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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) "Help, the priest's son wants to get into my pants,"
Muse A is the son of the towns priest, his family is supposedly very religious and is rumoured to have a very hateful look on homosexuals and anyone associated with the LBGT+ community. Muse B is just the son of a very religious set of parents, everyone knows about their beliefs and just about everyone hates the families beliefs. Muse A has a hidden secret that he thinks his family doesn't know about, he's gay and he likes fucking guys, he also may or may not have a crush on the next door neighbour boy ( Muse B ). Muse B is also secretly gay. Muse A and Muse B go to different schools and so they rarely cross paths, the only time that they seem to cross paths is when both boys are forced to do their outdoor chores. One day Muse A decides to make a move and he starts flirting with Muse B once the boy's family is long gone, knowing that the boy's parents would murder their son if they thought he was flirting with another guy.

Can I be Muse B?

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Sure
Sorry it took me a while. School is crazy.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Cool.
No worries.
So shall we make characters? And would you prefer simple, semi-detailed or detailed?

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Depends on how detailed your semi-detailed/detailed are.
I don't like simple.
And yeah we can make characters

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Well my detailed characters are pretty detailed, but lately I've been doing semi-detailed, and if you'd like you can check out my other roleplays to see how my characters look.
I don't like simple either.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Haha great well we can do semi-detailed then. Give me a second to make mine

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) K :)
I'll make mine after yours :3

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Name: Gabriel (Gabe) Luke Santers

Age: 18 (Just turned)

Height: 5’9

Weight: 150


Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Brown

Personality: Gabe is a very outgoing and social kind of person. He likes hanging out and going to different places, and likes noise. He prefers to be surrounded by people and loves getting attention. He’s funny and charming and a big flirt as well.

History: Gabe has always been apart of the church life, and not once has he been able to live the life he has actually wanted. His parents are always trying to get him to be like them, making him attend their church services and for a while participate in the choir. Of  course, once reaching the age of 17, he had had enough. He ended up making an agreement, that he would still attend church services, but he would get more free will. He didnt mind the agreement.
    Eventually he had figured out he had taken a liking towards guys, and knowing his parents would disown him if they found out, he kept it a secret. Of course, that didnt stop him from going out and having sex or flirting or making out with any guys. It was mostly at parties though. He had began to figure out the kinds of guys in the town that he lived in, and they were almost all the same, save one person. He had had a crush on his neighbour for quite a while, but not once had they ever got together.
    Gabe tries and keeps his sexuality on the downlow, but really he wants to be able to tell his parents. He feels as if he is always wearing a mask around them. He had grown to hate the church life, due to his parents strong beliefs. Now, he pretty much hardly ever sees them unless they make him stay to do chores or have dinner, or go to church.

Likes: Rock music, loud environments, cats, apples, chocolates, sex, parties, alcohol, playing guitar, gardening, singing

Dislikes: Attending church, choir, religion, over-religious people, rumours, annoying people, reading, libraries, his parents.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Name: Sebastian-Benjamin James Matthew
Nicknames: Seb, Sebbie, Sebby, Bas, Bassie, Stan, Ben, Benny, Benja, Benji, Jay, Jame, Matt, Matty
Age: 17

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 156 lbs

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Personality: Bubbly, Outgoing, Generous, Playful, Flirty, Cute, Adorkable, Funny, Extraverted, Friendly, Lovable, Prankster, Intelligent, Quick-Witted, Sarcastic.

History: His family has always been super religious and they are completely against gays and the LBGTQA+ community. If they found out that their son was a homosexual, they would send him to a conversion camp, where he'd be submitted to electronic shock therapy. However, he's managed to keep it hide for seven years, eight if he manages to hide it until his final year of graduation. There's not much to his life, he was forced to go to church, bible camp, basically anything religious, and he may or may not have a crush on the neighbour boy, but doesn't show it.
Likes: Pranks, Music Chocolates, Flowers, Nature, Trees, Animals, Puppies, Kittens, Education
Dislikes: Chruch, his parents, Church

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Awesome! Would you like to start?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Sure, where should I start? When they're both outside doing their chores or somewhere else?

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments That seems like a better place to start. I cant think of a better place

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Alright :)
I'll start soon

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Alright sounds good :)

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Sebastian-Benjamin hated doing yard work like every other teenager ever, but the fact that he was forced to clean the year, de-weed the garden, clean out the pool, and fix that darn hole in the fence, he hated it more then any other teenager would. He sighed softly as he finally finished de-weeding the garden, he drew his arm over his forehead and let out a deep breath, "I hate you both so much," Sebastian muttered towards his parents where they were getting ready to leave the house for their little get away that they were having.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Gabriel didn't mind gardening the front and the back yards. In fact, he had grown to like it. Putting in the new flowers and taking out the old ones as well as the weeds. Putting in new soil. He was sure he just liked getting a little dirty from the soil and what not. Plus, it was hard work, and it kept him from having to deal with his parents. And if anyone wanted to hang out and he wasn't in the mood, that was his excuse. No matter how "lame" it sounded. Today was hot though, and he wasn't sure if he liked the heat all too much. His parents were off, attending some bible group thing they had always done on that day. Even better for him. But, what got his attention was that he was so sure he had heard his neighbor working in his yard as well. Oh, how he hoped it was the guy he'd seen for years on end. He wondered if he should go and say hi or something, make his move for once, but he knew the guy's parents too.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Normally you would see Sebastian lying around on the garden with a good book or playing with the family dog, he loved nature so much that he was a huge advocate for the current nature issues that were going on in town. However, when he was forced to do such degrading work, then he hated it, he hated everything about it. That left an unsettling feeling in his stomach, he stood up and began cleaning up the tools that he used for the garden after rinsing them off with the hose. Now it was time to clean the pool, which was a little less degrading but still pretty degrading.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Gabe had finished up pulling up the roots of some weeds that were ruining his garden. His garden? Yes, his. His parents definitely didn't use it, and didn't know how to take care of it or even what to do with a garden. So he took it to himself to call it his garden. He stuffed the roots in the trash bag and glanced at the fence separating him and his neighbor. There were some cracks and gaps and holes he could look through to get a glance at him, which he wouldn't ever admit to doing so. He looked through one particular gap, watching him clean the pool. he shook his head and stepped back. He needed to go up to him and just talk to him for once! Never mind the parents, besides he just wanted to introduce himself at the most. So, he stepped up onto one of the fence boards that ran horizontal, and looked over. "Hey there." He called and offered a friendly, and hopefully not creepy, smile.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Sebastian was cleaning the pool with one of his earbuds in when suddenly he heard a voice that almost caused him to fall forward into the pool because it scared him. Once he found his footing and stepped back from the polls he spun around and glared at the boy on the other side of the fence, "You ass! I could have fallen into the pool! How about grabbing my attention before you start talking?" Sebastian asked. His father came around the corner of the house to check on his son when he heard him screaming, he noticed the neighbour boy and rolled his eyes, "Watch your footing then, and stop blaming other people," his father snapped, he walked away and unbeknownst was being mocked by his son. "Fucker," Sebastian muttered while secretly flipping his father the bird behind his back.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Gabe snickered softly. "Ah, well, even if I attempted to get your attention another way, wouldn't it still startle you?" He asked, watching him as he flipped his own father off. "I take it you don't like your father much?" He asked, only thinking that that made two of them. He hated his own, and thank god he wasn't there to bombard him with comments such as: 'What are you doing on that fence? Its already broken! Get down would you like to hurt yourself more?!' Parents...who said that being raised by a pastor would allow a better life?

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"He's a pompous ass who could give less then two shits about me, let alone a shit, and he basically just likes to throw religious crap at me and constantly remind me that being gay was a sin, wearing make-up like a girl was a sin, wearing girly clothing was a sin, honestly I would just love to push the ass into the pool," Sebastian answered, he leaned on the pool stick a little bit. "I'm Sebastian-Benjamin," Sebastian said introducing himself, noting that even though they've lived next to each to other for over ten years, he didn't even know this guy's name,

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "Oh yes, everyone knows how religious they are. Just be glad your dad isn't a pastor. Then you'd really be in hell." He chuckled, glad to hear that he is or was gay. It'd make things a bit more easier for him to make a move, rather than if he was straight. "I'm Gabriel. You can call me Gabe though, everyone else does." He said and shrugged, which was slightly difficult as he was leaning resting his arms over the fence to keep him up. "And who says wearing makeup is just for girls? You see those emos and goths wear them all the time! And guess what? Many of them are guys who are straight." He said and rolled his eyes. He hated it when people made such comments over gays. Of course, he wouldn't wear makeup himself, wasn't into that, but didn't mean he wasn't gay.

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"Don't even get me started with emos and goths," Sebastian muttered as he went back to cleaning the pool, their wasn't much in the pool considering that he was always so sure that he got nothing into it. He sighed softly, "Since you know my dad so much, then you already know why he believes that make-up is only for girls, as for your father, who is also my pastor by the way...he's not as pompous as my father is," Sebastian spoke. "Also, feel free to call me anything you wish, my friends have given me thousands of nicknames, their favourite one seems to be Benji," Sebastian added.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments He nodded. "Well, Benji sounds great and all, but if most of them call you that then I'm not interested in it. How about Seb? Sebby?" He shrugged and smiled. He liked the sound of Sebby more, but didn't want to weird the guy out. "Ah, well you do live with your dad. Not mine. If you lived with mine..." He laughed and shook his head. "Scriptures every second! Wake up to him praying in the kitchen, hear him praying over breakfast and other meals, for his trips and messages and services. Oh my, the list of people he prays for is never ending. I think he adds on to it everyday. But...lately its not all that bad. They are more flexible now that I'm 18. Just have to attend his stupid services. I already know what hes gonna teach a week before he teaches it." He rolled his eyes. "Religious parents are such a bore." He mumbled

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He chuckled softly and finished cleaning the pool, "No one really calls me Sebby anymore," Sebastian answered as he went ahead and stashed away the pool cleaning stick. He grabbed more tools that he would need to fix the fence, he walked over to it and started examining the holes and stuff; "I would rather wake up to hearing Scriptures and Bible verses then my dad screaming Leviticus 18 & 20 in my ear every damn morning," Sebastian said. He didn't dare look up Gabriel.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "Then Sebby it is!" He laughed. "Ah, well either way it gets old as hell. Or whatever. Why are bother trying to patch up the holes? They'll just form new holes and gaps." He said, leaning over as he watched him use the tools to fix them. "Do you like gardening? I can tell by how frustrated you were while flipping your dad off that you didn't like the whole cleaning the pool part....or whatever there was to clean from it." He said. "Fence work is much more boring in my opinion." He chuckled.

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"My parents want me to fix the fence since it's not going to fix itself," Sebastian answered as he began working on covering the holes and stuff with what he had to work with. He sighed in relief when he heard his parents car drive off, "I love gardening, I just don't love doing it when my parents tell me to do it," Sebastian added.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "Who does." He chuckled. He looked up, seeing his parents drive off in their car. "Now, I hope they don't do the same stupid bible study my parents do." He said and rolled his eyes and looked down. "So, when your parents aren't telling you what to do, what do you like doing?" He asked, then hopped down from the fence, left his backyard, and came around to knock on his fence gate. "Hope you don't mind letting me in, it was real uncomfortable hanging over that old fence." He said, rubbing his arm as it was a little red. He had been known to leave or get distracted when he was in the middle of a conversation or when he asked a question.

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Sebastian stood and unlocked the gate for Gabriel when the boy got off the fence and walked over to the gate that connected the two yards, he let the boy in and then headed back over to the part of the fence he was fixing. "I generally like walking through the park, listening to music, eating chocolate, volunteering at the local animal shelter, playing with my pup, Valentine, and just doing whatever I can in nature," Sebastian answered in response to the boys question.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "Ooooh so a nature boy." He chuckled. "That's fun. What about parties and what not? Don't tell me you like sticking to the quiet life?" He said, taking in his surroundings from a more ground-level perspective. "What kind of music do you like?" He asked. He wondered if they liked the same type. He was also glad he said chocolate...or maybe that was just what he was really wanting but he loved them. He was pretty sure he was going to go buy some afterwards. "And how long are your parents gonna be gone?" He asked out of curiousity

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Sebastian sighed, "I hate going to parties, too much people," he replied as he continued to work on the fence. He's worked on the fence before which was why he knew exactly what he was doing. "I like listening to Pop music, like Halsey, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, things like that and I think they're going to be gone for a week, why?" Sebastian answered.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "A week? I thought itd be like a few hours. Your parents trust you that much to leave you alone for a week?" He asked, his eyes wide. His parents would never leave him alone for a week, too afraid he would wreck and burn the house down, save the garden. "And not a party person...that means you just read and sit in the quiet everyday?" He asked, which he wasn't sure how he felt about. He wasn't sure if he could stand just sitting in the silence with only pop music and a book.

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Sebastian snorted, "They once left me alone at the house for a month just so they could go on their honeymoon," Sebastian answered before sitting up from where he was leaning forward. "I prefer the quiet then the loud noise or whatever," He added, he sighs softly and dropped the tool he was using, his hand had cramped up. "Fucking hell!" He hissed, he grabbed his wrist and held it still.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments He smiled softly, finding it funny when he cussed. "Try massaging it? Massage it where the cramp is at, it helps more than you think and itll get rid of the pain faster." He said. He had learned that the hard way. He used to get cramps all the time while gardening, and he had tried everything. Standing still took too long, running around the backyard or shaking the cramp out was slightly less painful, but it did help. He found that massaging it though helped more. Of course it was harder to do so on yourself rather than on others. "May I?" He asked, holding out his hand, asking if it would be alright to massage the cramp out.

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He hated when he got cramps during yard work, especially when he worked on his garden, oh his beloved most prized garden, he was surprised when his mother had simply said...'Here's your 14th birthday present' and then she had presented him with a very ugly looking garden. He spent the next two years working on it to get it to the beautiful state it is now, it currently holds an orange tree and an apple tree, tulips, roses, and some orchids. He held out his hand towards Gabriel, "Normally my brother would be here to supervise me, but alas, my parents kicked him out and so now he lives with his boyfriend in California," Sebastian mumbled.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Gabe took his hand and started massaging it. "Lucky. I hear California is a great place to live. Amazing views, great water, well that's if you live by the beach like everyone wishes. But it has its other perks. Famous people." He said as he pushed in his thumbs towards the cramp. 'Just tell me when you don't feel it anymore." He said, though he would admit he liked holding his hand. "You're parents really are against being gay. Kind of cruel if you ask me." He said. He couldn't stand people who kicked their children out just because they wanted to be unique and more like themselves. "I say its this town. People who live in towns tend to have smaller minds, and hate accepting whatever is new or different." He mumbled.

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Sebastian only smiles softly in response, "Pekple who live in this town generally have the smallest of minds; and my brother said that California is fantastic, people are more accepting there then they are anywhere else, so he told me that if I ever decide to come out, that I am more then welcome to fly out to California and move in with him," Sebastian murmured softly. He sighed softly when his hand began to relax.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments He chuckled, letting go of his hand when he felt his hand relax so as to not seem so weird. "Well, California always sounds so great. But if he has offered you something so great, then why don't you take it? Why not come out of the closet?" He asked. Of course, if he had a sibling who lived in a place as great as California, and was offered a way out of that rotting town, he would take his chance as soon as it was offered. Whether he came out of the closet or not. That town wasn't meant to keep him there, in fact, he knew he was meant to be somewhere else. Maybe in Hawaii or the Bahamas. He knew he wanted to visit those places that's for sure.

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He chuckled darkly and flexed his hands, he crouched back down to finish the fence, "If I came out to my parents, I wouldn't even have a chance to apologise before my father punches me in the face and kills me," Sebastian mutters darkly. "But he did say that if it ever gets so bad that I can't handle staying in this rotten place, that I can just call him up and his boyfriend will come and get me, his boyfriend is a cop, and so if my father or mother try to hit me, he could easily have them arrested right away," Sebastian said with a small shrug. "I might call him next week, and if I do, then I'll never have to see this place ever again....which also means that I'll never see your beautiful face or any of my friends ever again," Sebastian said.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments He nodded understandingly, trying not to blush at his words. "Yeah. So you stay for your friends? Don't they ever bore you or anything?" He asked. True, he had a lot of friends, and if he wanted to he could be friends with the whole town. But that would lead to some troubles if any of the guys he had slept with had spilled anything about him. "You don't think an alien has corrupted their mind just as they have to the others?" He joked and smiled, seeing as he had come up with that idea when he was little.

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Sebastian hadn't meant to be so straightforward with this guy, but he just didn't care in this moment, he would probably be leaving next week and so he might as well be as nice as he could with him. "My friends never bore me, I love them even if they are crazy assholes who do stupid shit and get in trouble 24/7," Sebastian said with a laugh, "and no, I'm not staying for them, I'm staying because I'm afraid of what will happen once I leave," Sebastian added quietly. He finished the fence and placed the tools off to the side, "Please refrain from leaning on the fence on your side, this needs a couple days to dry completely," Sebastian said, he carefully climbed upon a step ladder that he had and looked over the fence to make sure that nothing got close to Gabriel's garden.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "Ill try." He smiled. "Well, whatll happen when you leave is youll probably live with an amazing brother, who just so happens to allow you to be one-hundred percent yourself, end up falling in love, and damn it living by a beach with a great view. You tryin' to steal my dream life?" He joked, laughing softly. "You'll be getting away from this hell hole too, one step better than anyone else who lives here." He mumbled after a moment of thinking. He wished he could move away. Which he was sure he could, he was after-all, 18. But he had no money and he was sure a house would cost too much than what this town could give him, on top of bills.

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Sebastian sighed and looked at Gabriel, Valentine had come over and was now sniffing the boy's shoes and legs, "Pride is next week which is one other reason why I might call, it means that I can finally be with the people I'm supposed to be fellow Homosexuals," Sebastian said. He had paused after 'with' to give dramatic effect and then he waved his hands around in a crazy motion when he said 'my fellow homosexuals'.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments He nodded, seeing the dog and kneeling down to pet her. "Well, you'll be happy there." He said softly. "And free, and damn a lot less people will be judging you." He chuckled. "Plus, you'll have your brother. It wont be like you're not with family." He said, this time sitting down all the way to pet the dog. "And there will be tons of parties." He said partly to himself, now wishing he had the chance to go there, just so he can be in a different environment.

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Valentine was still and her tail was wagging as Gabriel petted her, she wanted to be petted by Sebastian too but could sense the boy wasn't up for that at the moment and decided to stay in front of Gabriel. Sebastian chuckled and began putting the tools in the shed, "That's true, I'll be with my brother, my future brother-in-law and a whole lot of people who will accept me for who I am," Sebastian said with a grin. He closes the shed door, "Would you like to come inside for something to eat or drink?" He asked.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Gabe looked up over at Sebastian. He thought for a moment, then shrugged and nodded. "Sure." He said. He wondered how long his parents would stay gone, and kind of wished they were gone for a whole week like Sebastian's parents. He wished they trusted him at least a little bit to do such a thing. He patted Valentine lightly before standing up and stretching his legs, then following Sebastian inside.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Sebastian led Gabriel inside, Valentine followed the boys inside, he petted her between the ears and then walked completely into the home, after Valentine made her way in first. He led Gabriel to the kitchen where stuff for pb&j sandwhiches had been left, "Would you believe me if I told you my Mom was more acceptable of gays then my dad was?" Sebastian asked.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "Really? How so? My mom would kill me just as much as my dad...maybe more." He said and frowned. He was looking at the inside of his house and all the decorations and what not, then saw the PB&J ingredients. It looked pretty good, and he realized all that garden work had made him hungry. "Is it because of your brother?" He asked, wondering if it that was the reason and the mom just missed her son.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister)
Sebastian headed over to the kitchen sink and washed off his hands, after that he went over to the cupboard and grabbed two plates, he began working on making two sandwiches, one for him and one for Gabriel. "Nah, she secretly has two moms who she loves to death and she's been a supporter ever since but has kept it hidden from my Dad because she loves him so much, she constantly sends my brother money so that he and his boyfriend can pay their bills and such," Sebastian answered, Valentine rested at his feet.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments " telling me your mom wouldn't care that you're gay if you're dad didn't care so much?" He asked and frowned. "See, what I don't get is why cant people just say what they believe? It's different for younger people, but if you're an adult why not just be brave and say you believe this and this?" He had said. He hated it when adults claimed they believed something or didn't believe in something, but in reality it was the opposite.

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