the cover. Could you replace at least the main cover?

Thank you very much

message 6: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13747 comments Librarians don't replace covers, but add so-called Alternative Cover Editions. The information on the editions already in the system may not be changed. I reverted the title change on one edition.

I also noticed that your author name is different on several covers. Official Goodreads policy is that the primary author name should be the one the book was first published under.

Is this the first edition?

In that case, the (primary) author name should be changed to Juan A. Ibáñez Cuenca, or to Juan Antonio Ibáñez Cuenca, because I notice there are also editions with that name on the cover: .There are also editions with Juan Antonio Ibáñez, and an incorrect spelling: Juan a Ibanez

You weren't wrong when you said it was confusing :)

I think the simplest way to handle this is if your author profile was changed to the fullest version: Juan Antonio Ibáñez Cuenca, since this encompasses all the other versions. Only if you agree, though. If you want your profile to remain Juan A. Ibáñez, that is fine too, but it won't be the primary author name on this book.

message 7: by Jota (new)

Jota Kane | 6 comments Yes, I agree. Please. Thanks.
I have changed my name in my profile

message 8: by Jota (new)

Jota Kane | 6 comments Thank you very much for your help

The good book and cover is ASIN: B00KUXY96I (KINDLE) and


message 9: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13747 comments Great! :) Please make sure the sort and display fields are added correctly:
sort field: ibanez cuenca, juan antonio
display field: Ibáñez Cuenca, Juan Antonio

Alternative cover for the Kindle edition added here:

GR policy is to have no all-caps in the title, so I changed that.

If you want to make this edition the default (the one that shows up in searches, etc.), please click the "edit" link. On the edition's edit page there will be a link on the right side, about mid-way down the page and just before the link to refresh stats, to "Set this book as the primary edition for this work".

I will go through the editions later this week to check all is correct now (don't have time to do that this evening) :)

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